Pauliina Talus Interview: Some Finnish Muscle!

This Finnish beauty possesses muscularity along with outstanding femininity for a woman with that much muscle.
A welcome new resident to the California muscle scene is pro Pauliina Talus who just moved here from her native home land of Finland. This Finnish beauty possesses muscularity along with outstanding femininity for a woman with that much muscle. Pauliina already has been featured in many commercials and TV specials on women sports right here in the states representing women strength athletes from all over and expounding the notion that women with muscle look like men. To this day I cannot get over that people still endure this comment over women with muscle. Though some do take either muscle building al little too far and when I say that I mean they get too big but then again what if a women is very obese we accept that and I'm sorry that image is not very feminine looking either. So, as we continue into the 21st century and beyond women like pro bodybuilder Pauliina Talus will just have to prove all the skeptics and old mindsets that they're still in the stone age and need to wake up and smell the coffee. What is your full name, including middle name? PT: My name is Arja Pauliina Talus. I have always used my middle name; so don't call me Arja ok:-) When and where were you born? PT: I was born 7/31/1972 in Oulu, Finland. My sign is Leo. Can you give us your height and weight (Normal / Contest)? PT: I'm 5'4 and off-season weight is about 170lbs and in last show it was 152lbs. What color are your eyes & hair? PT: My eyes are bright green and hair is dark brown. Where do you currently live? PT: I live in LA. I moved here after I competed at this year's Arnold Classic. Pauliina are you married? Have any children? PT: Yes I'm married. I don't have any children yet. I love kids, so I definetly want to have kids at some point of time! Do you have any brothers or sisters? PT: I have the sweetest and best little sister who I love the most in the world!! What do your parent's do? PT: They are running their own companies. Those companies are transportation companies. How was your childhood? Where did you grow up? PT: I had very good childhood. My parents made sure that I was able to whatever hobby I ever wanted to have. Since I was 4 years old, my mom took me to ballet lessons. Since then you name the sport, I've done it:-) I grew up in Northern part of Finland, in a city named Oulu. It's a very nice little city. Neighborhood where we lived was just perfect to kids! We had lot of trees, big park area, water just in our front door, just perfect! Did you participate in any sports when you were growing up? PT: Like I already told, yes, I did all kind of sports:-)! Here are some what I did: Ballet, Volleyball, basketball, ice-skating, swimming, track and field, baseball and so on. I apologize for being forgetful and not hearing that. What did you do after high school? PT: I worked with my parents company. They wanted me to become a President of the company one day. But no, I became a Pro Bodybuilder instead. Hahhah... What got you started in bodybuilding? PT: I was 16-teen when I got in to this sport. In that time I was a sprinter. My legs were operated on and I couldn't continue running anymore. In that time we did light weight trainings, so I was already familiar to this sport. Then I have always admired strong looking people!! When did you actually get serious in bodybuilding? PT: I started to train age 16-teen and was very serious. Hahhah. At that time I was looking at Marjo Selin's picture in FLEX magazine. I said to Mom that I'm going to be a Pro someday. Mom said sure, but should you first start to train hahhah! At age 18-teen I got in to this more because in that time Finnish top male bodybuilder started to coach me. Any unusual diet techniques that you use when getting ready for a competition? PT: Everybody has his or her own secret techniques :-) I don't have any unusual ones. I keep my diet healthy (if you can call hard dieting healthy hahhah) level. I mean I eat carbs. Dieting without carbs is not the best diet you can do. When you are eating carbs, you burn fat better, you are able to train harder, your body works better and so on. Calorie base is the thing what counts! Are you planning on competing at this years Jan Tanna? What is next for you? PT: The biggest change of my life happened to me, moving to US 5 months ago. I wasn't going to compete in this year at all. I had to start my life all over here and concentrating on the show is impossible if your life is not in totally in order. What is my next show? Well let's see how things will go :-) What is your best experience in bodybuilding? PT: There are so many good experiences and it's hard to say only one. There are few which are above and they are when I placed my first IFBB World Champion Ships 4th place. That was my third show ever. Then one very big high light was of course when I got my Pro card!! That was an incredible feeling!! Then there is one more. It was 2 years ago when I got my first Arnold Classic invitation. I did only one show before that, so it felt very good! Tell us about your worst experience in bodybuilding? PT: Worst is disappointment in year-99 World Championships. I made some very good changes to win the show! What happened, I loaded carbs too much and shape was little bit watery. Still I placed 6th place! I was so angry with myself, because if I had been in top shape, I would have won the show. Do you have a favorite and least favorite exercise? PT: I love all the exercises! I don't have favorites because all the muscle groups are so fun to train!! How many weeks before a contest do you start to train? Any secrets? PT: I keep my brake always after show. I rest about 4 weeks and then start training again. So I train after the brake all the time:-) I start diet about 16-18 weeks before the show. People are asking why I keep for example 18 weeks diet? Reason is that I can keep my calorie base higher! Then if something happens, get badly ill for example, I have little bit extra time. Jay Cutler kept first time 20 weeks diet and he said it worked best! So, it's always good to have little bit extra time. What supplements do you use? PT: I use Glutamine, Creatine, vitamins, BCAA's, HMB, OPS-3, which is Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins product. This is AWESOME product!! I can't tell here everything what it does, but it contains powerful antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Recovery Drink after training which is very important!!! Enzymes, Fish oils and lecithin (essential fatty acids). What things need to be changed in the sport of female bodybuilding? PT: This question will live forever and even we try to change things, that won't happen. In Pro level this is business. If female Pro bodybuilding won't bring any money, what we can do!!?? We would need to get our profile higher and more sponsors in this business. Now all the sponsors are somewhere else. What we women can do is advertise ourself in the best possible ways! I see nightmares of few women's who are taking this sport down how they look. We would need to get new people in to this sport, I mean who would come to see the shows. But if there are women looking like men, I don't think that person who doesn't know anything about this sport wants to come to see the shows. There are few other things what would need to change, but it's not in our hands. Remember Pauliina more people came to the Women's Bodybuilding at the Olympia and Arnold then the fitness. What do you do when you're not bodybuilding or working out? PT: I love to be home! Home is to be very important place. That's why my first goal was when I moved, to get a nice place where I can come down and relax!! I don't have so much extra time because I started my Personal Training business here. I do that in Venice's Gold's Gym and Marina Del Ray's Angel City Fitness. What do you tell people who want to start bodybuilding? PT: When you start, learn to train right!! Learn to do movements right!! Then time is one thing. In this sport you can't move fast! In some sports you can start compete very soon, but not in this sport. Find out info about the nutrition! In this sport every areas has to be right, otherwise you are not moving forward. Tell me something our readers do not know about you? PT: Hmm. I'm very nice, sweet. Hahhah. It's always hard to tell thing of yourself, so I'm not so good in this! I have been Pro 2 years. I have done 3 shows and 2 of them I have been In Arnold Classic. I'm very hungry person and set always my goals very high. So far I have been able to reach all of them:-) I love people and to meet new people. That's why this Personal Training business is wonderful for me. I have been doing lot of coaching back home with my husband. We have over 50 people and ALL of them are Finnish over all champions or placed 2nd or third. We have World Champions, IFBB Pro's and World Champions in other sports. Resume list is very impressing:-) So if you need any kind of help, I sure can help you! I've noticed you've done many television / magazine covers / film and commercials. PT: Yes I have done and all of that you can find my website List is pretty long so It's better you look at everything from my site:-) Here is little bit something. In Finland I was featured in TV in many talk shows, got my own documentary, I was featured in leading magazines and so on. In here US I got in to Tommy Lee's latest Rock Video and song name is Hold On, then Travel Channel did documentary of Muscle Beach. That's awesome. You are keeping busy and promoting the sport well for women. Has anyone been your inspiration? PT: At the beginning I admired a lot Marjo Selin! Of course I admired always those who has received success! This is hard sport and if you reach the top, you are sure something!! My inspiration has always been true love to this sport and admission to success. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? PT: Oh my.:-) I hope in 10 years I have 1-2 kids and then my own successful business. What are your best and worst qualities as a person? PT: Worst is easier to say hahhah. I'm like volcano. I explode easy, but then I come down even quicker:-) I have a temper, so maybe that is one of my worst part:-) Good sides, well, my friends have said that I'm always there no matter what. I always try help even I would need to help myself:-) If I can help, that gives me so good feeling. What kind of people turn you off / on? PT: Those peoples who are not trying, only complaining!! I hate to hear complaints!! You can do what ever you want if you REALLY want!! If we talk about out side "matters" then if someone is dirty looking, that is not very turn on view. Turn on is absolutely person who is doing fine and willing to fight what ever he is after! This is not look issue only! What are your favorites:

  • Television Show: Frasier.
  • Movie: I love lot of different movies, so can't answer just one! But I look for example: Another 48 hours and any that have Mel Gibson in.
  • Actor: Mel Gibson
  • Actress: Sharon Stone
  • Foods: Good steak and garlic potatoes.
  • Bar Drink: Tequila.
  • Type of Music: Trans Techno, I love it!! What are the last:

  • Movie you saw: Terminator 2, 3rd time:-)
  • Video rented: iiik...I don't remember:-)
  • Music CD bought: Scooter.
  • Contest you saw: LA Championships, was judging the show
  • Restaurant you ate at: Fire House. Thanks Pauliina for taking time to talk with us during your busy schedule. If anyone is in the LA/Venice area look for this Finn and get her to train you, and tell them sent you.