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MG Development is a concept created by a team of pharmacologists, professional athletes, and strength coaches.
Every competitor understands that if you want the perfect body inside and out you have to have your growth hormone levels working properly. Growth Hormones mean a great deal to performance and overall body development? Well, Let's do some exploring. The secret lies within your head and it's called your pituitary gland. Every man and woman releases a little bit of growth hormone every night at bedtime during sleep. You see GH is highest at night and at its lowest in the day time. However, GH levels are usually pretty weak after 21 years of age and almost gone by the time we hit our 50's. So, if you've stopped making gains or you are one of many that are looking for that extra whack to help you push yourself over the limits, then MG Development has a total anabolic bodybuilding system for you.

MG Development is a concept created by a team of pharmacologists, professional athletes, and strength coaches that got together and designed and develop a revolutionary sports and nutritional supplement that will bring real results. MG Development is a 3rd generation natural GH formula that was developed just for bodybuilding and sports performance. MG Development took form as a potent combination of products to make the ultimate in personalized total bodybuilding supplement systems today and those are MGF-1, MGF-2, MGF-3, and Nitro-Surge.

MGF-1 has new and powerful GH releasing mechanisms unlike any other in the industry today. Added to make MGF-1 more receptive were processed hypothalamic peptides for increase pituitary stimulation. Also, MGF-1 has increased the potency of the tribulus terrestris about 300% with a new tribulus extract. Then there is MGF-3; which is built around a patented substance called Sterofen. Sterofen is a powerful, specially processed steroidal glysaponin extracted from a plant. MGF-3 is developed around this potent anabolic substance. Sterofen was developed as an alternative to steroids for the purpose of rehabilitation from surgery.

The MGF-2 story. MG Development understands that professional athletes, bodybuilders and extreme fitness competitors need the fastest results in performance and absorption rate. This is why MGF-2 has the highest protein efficiency ratio #4 on the market. Absorption is the key to keeping muscle size while dieting. Hydrolyzed Whey is 40% smaller than any other type of Whey protein available, which means smaller peptides are absorbed preferentially by the intestines, forcing more Nitrogen and Amino Acids to the bloodstream faster then before. The result is for the body to enhance cellular uptake to maximize protein synthesis. MG Development is one of the only sports nutrition supplement companies to include a time-released portion of concentrated whey protein to promote a rapid and prolonged absorption rate.

This effect will aid in the prevention of muscle catabolism during high intensity workouts. MGF-2 is also the highest nitrogen retention formula available and it is the most effective fat burning protein without a prescription. MGF-2 is 68% better then EGG White and 97% better than soy protein. MGF-2 has no aspartame, no sucralose, and no lactose, which helps on less water retention.

MGF-3 also contains adaptagens. Adaptagens can only be found in Russian highlands and Siberia were used by Russian elite athletes for decades. Many Russian studies document the effectiveness of moomiyo and golden root for increased strength and stamina. MGF-3 contains both. Here are few more of the powerful ingredients working together in MGF-3; Mucuna Puriens for GH support, Tribulus Terrestris from Eastern Europe, Ashwagandha from India, Maca powder from the Amazon, and Milk Thistle for liver support. With the above combinations MGF-3 is proving to be just as powerful as any prohormone formula available today but with added benefits of increased energy production, increased oxygen utilization and decreased recovery time making MGF-3 probably the best prohormone on the market.

Nitro-Surge technology came from the livestock and beef industry. A few years ago a feed lot company funded research to get rid of the urine smell because of the hundreds of cattle during a feeding cycle. What was the smell all about? The strong smell was the high nitrogen concentrations. A substance, Nitroxydione, was added which recycled the nitrogen instead of excreting it, only to find out it decreased the smell but an added benefit was found. The cattle added an average of 24 lbs. in 3 months. Nitrogen loss in sweat or urine can cut down on the amount of muscle tissue added during training. Nitro-Surge is made up of Nitroxydione and American Wisconsin Ginseng. This ginseng has more active chemicals per gram than any other ginseng known.

Here's what Doctor Lawrence Dorman has to say about MGF-1 products. "I am a pioneer in the area of growth hormone secretagogue research and technology. To date, there have been only a couple non-prescription products that I consider truly effective formulas. MGF-1 is one of those. Currently, I have many patients on MGF-1. The benefits they are experiencing range from moderate to dramatic - boosting energy, immunity, increasing muscle-mass, as well as all the benefits you should see with growth hormone therapy." Dr. Dorman is a nationally recognized authority on Alternative Medicine, Nutrition and Anti- Aging. He is also co-author of The Methsuselah Factor: Growth Hormone, Reversing Human Aging Naturally.

Skeptical of all the supplements that are saturating the market today I personally tried the MG Development system only to be amazed at its effectiveness. After only taking the system for a month I have increased my bench by 40 pounds. That might not seem allot to some of you, but in 1998 while getting ready for a bench meet I suffered a partial pectoral tear benching 500 pounds for reps. So, I have been a little reluctant to bench over 315. By suing the MG Development system I've gained 10 pounds, a ¼ of an inch to my arm, an inch to my legs, and I'm close gripping 315 for reps!

But, don't take my word for it - join the many satisfied users of MG Development. Top IFBB professional bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler, Jeramy Freeman, and Lesa Lewis just to name a few. And how about the NFL Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Mark Simoneau, and many other NFL players. And then there are many colleges with athletes using MG Development in their strength and conditioning regiments. Places like Texas Tech, University of Texas, Texas A & M, University of Missouri, Syracuse University, Illinois, Pittsburg State (KS), Ottawa College (KS), Virginia Tech, and many other athletes at several other colleges around the country.

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