Skip La Cour's Transformation Podcast: Setting More Deadlines Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

In this week's episode Skip discusses the power of setting more deadlines to meet your bodybuilding and training goals. Listen right here to learn more.

arrow Episode 21: June 4, 2009
Setting More Deadlines Can Help You Achieve Bodybuilding Goals!

Use The POWER In Setting Deadlines To Help You Achieve Your Bodybuilding And Training Goals!

    When used properly, emotions such as pressure, being uncomfortable, and stress can propel your bodybuilding and training efforts to a higher level. You should not avoid setting deadlines. Instead, you should set MORE deadlines! You should not hope for things to get easier for you, instead, you should plan on becoming mentally stronger so that you can successfully handle any challenge that comes your way with more confidence.

    Skip La Cour, six-time national champion bodybuilder, success coach, and speaker, encourages you to change any negative associations that you have with the words pressure, uncomfortable, and stress-and change them into the empowering meaning of "excitement"! Use this excitement to set deadlines on a continual basis and achieve your bodybuilding and training goals.

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