What's The '3-Hour Diet' About?

This diet plan was developed by fitness pro Jorge Cruise, who also struggled with his weight as a child... Learn more about this flexible diet plan and see if it something for you!

Taking the rule of eating every three hours to the extreme, the "3-Hour DietTM" is all about ensuring you are getting a regular intake of food coming into your body.

This diet plan was developed by fitness pro Jorge Cruise, who himself struggled with his weight as a child and into his early adult years. Now he is one of the most recognized men in America when it comes to weight loss for busy people.

Jorge Cruise has also authored two best selling books, 8 Minutes In The Morning, as well as this self-titled diet book. He currently has a third book on the go, entitled 12-Second Sequence, which hopes to be as promising as the first two.

He has a column in the Sunday edition of USA WEEKEND Magazine, which is read by more than 50 million readers and his television appearances include: The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dateline NBC, The View and The Tyra Banks Show.

So, after that following, it is no wonder many people sit up and take interest in his diet.

3-Hour Diet

On average, he states that clients who work with him will lose up to 10 pounds in the first two weeks alone. A lofty goal by any standards.

The basic principles are eating foods, that will support appetite control, every three hours. He states this will stabilize your blood sugar, which is the main controller of your appetite, as well as helping to boost your metabolism and the energy you have all day long.

Cruise believes that proper timing to these meals is really what's key in his diet program because by eating them every three hours you will better be able to control the rate of body fat accumulation, particularly in the waist area.

When you want to do this diet, you will sign up on his plan and then receive one-on-one coaching sessions through online video. The site will also give you a support system to ensure that you don't start falling off the plan, along with access to chat forums where you can post to your heart's content, web meetings, a buddy finder system so you can have a weight loss friend in your area and contact with experienced mentors.

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The plan comes complete with many different recipes and foods for you to choose from including a meat lovers book, carb lovers book, healthy heart recipes, vegetarian friendly recipes, fast food choices and last but not least, dessert options that will still fit within your plan.

Gorge offers everyone a free trial offer, where you will get one week for free and then you can choose to continue with the program for another 13 weeks, paying only $5 per week trying to achieve the weight loss you desire.

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Author, Shannon Clark.

So How Does This Diet Stack Up?

The overall approach to the diet is fairly sound for those who are looking to take a general approach to weight loss. It encourages healthy eating by not shunning any particular foods from the plan - as demonstrated in the fact that he still encourages you to choose desserts during certain times of the diet as well as offers solutions for times when you need to eat fast food. This makes it a relatively practical diet to stick to in the long term if you choose.

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When seeking out a diet program you always must remember that the primary factor as to whether or not it will be successful is whether you can follow it and stay relatively sane. Any diet that becomes increasingly hard to stick to for more than a week is likely to fall short of delivering true weight loss - because, provided you have more than 5 pounds to lose, it is going to take more than a week or two to get this job done.

Eating every three hours is a good idea too, although most definitely NOT a requirement for weight loss. The whole notion that eating frequently will help to speed your metabolism is incorrect. If you eat every few hours you are going to be eating smaller meals each time than if you had just eaten two or three times (assuming total calorie intake stays constant).

Every Three Hours
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Eating Every Three Hours Is A Good Idea Too.

The amount your metabolism rises after a meal is going to be in direct relation to the amount of food taken in (again assuming macronutrient ratio's stay the same), therefore larger meals will create a larger increase in metabolism than smaller ones. At the end of the day, small rises or large rises will all equal each other out.

What eating every three hours can do for some individuals is help control their hunger levels so they are less tempted to cheat. Also, for those who tend to feel deprived when they go for a long time without food, this can also solve that issue fairly well.

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This diet is going to based on total calorie intake, so you will be monitoring how much you are eating in an effort to ensure that you take in fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight, hence creating a weight loss. This is a very sound approach and is what is absolutely essential of any successful diet.

The diet does encourage you to take part in exercise but the program is by no means an intensive lifting program that many individuals will want to do. If you are interested in such a program, then you may need to look into altering the diet protocol slightly to ensure your pre and post workout needs are being taken care of.

For the average individual however who simply wants to improve their basic physical fitness and not spend a great deal of time exercising, his 8 Minutes in the Morning routine is likely ideal.

Again this is a generally smart approach as it does not have you doing any extreme type of exercise while going on a starvation diet to see results. Any plan that does should automatically send up red flags because not only is it likely not at all healthy in the long term but it very likely will only send your metabolism plummeting and cause you to drop a great deal of water weight and potentially lean muscle mass if you manage to stick with it long enough.


So if you are looking for a healthy approach to weight loss, one that you can follow long-term and will not be too socially limiting in terms of having to abide by very restricted meal plans, this might be a good diet to try out. Coupled with the support systems he offers online it is sure to make your weight loss easier.

Do note however that if you are more advanced in terms of exercising, this may not be exactly what you are looking for as then you might want to take a more specific approach, one that specifically regulates the exact amounts of protein, carbs and fats you take in each day.

    Overall Diet Rating: 3.5/5

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