An Interview With Olympian Jarred Rome!

Find out what happened to Jarred at the 2004 Athens Olympics, what his training is like, what is next for him and more...

[ Q ] What is your full name?

    Jarred Daniel Rome.

[ Q ] Born in?

    Seattle, Washington.

[ Q ] Currently residing in:

    Chula Vista, CA USA Olympic Training Center.

[ Q ] What are your current stats?

    6'4, 315.

[ Q ] You recently qualified for the 2004 Athens Olympics, what was is like competing in the Olympics? Any stories?

    The Olympics is the greatest sporting event in the world so it is an honor to represent our country here. The Athletes Village is amazing. The greatest athletes from 202 countries.

    The coolest thing I think is to be a part of something this big. It makes the Superbowl look like a little league game.

[ Q ] How did you train for the Olympics?

    Well I have been training for 11 years and 8 of those year I trained in Boise. This last year I moved to the USA Olympic Training Center and my training reached a world class level.

    Most of my training consists of Olympic Lifting and sprinting. Of course throwing is where I spend most of my time trying to learn the technique which is the most important aspect in throwing.

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[ Q ] What supplements did you take leading up to the Olympics?

[ Q ] How has your motivation changed since not qualifying for the finals?

    My motivation would have been the same even if I would have made the finals and that is to be the number one discus thrower in the world.

[ Q ] Were you surprised you didn't qualify?

    I was very surprised. It was my worst meet of the year! If I would have been throwing at my best I would have received the silver medal, so not making the finals wasn't even a glimpse in my eye. It is a real let down to my family and friends, my sponsors and of course the United States.

[ Q ] When did you get started competing with the discus?

    I started throwing when I was a sophomore in high school. I didn't start to take it seriously until I hurt my knee during my senior season in football.

[ Q ] Any advice for up and coming track and field athletes?

    Work on technique and then strength. Technique is the most important aspect of throwing not strength.

[ Q ] Do you have any superstitions for competition, such as wearing the same socks each time?

    A lot of athletes do, but I don't.

[ Q ] What's next for you?

    I have two more meets in Europe and then my season ends on September 14th. Then I am going to take about 6 weeks off from training before I start a new year, and getting ready for the World Championships next year in Helsinki, Finland.

    During my time off I am going to go back home to Seattle for a few weeks and come to Boise for a week or so.

[ Q ] Toughest part about being a discus thrower?

    Learning or mastering the technique.

[ Q ] How much of throwing a discus is technique? How much is speed? How much is brute strength?

    I would break it down like this: 40% is technique, 30% speed and 30% strength.

[ Q ] What are the dimensions of a discus?

    The discus weighs 2 kilos which is 2.2lbs. It is the size of a large plate.

[ Q ] Anything else you would like to share with

    If it wasn't for the people of I definitely wouldn't have made it this far. They have really helped me achieve world class shape.

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