Jamo Nezzar Interview - Muscle Jam!

Jamo Nezzar is yet another to come to America and train in sunny Venice California. Learn his secrets!
British Nationals champ and IFBB pro Jamo Nezzar is another product of the British bodybuilding scene and at 5'10" 270 developed off-season pounds, Jamo chisels down to a hard 240 for competition. He is yet another to come to America and train in sunny Venice California to do his bidding in the IFBB pro ranks just waiting for the right time to unleash his new look.

BB.com: So how do you like California compared to merry old England?

JN: Well first of all the weather is much better plus I have more opportunities than in England, but I still miss London where I come from, the atmosphere in the gym where I use to train is unique.

BB.com: I remember that place, isn't it called the Muscle Works Gym in England. You told me only the top elite in men's British bodybuilding is welcome to train at this facility, no women aloud.

BB.com: Do you feel the change has hurt your training or made it better?

JN: To be honest with you, my training hasn't come back to full intensity since I left. Lately I've been getting theses injuries that I never use to have in London. So for the last 8 weeks my training is suffering a hell of a lot to the point where I'm getting frustrated with it, but when I think of Jean Pierre Fux and Milos' injuries I just shut up and wait till things come together.

With Dorian Yates

BB.com: Jamo are you still training under the watchful eye of Mr. Olympia and English mate Dorian Yates? How's that going?

JN: Yes I'm still training with Dorian every time he is here in LA. We hang out together. He will be giving me guidance for next year shows. So far it's going really good and I'm hoping to be at least 5 pounds heavier than last year. But we are going more for conditioning than size. I don't wanna spoil my shape.

With Garrett Downing

BB.com: Whoops got ahead of myself. Why don't you tell our readers what is your full name?

JN: My name is DJAMCHID NEZZAR, since the age of three my mother nick named me Jamo.

BB.com: When and where were you born?

JN: I was born in Algeria in 1966. I moved to England when I was 19.

BB.com: What is your height and weight (Normal / Contest)?

JN: Contest: 238. OFF season: about 270 pounds Height: 5ft10

BB.com: Where do you live?

JN: I live in West LA and train in Angel City Fitness, Marina Del Rey, California.

BB.com: Are you married? Any children?

JN: Single and available!

BB.com: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

JN: I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I lost one brother in 1998.

BB.com: Sorry to hear that.

BB.com: What do your parent's do?

JN: My mother was a nurse but she's retired and my father is diplomat.

BB.com: How was your childhood? Where did you grow up?

JN: My childhood was very strict. I grew up in the countryside than I moved to the coast. I have a very strict upbringing. My mother raised all of us god bless her. I was very into my schoolwork.

Timea Majorova

BB.com: Did you any sports when you were growing up?

JN: I played a lot of soccer, volleyball, and basketball. I was athletic. Then when I moved to the coast I got into sailing and a lot of windsurfing but kept playing soccer till I joined a Dance school where I studied Modern Jazz for nearly two years. After that I got into Bodybuilding.

BB.com: What did you do after high school?

JN: After high school I decided to follow medicine. I was gonna become a doctor. But after two years of studies I gave up and decided to become a pro bodybuilder. So I moved to England with a dream and 12 years later I was a pro competing with the big boys!

BB.com: When did you come to America?

JN: I was discovered by Musclemag in 1995. Later that year they flew me to California for a photo shoot. Then from there, Muscle and Fitness joined in on 2001, so I made the decision to move to California permanently.

BB.com: What started you in bodybuilding?

JN: I started bodybuilding because of a friend who did it, so I joined for fun and next minute it was an addiction.

With Lee Priest

BB.com: When did you actually get serious in bodybuilding?

JN: I got really serious in 1993.

BB.com: What is next on the plate for you?

JN: Right now I'm aiming to do the pro Iron Man 2003. Hopefully I get an invite for the Arnold Classic, then onto the San Francisco show. If I do well I will do the NOC too. Let's wait and see. All to do with injuries if I recover well, I will do all of them. I need all the publicity.

BB.com: What is your best experience in bodybuilding?

JN: My best experience was when I got my pro card the same day I did the pro English Grand prix with all the Olympic line up and placed 10th. That was cool!!!

BB.com: What is your worst experience in bodybuilding?

JN: When I did the NOC in 2001 I was in shape and never got a call out. There were 42 athletes on stage and they only called the big names. Some of the guys who made the top15 didn't even deserve it, they only got there because they were so and so and the judges knew who they were. But that's bodybuilding for you, and if you can't handle it don't compete. I swallowed my pride and put it behind me. That's the reason that made me move here and get more recognition

With Orville Burke

BB.com: Any interesting diet things that you do during competition mode?

JN: I do a high protein medium carbs and a low fat diet.

BB.com: How many weeks before a contest do you start to diet? Any secrets?

JN: I start 10 weeks out before a show. The only secret I have is that I diet like a lunatic really strict. I make myself suffer and it's worth it.

BB.com: What supplements do you use?

JN: I use most of the basic supplements; Glutamine, CLA, Vit-C, ZMA and Whey protein etc.

BB.com: What do you do when your not bodybuilding or working out?

JN: When I'm not bodybuilding I love collecting Comic Books. I also like spending time with some friends cooking nice food and watching videos.

BB.com: I noticed on your website you have comic book links. That's why.

BB.com: What do you tell people who want to start bodybuilding?

JN: People who want to start bodybuilding I have only one tip for them and that is to stick to the basic exercises and be consistent with your training.

BB.com: Have you done any television / magazine covers / film /commercials?

JN: I've made 19 front covers worldwide so far. Also I did three commercials in Europe but no film work yet. I might get into it eventually in the future.

BB.com: Has anyone been your inspiration?

JN: Mohammad Ali is my inspiration.

BB.com: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

JN: I wanna have my own supplement line in Africa and also be married with two kids once I find the right woman. So far I haven't found her…Hope that's cool bro anything else let me know all the best.

BB.com: For now that's enough we'll talk again after the Ironman. Good luck Jamo.

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