Holiday Muscle Gifts!

Need some ideas this holiday season? Is your significant other a person who enjoys the gym and living a healthy lifestyle? Well look no further. We have compiled a list here of great gifts for those gym rats and fitness enthusiasts. Check it out!

We believe in bright lights, beautiful Christmas trees and stockings hung by the chimney with care. We believe giving is great, but that sharing is better. We also believe in Santa Claus, too. Yea, that's right, we're big kids, who believe in Santa. How about you?

Do you believe in Santa? Are you ready to have a merry and bright delightful season? Ok then, have you sent in your wish list to the man from the North Pole? You didn't? Well, not to worry. There are tons of web sites where you can write Santa a letter and give him your wish list?

Yeah, we know, what does this have to do with bodybuilding, powerlifting or training to get fit and tone? Everything actually. You see the holiday's are about having FUN and giving. So, let's have some fun and give this season, instead of being rude, nasty and taking from everyone. You all have 2006 to be rude and nasty to each other.

This season you and everyone you know are all going to as many Christmas parties as you can to drink gallons of eggnog, and of course, feast on all sorts of good treats. Hey you may never have a chance to if you plan on getting ready for a show right after the new-year. But what about presents? Be realistic now.

What do you get someone who goes to the gym everyday, lifts iron plates, and eats chicken and tuna at each meal? Curtis and I are always getting something for each other that has something to do with lifting. Don't we?

For those out there who have no idea what to get well, has the answer. We'll tell you about all the great holiday gift ideas that are available to you. Check out all the different T-shirts, Posters, Videos, home gym equipment, and even special goodies like Max Lift Figurines.

There is also a huge assortment of many fun things for stocking stuffers like calipers, home gym equipment, gym bags, clothing and tons more!

Gift Ideas

dot Videos, Books & Magazines: dot

    How about videos, books and magazines? Need some help with your posing technique? Here are the videos that will help prepare you for your competition.

    Ever wonder who won past Olympia's and wished you could have seen it? Well, now you can! has contest videos starting at only $29.

    Training Books & Nutrition Books right here at Give a book of knowledge for a great gift.

    And, of course, how about a magazine subscription of your favorite muscle publication like MuscleMag international, Oxygen, American Health and Fitness, CURVES, Ironman, FLEX, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness or Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness - for all those love starved men out there.

Perfect Posing DVD Set DVD Presents:
Perfect Posing DVD Set

Perfect Posing Perfect Posing For Bodybuilders is the ultimate step-by-step system to nail your mandatories, develop a winning routine and be...
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dot Lifting Belts: dot

    Do they need a new lifting belt? You know you hate that old stinky piece of leather they keep tucked away in their gym bag. Replace that old belt with a new weight belt. Lifting belts are always a great gift. One new belt a year is a nice way of staying fresh in the gym. At the store you can get a 4" or 6" Leather Belt (the economy type), or how about a long lasting tuff belt like 'The Power Up 4" Power Belt.'

    These are designed for heavy lifting. They are made of suede and have a double pronged buckle. If your loved one or friend is doing heavy deadlifts, squats etc., a good strong weight lifting belt is essential for reducing injury.

Power Up 4 Presents:
Power Up 4" Power Belt

The Power Up 4" Power Belt is designed for power lifting. It is made of suede and has a double pronged buckle. If you're doing heavy deadlifts, squats etc., a good strong weight lifting belt is...
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dot Stocking Stuffers: dot

    Let's face it stocking stuffers are often overlooked and last minute items. No one really considers them until the big night rolls around and the panic sets in - frantic hands grab some candy or snag a bar of fancy soap and "bingo" the stocking is stuffed.

    Now, we're not trying to say there is anything wrong with this tried-and-true method of stocking stuffing, but we do think that, with a little more thought and a few inexpensive mini-gifts that you can forge their happy way into those velvet stockings.

dot Clothing & Accessories: dot

    Ok, then, let's send them to get some signature clothing. Good boy Curtis, now you're thinking right. has a huge clothing line. Everyone looks GREAT in high quality clothing.

    • T-Shirts - With sayings! Be proud that you work out! Football and basketball players have all kinds of T-shirts for them... now bodybuilders have their own too! White/Navy Ringer T-shirts are the new style in men's T-shirts.

    • also has a large selection just for women - Women's clothing. A whole section devoted to women's sports bras, tight pants, hot shorts and more to show off your curves.

    • They also have Gym Hardwear Clothing for men and women... T-Shirts. Great t-shirts with the Hardwear logo on them that you can be proud to wear at the gym, while hanging out with your friends, or anytime!

Official Clothing! is your source for great fitness styles that will help show off your hard work. Everything is high quality, but we priced them low since you are buying them direct!
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    • The Towel would be a small but nice stocking stuffer. The Towels have an awesome logo on them and they are of the highest quality!

    • Now if you're like us and live in a cold place then maybe a new jacket is a great way to keep your muscle head warm? R-Tek Fleece Jackets from R-Tek Fleece Jackets provide the warmth, without the weight. An anti-pill finish offers long-lasting looks, wear after wear.

    • Ok, how about a new gym bag! Gym Bags/ Silver Stripe Gym Bag. The Silver Stripe Gym Bags are hot! A sturdy shape and versatile size (approx. 2' x 1') makes this gym bag perfect for holding all your gloves, clothes, and more!

Gym Bag Presents:
Gym Bag Gym Bags are hot! A sturdy shape and versatile size (approx. 2' x 1') makes this gym bag perfect for holding all your gloves, straps, clothes and more!
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dot Big Gifts: dot

    How about some BIG gifts?

    Instead of a treadmill get your favorite muscle head a whole gym...

    • Complete Home Gyms. These are top of the line home gyms that will give you the ultimate full body workout!

    • Upper Body Equipment. This equipment is great for building your upper body! There is something for your arms, back, chest, abs, and more!

    • Maybe Lower Body Equipment? This equipment is great for building your lower body!

    Again, has a wide range of products to help build your legs! also has Weight Benches, standard flat benches and some specialty benches to that will help you target certain areas! Weight Racks also for all those dumbbells.

Workbench Multi System (USA Orders Only) Powertec Presents:
Workbench Multi System

The complete leverage home gym. This three station system provides dozens of the best free weight exercises to build the entire body in leverage form.
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dot Lifting Straps: dot

    Lifting straps are great stocking stuffers. Everyone can use weight lifting wrist straps - as they are a very important tool for any lifter. Important, especially if you lift heavy as in, bodybuilding, powerlifting or strongman competitions etc.

    Schiek Padded Lifting Straps are durable wrist wraps designed for maximum comfort and support! How about the RD Millenium and Hooker Lifting Straps? These RD Millenium and Hooker Lifting Straps have metal hooks; and are one size fits all, eliminating the wrapping and re-wrapping of traditional lifting straps!

Padded Lifting Straps Schiek Presents:
Padded Lifting Straps

Our wrist support and lifting strap all in one combines the best in comfort and durability, lasting up to five times longer than conventional straps.
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Only A Few Days Left Till Christmas

Many of you muscle heads have children and the holidays are a magical time for them to have Santa send them a personalized Santa letter, that's part of the magic. Once again this year, personalized letters from Santa can be obtained here.

These letters are printed on authentic North Pole stationary and signed by Santa himself. Getting a Letter from Santa addressed to your kids would be fun! But be sure to order early this year because there is a limit to the number of letters sold. Each letter is different and written by Santa.

Each letter costs ONLY $5.95 including S&H - payable with an online check or check/money order by mail or Major Credit Card.

So, have we given you some ideas? Sure, these are great gift ideas and if you order now, they'll be at your home way before the holidays so you're not rushing to get them rapped up and put under the tree. Holidays are usually the time to kick back and reflect on last season's competitions, for us, this month is helping us relax and do more interviews.

May All Your Wishes Come True.
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May All Your Wishes Come True.

You should all know Anita by now - she has strong opinions! Hey Curtis be good or Santa will put a piece of cole in your stocking. Of course if you're in need of supplements visit the Superstore and order what you need as they have it all. From vitamins and minerals, protein shakes, low carb protein bars and complete diet/supplementation regimen packages and other products too, not to mention informative articles from yours truly and many other top bodybuilders and fitness stars.

To all our friends new and old, have a safe and fun filled Holiday season. May all your wishes come true. And to you competitors, remember you train and diet to win but it's the judges call; you might not be what they want that day. So, keep your chin-up and don't wine about your placing, it's not worth it.

Just remember, eat and be merry, you only get one chance, and you may not have another chance when your competitive juices get flowing again.