2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel Sean Harley: Dreams Do Come True!

First off, Sean, congrats on being the 2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel. We are looking to make the 2010 search just as successful. Here's a recent interview with Sean as he talks about this prestigious award! Learn more.

First off, Sean, congrats on being the 2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel. As you know, it's time to conduct the 2010 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search. We are looking to make the 2010 search as successful as this past year. With your help, we can bring in even more entries.

[ Q ] Let's start off the interview with some background information on yourself and then branch into questions about the contest. Can you give us some background information on yourself and a quick bio?

I actually grew up playing sports and working as a farm hand in a rural area in Nebraska. Eventually I went on to play college football, first as a running back and then as a fullback as I was learning how to lift to put on some size. After graduating (Cum Laude) with a double major in business management and marketing, I moved out to San Diego and started working in the nutritional supplement business.

Sean Harley
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2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel Sean Harley.

During my first year out there I was asked to be in some fitness magazines and my modeling career began. The drive from San Diego to Hollywood started to become more and more frequent so eventually I made the move to LA. I worked full time as a fitness and commercial model as well as some acting in some soap operas and music videos.

Eventually, my path lead me back to Omaha where I opened a gym, the online training website www.ithinkfit.com, and started a small supplement company called Sensei Nutrition. Now I run my business and still travel around the country on modeling assignments.

Sean Harley
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Sean Started His Own
Training Website, www.ithinkfit.com.

[ Q ] What drew you to the Bodybuilding.com website?

The low prices! When I was in the supplement retail business, we couldn't compete with the low prices offered on Bodybuilding.com. So after selling my business, I became a Bodybuilding.com customer myself!

[ Q ] How long have you been a member in the Bodybuilding.com community?

I've been buying supplements there for years and I got hooked on BodySpace about 2 years ago.

Check Out Sean's BodySpace Here: IThinkFit

Sean Harley
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Sean Got Hooked On BodySpace About 2 Years Ago.

[ Q ] What is your favorite feature of the Bodybuilding.com website?

Obviously the online store is amazing, and I also love the motivation I get from the BodySpace community.

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[ Q ] What made you enter the BodySpace Spokesmodel contest?

One of my personal training clients is a huge fan of BodySpace. He turned me onto the contest I thought it'd be a great opportunity to stay involved with the fitness community on a national scene.

Sean Harley
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The BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest Was A Great Opportunity
To Stay Involved With The Fitness Community.

[ Q ] What was the best part about winning?

Getting that Iron Man cover and article was a dream come true! I've also been able to meet and work with some very inspiring people at the expos.

Sean Harley IM Cover
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The BodySpace Spokesmodels Sean Harley And Allison Ethier
On The June 2009 Iron Man Cover.

[ Q ] What was the best part of the contest in your eyes? I hear the finals round in LA was incredible.

The onstage competition during the Iron Man was very exciting. We got to share the stage with the pro bodybuilders and compete in front of all the people watching from the crowd and online.

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Sean And Allison Onstage At The Iron Man.

[ Q ] How has winning this contest helped elevate your career?

It's really helped me solidify my name as a fitness model and it's also gotten me a ton of business as a personal trainer!

2009 BodySpace Model Search Winners

Sean Harley and Allison Ethier show their stuff in this Ironman Magazine photo shoot.

[ Q ] What's next for you? Any big plans?

I have a couple of pretty big auditions coming up that I'm getting ready for and other than that I'll be working on growing my business.

Sean Harley
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Sean Will Be Working On Growing His Business.

[ Q ] Any shout outs or anything you would like to add to this interview that we haven't already touched on?

I'd like to say thanks to my client Matt Butler for convincing me to enter this contest and thanks to my training partner Heath Murray for always pushing me in the gym. Also, I'm very grateful to Mick and the rest of the friendly staff at Bodybuilding.com.

Sean Harley
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2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel Sean Harley.

[ Q ] Thank you again, Sean, for taking time out of your schedule for this interview. I wish you continued success in everything you do!