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Sean Harley is a certified fitness trainer. He own's his own gym in Ohmaha and has been a fitness model for about eight years.

Sean Harley Biography

Name: Sean Harley
BodySpace: IThinkFit
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Sean Harley grew up in rural Nebraska and has been dedicated to fitness his whole life! While playing college football, he became addicted to weight lifting and fitness training. Sean moved to San Diego after college and was immediately noticed for his amazingly ripped and balanced physique. He started his career as a fitness cover model and business owner in California and became an expert in weight training, healthy nutrition and supplementation. All the elements needed to sculpt a strong and toned body!

In 2009, Sean won the contest for the 2009 BodySpace Spokes Model! He currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska and is a personal trainer at Working with and other fitness magazines across the nation has made Sean a country-wide fitness celebrity. Look for Sean on the covers of fitness magazines such as Iron Man and many more to come!

Sean Harley
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Sean Harley Is A Certified Fitness Trainer.