My Journey To The 2003 USA Naturals - Week 12!

There are now less than six weeks until the Pacific USA Naturals, which means I only have five full weeks of all out training left to improve before stepping on stage for the first time.
Week 12

There are now less than six weeks until the Pacific USA Naturals, which means I only have five full weeks of all out training left to improve before stepping on stage for the first time. It's time to take it up another notch and give everything I have into these six weeks. In order to raise my metabolism and get the fat burning process going even better than it already is, I will begin to add in some 10 minute Max-OT cardio sessions at about 12:00 noon during the week.

I am planning to perform my first 10 minute session today and then at least one more session this week and possibly two more. I will continue to perform my normal cardio sessions in the afternoon, and alternate between 16 minute Max-OT sessions on the bike and 20 minute slightly less than Max-OT intensity sessions on the stairstepper.

I will be asking myself to do more with less fuel (i.e. food) over the next six weeks and my mental attitude and toughness will play a huge role in how well I am able to execute my daily tasks and get into the shape of my life. I will get no break in terms of work either as I will have to travel out of town starting next week for two weeks to begin work on a new big client. I then come back to Atlanta to start work on another new client. Although this is not the ideal time to be traveling and having demanding weeks at work, my job is my job, and it does not stop just because I am doing a bodybuilding contest. Traveling and working a "normal" full-time job makes crunch-time contest prep difficult, but I know that with plenty of planning and preparation I can stay on track 100%.


This whole week of training was great! My intensity and focus in the weightroom continues to increase and I am also continuing to challenge myself by lifting heavier weight while maintaining proper exercise execution. I must keep training heavy and overloading the muscle with proper form in order to hold onto all of the muscle I have built over the last year as I really start to make a final push to become as lean as possible.

I added in some 10 minute midday Max-OT cardio sessions this week (3 sessions). These sessions were tough, but I feel they will make a difference in the level of conditioning I am able to achieve on August 9th. I am planning to perform 3 more midday 10 minute cardio sessions next week in addition to my normal evening cardio sessions every day.

Nutrition and Supplementation

My weight has always tended to fluctuate quite a bit and I actually weighed 6 1/2 lbs less this week compared to last week. That is a huge drop in one week, but like I said my weight can fluctuate based on how much water I am holding on any given day. What is important is that I am getting leaner and more vascular every day.

I now have less than 6 weeks to really pour it on and get into OUTSTANDING shape.

This week, I will reduce my daily calories as follows:

Pre Workout - Reduce 1/2 serving HSC-68 calories-I will add 1/2 teaspoon of Micronized Creatine to make up for the reduced creatine from the HSC reduction.
Meal #4 - Reduce 1 canned potato-20 calories
Meal #6 - Remove 1/2 tbsp flax oil-55 calories
Meal #6 - Add 2 CLA 1000-Add 18 Calories
Meal #6 - Add 1 1/2 Cups Green Beans-Add 60 calories
Post Cardio - Remove 1/4 serv. DGC-46 calories

My total calorie reduction this week comes to 111 calories per day, although the 60 calories added from green beans during Meal #6 will have such a positive effect on my metabolism they are basically negative calories. The added green beans will get my metabolism running hotter in addition to giving me more food to eat as my calories get lower. I have also added another 5 grams of GL3 L-Glutamine for a total of 15 grams to my post-cardio supplementation to help make up for having no carbs at this time since GL3 helps restore glycogen levels after intense exercise.

This weekend I ate about 2600 calories on both Saturday and Sunday. My weekend post cardio supplementation consists of 1 scoop VP2 and 1 serving of Creatine HSC, along with 10 grams of GL3 L-Glutamine. The rest of my meals consist of either Ny-Tro Pro-40, chicken, egg whites, or lean beef, and vegetables. I also have oatmeal with some of my whole food meals on the weekends, but have mostly cut out all starchy carbs at this point. Vegetables will be my best friend over the next 6 weeks. At this point, I will also begin to make sure I liberally salt all of my meals. This will set me up for the final week of water and nutrient manipulation before the contest.

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