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Inspiring Stories To Help Your Transformation Journey

Enrico Willis's Story

Enrico Willis Before And After

I decided to make a change when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. In high school, I was the standard skinny computer nerd that never lifted at all. I hated anything dealing with exercise or playing sports back then. In college, I followed my roommates to the gym and got hooked.

Since college, I have continued to make lifting a part of my daily routine. With all the training I was doing I did not understand why I was not seeing the results I expected to see. Looking back, I was not seeing the progress I wanted due to my lack of knowledge and education on how to lift smart and also what and when to eat.

Due to the lack of knowledge into the importance of a good diet, I thought if I ate everything in front of me I'd bulk up and resemble the guys in Muscle & Fitness magazines. I started to eat everything, fried chicken, different protein bars and carbs at every meal. I did not even bother counting the amount of protein per day I was consuming or calories.

"Changing my eating habits was by far the hardest feat. My high cholesterol got the doctor pushing me to make the change. I used the food choices my doctor gave me, along with some ideas from and the members of Bodyspace to construct my diet. "

I put on weight, that's for sure, but it wasn't "good" muscle weight. The poor diet led me to weigh 275 lbs, the heaviest I have ever been. My heaviest weight had a hidden incentive, providing me the opportunity to play semi-pro football as a defensive end. When people saw me their impression was that I lifted regularly and because of that I was in great shape, but I knew better.

Whenever it came to taking off my shirt, I always had a dark a-shirt on to hide my stomach. I finally decided to make a change not only to my workout routine, but also to my diet. I wanted to get my cholesterol level down and lose the mid-section. I ended up losing 45 pounds, all without doing any cardio.

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Sarah Palmer's Story

Sarah Palmer Before And After

I have a great Southern family that unfortunately believes the secret to a happy life is more butter and sweet tea! When I meet my would-be-husband (senatemiles on BodySpace) in college I was overweight and had the self-esteem of a toilet! He was extremely fit and introduced me to healthy eating and weight-lifting.

I have to admit at first I only did it because it made him happy and I was afraid if I didn't lose the weight I would lose him. But as the weight came off so did my fear of putting myself out there and challenging myself... doing things that before I would have said were impossible for me! Now I love being able to lift more than the guy sitting next to me in the gym!

"I needed to be healthier, get rid of my asthma and hopefully improve the way I saw myself..."

When my husband and I started dating I weighed about 195 and he was already lean and ripped. We had been dating for a little over a year. One day out of the blue he came home and told me that he was ready and wanted to marry me, but first we needed to talk. I am sure you can imagine how that conversation went.

You see, Deji believes marriage is like a 30 yr mortgage on a house. No matter how much you love the property, if you know it's going to flood 5 yrs down the road, are you going to buy it?

No. My husband loved me for who I was, not what I looked like. I would cry, struggle and come up with excuses as to why I couldn't do it for another ten months until I realized that I was the one being selfish. He wasn't asking me to change for him; he wanted me to change for me.

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