'LOST' Actor Sebastian Siegel Interview: Training Hard & Doing What He Loves!

Sebastian played a strong supporting role in Tyler Perry's 'The Family That Preys' which opened #2 at the box office in September, and also appearances in LOST. Here's a glimpse into the life of a very hard working actor.

Article Summary:
  • Sebastian played a strong supporting role in The Family That Preys.
  • He made appearances on a couple episodes of the hit TV show LOST.
  • He has been on the cover of over 100 magazines and billboards.
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    Sebastian Siegel Interview

    [ Q ] First off I want to thank you, Sebastian, for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview. I know you have a lot of really cool things going on right now and I want to share this with our readers.

    Let's start off with getting a little background information on you for those who don't know who Sebastian Siegel is. You were born in Oxford, England, lived in Hawaii and Texas, and much later moved to California.

    You played a strong supporting role in Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys which opened #2 at the box office in September, you're playing a role on a couple episodes at the end of this season of LOST, and you have graced the covers of over 100 magazines and billboards.

    But before all of that, what were you doing with your life and what got you started in the industry?

      I was in theatre since I was seven. In high school, since it practiced at the same time as all sports, I wasn't able to do both. So I would wake up early in the morning to get a sweat, and then I'd train hard with weights late in the evening.

      I remember I would wake my roommate up in the mornings at 4:45 am and talk him into going to the common room to skip rope and it would be 20 degrees in there sometimes. Anyway, like many people who train intensely and with commitment, I think what I didn't find emotionally in my personal life as a boy, I found with intense exercise.

    What I Didn't Find Emotionally In My Personal Life As A Boy, I Found With Intense Exercise.
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    What I Didn't Find Emotionally In My Personal
    Life As A Boy, I Found With Intense Exercise.

    © 2008 - Stand for Change.

      The challenge and reward, the self-esteem and camaraderie, the commitment and the rush. It instantly became an integral part of the way I lived. Years later when I moved to California, I was very fortunate to be able to shoot covers and ads and campaigns.

    [ Q ] What is your favorite part of being in the health and fitness industry?

      I enjoy being around people who know that same high, who have the work ethic - people who love to push themselves physically to the limit for the simple love of the challenge to overcome.

    I Enjoy Being Around People Who Love To Push Themselves Physically To The Limit.
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    I Enjoy Being Around People Who Love
    To Push Themselves Physically To The Limit.

    [ Q ] Could you tell us a little bit about what your workouts look like?

      I never do the same workout. I go in with a basic idea, and a commitment to push myself to the limit. I like to warm-up really well, and then I like to train really hard. Generally I do tons of sets - I don't count, and I keep the rest to a minimum.

      If I'm squatting, for instance, and it's feeling great and the pump is there, I'm good to keep at it for an hour and a half. Then on the next leg day maybe I'll mix it up with lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, leg extensions and curls.


    Sebastian Siegel Workout!

      I do deep movements with relatively moderate weight. I like to be innovative and try different approaches. In California there are so many individuals on the cutting edge of health and bodybuilding, so there are always ways to integrate new things.

    [ Q ] Does your diet change throughout the year or do you stay pretty lean year round? What does your diet look like?

      The same all year - train hard, eat healthy. I'm big on steak, but only grass-fed, no exceptions. I order from US Wellness Meats. I eat more vegetables and drink more water than anyone I know. I use a variety of mustards, vinegars and oils. I like oatmeal, and organic apples and berries.

    I Eat More Vegetables And Drink More Water Than Anyone I Know.
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    I Eat More Vegetables And Drink
    More Water Than Anyone I Know.

    [ Q ] How about some insight on photo shoots... Do you have any preparation tips or tricks to help out those looking to break through in the industry and possibly one day land themselves a cover?

      I like to get a little extra sun and sweat, maybe cut calories a touch, but that's about it. And being in shape is one thing, but I think the most important element about being in a magazine, or in any business, is to be cool, kind, and show up to contribute. Everyone wants to work with people who have positive attitudes, and who celebrate others. Life is short, make it fun.

    [ Q ] Spirit Garden Nutrition (SGN) was raving about you. For those who have never heard of them, can you tell us a little bit about them?

      Their flagship product is Emerald Balance. It's an organic super foods drink. It's alkaline, nutrient dense, cellular and immune support, antioxidants, and great for energy, hair, skin and connective tissue.

      It tastes excellent and they make it in chocolate and a kid's product as well. They also just developed a very cost effective vitamin/mineral/energy drink called EcoDrink, which opens in Costco this month. SGN was created by people who care, and is family owned and operated.

    Emerald Balance Emerald Balance Presents:
    Emerald Balance

    A great way to cleanse your body and rid it of all the toxins and free radicals from intense workouts is by taking in more antioxidants. Why not try Emerald Balance, a powerhouse antioxidant and superfood formula!
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    EcoDrink Energy Vitamin Mineral Emerald Balance Presents:
    EcoDrink Energy Vitamin Mineral

    EcoDrink is a healthy and convenient way to get your recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals.
    [ Click here to learn more. ]

    [ Q ] What supplements do you personally take?

      I'm not under any endorsement contracts so I don't take much. I use Emerald Balance every day, often multiple times, and the highest quality protein shakes, usually in the mornings and post-workout.

    I Use Emerald Balance Every Day, Often Multiple Times.
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    I Use Emerald Balance
    Every Day, Often Multiple Times.

    [ Q ] You just got back from working in Hawaii, do you train any differently when you're filming?

      Yes. Working in Hawaii is definitely a blessing and I take advantage of being in the islands when I'm there. I was swimming about a mile a day, and aggressive hiking about 5 miles or so each day. " The Family That Preys" filmed in Atlanta, so during that one I eased off the weights and integrated more boxing, skip-rope and stairs.

    Sebastian Siegel In The Family That Preys.
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    Sebastian Siegel In "The Family That Preys".
    © 2008 - Alfeo Dixon.

    [ Q ] You also give back to the community - I have seen pictures of you reading to children and doing tandem bike rides with intellectually challenged. I tip my hat to both. Giving back is one of the best things you can do for a community. Can you touch on this subject a little?

      I think if you're going to be involved it's important to be involved with an organization that doesn't use the financing for "overhead", and with ones that actively take part in improving lives. My favorite organizations are " Best Buddies" and " The Smile Train".

    [ Q ] Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

      Growing up, Schwarzenegger. He's an excellent success model, and the drive and discipline resonated with me early on. When I see and hear him talk today, he still has the same focus, and he wields it with a great sense of humor. Seeing Conan as a boy also certainly had a wonderful impact on me.

      There are so many amazing modern bodybuilders. Ronnie, Dexter, Victor, Jay - all the guys who have been in these ranks are killing it, just killing it. Kai Greene, this guy's physique is insane, and I like his eccentric style. I admire many of my friends and acquaintances who are pros.

    There Are So Many Amazing Modern Bodybuilders.
    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    There Are So Many
    Amazing Modern Bodybuilders.

    [ Q ] Is there anything you feel especially grateful for that helped you get to where you are today?

      Wow. I'm grateful for so much. Certainly the discipline I learned from intense training and bodybuilding as a young boy, the freedom of expression I found in theatre, the amazing authors I discovered in the last ten years, the subtle protocol of care for the land and people that I was exposed to in the culture of living part-time in Hawaii, and the people who believe in me.

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