As an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest research to enhance his own training and his many clients.


As an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest cutting edge sports science research to further his clients' and his own training progress. Getting results in the fastest possible time has formed a major part of David's life and he has become accustomed to success at the highest level.

As owner of Elite Physique Training Studio, from which he provides martial arts, boxing and general fitness instruction, David assists people from all backgrounds to achieve their personal fitness goals. David holds a qualification in personal training from Network, degrees' in Sport and Leisure, and Psychology from the University of Waikato, and a Waikato Polytechnic National Diploma in Journalism.

David's skill for writing has enabled him to reach the masses to provide detailed instruction on the latest research and insights regarding health, fitness and sports, to assist people with their personal goals. Publications David writes for include,,, Muscle Training Illustrated and the topics he writes on, cover the full spectrum of health, fitness and sports.

As a bodybuilder, David placed second at the 1997 World Natural Championships in addition to high placements in 20 National and regional shows. As a martial artist, David garnered second at the 1998 New Zealand Tae Kwon Do Nationals and third at the Oceania Tae Kwon Do Championships.

"David Robson has clearly established himself as a veteran journalist of the iron game. For years, he has been writing articles on the topics of bodybuilding and exercise science in a straightforward, informative, and unflinching manner. He has a great talent for cutting through the bull; he's able to deliver useful and interesting information in an organized and thoughtful manner. His numerous contributions are a credit to the web site, and they have helped to cement its place as the premier online source of information for bodybuilding and weight training in general."

-Gordon LaVelle, author, Training for Mass

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Arnold's Blueprint For Mammoth Shoulders And Arms
No bodybuilder was as renowned as Arnold for his huge arms and massive delts. And no bodybuilder trained as hard. Here's a peek at how Arnold's high-volume, high-frequency approach made him the world's greatest bodybuilder. Part 4 of a 4-part series.
Section: Training :: Oct 30, 2014

Satellite Cell Activation: Boost Muscle Growth On The Cellular Level
Gains don't just appear. They're the result of hard work, proper nutrition, dedication, and sweat. But that's all on the surface. Dig deeper and see how muscle is built on a cellular level!
Section: Training :: Oct 16, 2014

Which Cardio Methods Melt Fat The Fastest?
What are the benefits and which methods are best when it comes to aerobic training? I will discuss those in detail right here. Included are sample aerobic activities and guidlines to follow. Learn more now!
Section: Training :: Sep 11, 2014

Want Big Biceps? Here\'s How To Get Them!
Training the biceps and associated muscles is a must. This article will provide an overview of the best exercises currently available, a full training program and tips to get the most from the methods presented. Try them out!
Section: Training :: Sep 11, 2014

2014 Mr. Olympia 212 Preview: Battle Of The Giant Killers
The light heavyweights of the 212 division vie for Olympia immortality! Can Lewis win again? Or will a newcomer steal his thunder?
Section: Contests :: Sep 09, 2014

2014 Mr. Olympia Preview: Battle Of The Beasts
The 2014 Olympia will be a contest for the ages. Read who we think will come out on top!
Section: Contests :: Sep 08, 2014

Mike Matarazzo: Nov. 8, 1965-Aug. 16, 2014
He was known for his peaked biceps, insane calves, and famous tongue wag on stage. Those who competed with and admired Mike Matarazzo recall the man behind the muscle.
Section: Contests :: Sep 03, 2014

Lose Body Fat Now: The Most Effective Methods Explained.
Just how much body fat should be lost will depend on one\'s goals. Let\'s examine the most effective ways the severely overweight through advanced trainer can lose fat. Read on...
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 02, 2014

How Arnold Built His Legs And Abs
Imagine enduring the grueling pain of a high-volume, heavy-leg workout?then repeating it three times every week. That's how Arnold brought up his legs, which were once considered his biggest weakness. Part 3 of a 4-part series.
Section: Training :: Aug 22, 2014

Creatine: Why Use It? Scientific Support To Back Its Benefits.
Creatine has been recognized as a product that delivers on its promise of improved strength. In this article we will review creatine benefits, who will benefit, types to buy and much more. Read on to get the facts!
Section: Supplements :: Aug 19, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mammoth Chest And Back Workout
Basic exercises, heavy weights, high volume, and high frequency are the techniques Arnold Schwarzenegger used to build his massive chest and back. Try the workout!
Section: Training :: Jul 21, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 8 Best Training Principles
Arnold didn't become the world's greatest bodybuilder by accident. Here are the 8 training principles that underlie his bodybuilding success.
Section: Training :: Jul 07, 2014

8 Unusual Arms Exercises You Have To Try!
Building a set of killer arms takes more than standard barbell curls and triceps press-downs. Try these 8 unique arms exercises to blow your sleeves apart!
Section: Training :: May 06, 2014

Transform With Muscle: Why Focusing On Fat Loss Isn't The Answer
Don't get so wrapped up in losing fat that you forget about muscle. It's the real key to a successful, lasting transformation!
Section: Training :: Apr 08, 2014

The Six Pillars Of Successful Fitness Nutrition
Not eating the right foods to support intense activity only holds you back. These six pillars of nutrition form the foundation for fitness success!
Section: Nutrition :: Mar 14, 2014

2014 Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Men's Bodybuilding Preview
All eyes will be on the big stage in Columbus, Ohio for the upcoming Arnold Classic. Check out this preview and let us know your predictions in the comments!
Section: Contests :: Feb 19, 2014

2014 Arnold Classic IFBB Men's 212 Preview
The light but impressive beasts of the IFBB's 212 class are ready to rumble at the 2014 Arnold Classic. Check out these predictions for the Arnold Classic 212!
Section: Contests :: Feb 18, 2014

Remembering A Muscleman's Muscleman: A Tribute To The Late Dan Lurie
Dan Lurie left behind an accomplished legacy as a fitness promoter capable of legendary physical feats. Join bodybuilding stars past and present as they remember 'Dan the Muscleman.'
Section: Mind :: Feb 18, 2014

Pro Bikini Challenger India Paulino Outlines Her Strategy To Win The 2013 Olympia
IFFB Bikini Pro India Paulino opens up her playbook for the 2013 Olympia. With the 2013 Arnold title already in hand, she is among the favorites to win!
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2013

2013 Olympia Preview: All Eyes On Phil
Jay is back, Kai is lurking, Dexter is racking up wins, but Phil is on top. Who will remain standing at the deepest Mr. Olympia in memory?
Section: Contests :: Sep 11, 2013

2013 Olympia Men’s Physique Athlete Steve Cook Prepares For Battle
Steve Cook got his start by winning contests through Now he hopes to become the IFBB's first Men's Physique champion.
Section: Contests :: Sep 10, 2013

Leading Figures From Bodybuilding And Fitness Remember Joe Weider
Together, we will carry forward the banners of health, fitness and bodybuilding. Joe is gone, but we can further his legacy. His life work lives within us all.
Section: Contests :: Mar 27, 2013

Leaving A Lasting Imprint: Joe Weider's Legacy In Bodybuilding
Until Joe Weider took the reins, bodybuilding was an obscure hardgainer of a sport. In the wake of his passing, we should all celebrate his profound influence on physical culture.
Section: Contests :: Mar 26, 2013

Athlete Interview: Ben Pakulski Aims To Live Up To His Promise
There's no doubt Ben Pakulski is big. But is he the next big thing? This rising star tells us how he has worked to create a total physique to match his world-class legs.
Section: Contests :: Feb 18, 2013

Athlete Interview: Jaime Baird Perfects Her Physique For The Arnold
Jaime Baird wants to add an Arnold Classic win to her stunning resume. Find out how this hard-working Editor-in-Chief finds the time to train and eat like a champion.
Section: Contests :: Feb 18, 2013

Athlete Interview: Ava Cowan Plans To Bring Her Best To The Arnold Classic
Ava Cowan is one of the most popular personalities in the fitness industry. She got that way through sheer will power. Learn how her continual effort towards self-improvement makes her a top-spot contender for this year’s Figure International.
Section: Contests :: Feb 14, 2013

Arnold Classic Competitor Interview: Marcus Haley Looks To Take The Leap
IFBB pro Marcus Haley is done being an also-ran. He’s dialed in his diet and posing and is aiming to join the top tier at this year's Arnold!
Section: Contests :: Feb 13, 2013

Athlete Interview: Erin Stern Prepares For The 2013 Arnold Classic
2012 Olympia Figure champ Erin Stern has placed second at the Arnold Classic for three consecutive years. She wants to break the pattern. Find out how she plans on doing it!
Section: Contests :: Feb 12, 2013

Athlete Interview: Nicole Nagrani Readies For The 2013 Arnold Classic
Want to know how an IFBB Pro Bikini athlete trains for one of the world's biggest shows? Nicole Nagrani describes how she trains and how she stays motivated to be her best.
Section: Contests :: Feb 12, 2013

Memories Of The Myth: Greats Pay Tribute To Sergio Oliva
Sergio Oliva was a true champion. Fitness icons pay tribute to the revolutionary, bodybuilding pioneer, friend, father, and legend.
Section: Contests :: Nov 27, 2012

To The Extreme: Building The Ultimate Bodybuilder
We might not be able to choose the best bodybuilder of all time, but we can take the best body parts from the world's greatest bodybuilders to create the perfect, stage-ready specimen.
Section: Mind :: Nov 05, 2012

Save Your Spine: Top 10 Tips For Avoiding The Misery
Injuries derail goals. Learn to avoid injuries that keep you out of the gym. Stay in the weight room and out of the hospital.
Section: Training :: Oct 22, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Ms. Olympia Preview
Iris Kyle can match legend Lenda Murray's eight titles if she wins the 2012 Ms. Olympia. She'll face stiff competition from veterans and newcomers looking for a legacy of their own!
Section: Contests :: Sep 24, 2012

Olympia Weekend 2012: Branch Warren Interview
Branch Warren has seen it all in a 20-year bodybuilding career, but he hasn't won it all. He's balanced, chiseled, and gunning for the Sandow.
Section: Contests :: Sep 24, 2012

Interview With Richard Tricky Jackson: Preparing For The 2012 Olympia
Find out what Richard 'Tricky' Jackson has to say about aging, balancing family, and the privilege of competing at the Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Sep 21, 2012

Interview With Al Auguste: Preparing For The 2012 Olympia
He might be at the dawn of his career, but Al Auguste can make waves at this year's Olympia. Find out how this former Amateur of the Week is preparing!
Section: Contests :: Sep 19, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Nicole Nagrani - Exclusive Interview With The Defending Champ
Defending Bikini Olympia champion Nicole Nagrani has never finished lower than third as a bikini pro. This 20-year-old MET-Rx athlete has the discipline of a seasoned veteran.
Section: Contests :: Sep 17, 2012

Interview With Ronny Rockel: Preparing For The Olympia
Ronny Rockel is no stranger to the Olympia stage. Find out how this veteran has continued to get bigger and better throughout his ten years of pro competition.
Section: Contests :: Sep 14, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Don't Bet Against Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Experience pays dividends in clutch situations. Nobody is more prepared for pressure than Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia. She wants to prove that her recent wins are no fluke!
Section: Contests :: Sep 14, 2012

Interview With David Henry: Preparing For The Olympia
Despite being out of the competition last year, David Henry isn't lagging behind. He's not only ready for the Olympia, he’s ready to win the first ever 212 Showdown.
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Diana Dahlgren Interview
Diana Dahlgren became a star almost as soon as she turned pro. A 2012 Olympia bikini title would be her greatest athletic triumph to date.
Section: Contests :: Sep 11, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Sonia Gonzales Interview
The 2010 Olympia bikini winner is on fire in 2012. Count on Sonia Gonzales to make a strong showing.
Section: Contests :: Sep 07, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Jaime Baird Interview
Jaime Baird has been a top competitor since the first time she stepped onstage. Is it finally her time to win the big one?
Section: Contests :: Sep 06, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Can Heath Repeat? Mr. Olympia Preview!
This year’s Mr. Olympia and 212 Showdown will feature the best athletes in their most ripped states. Who will have the perfect combination of mass and conditioning? Find out here!
Section: Contests :: Sep 06, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: How Do Athletes Qualify?
This year marks the debut of a new Olympia qualification system. Get all the facts, rules and opinions from pros right here!
Section: Contests :: Sep 06, 2012

Death Was His Only Release: A Tribute To Mr. America, Steve Michalik (1948–2012)
Mr. America 1972 Steve Michalik revolutionized the symmetrical look coveted by today’s bodybuilders. He helped lay the foundation of the sport.
Section: Mind :: Jun 05, 2012

A Legacy Writ Large: A Tribute To Fitness Publishing Icon Robert Kennedy (1938–2012)
Kennedy was a vibrant, intelligent, creative man whose bodybuilding and fitness publications kick-started the careers of physique champions the world over.
Section: Mind :: Apr 19, 2012

Golden Age Legends, Part 3: Joe Gold, The Social Scene, And Gold's Gym
Bodybuilders in the Golden Age built the framework for the industry to come. The legends rap about Joe Gold, '70s fashion, social life and the gym that brought them together.
Section: Training :: Mar 05, 2012

Golden Age Legends, Part 2: Legends Talk Fame, Identity, And Pumping Iron
Greats of the Golden Age respond to questions about Pumping Iron, the mythos around Gold's Gym, and the struggles to stay afloat in the rush to fame.
Section: Training :: Mar 01, 2012

Golden Age Legends, Part 1: Q&A With Golden Age Greats
The Golden Age of bodybuilding made Arnold Schwarzenegger a global icon. This Q&A with some of the age's greatest bodybuilders takes you on a trip through time.
Section: Training :: Feb 29, 2012

Battling For Supremacy: Dennis Wolf Predicts Arnold Classic Success
Dennis Wolf consistently nips at the heels of the biggest events in bodybuilding, but this year he is bigger, more mature and surely ready to surpass his competitors in 2012.
Section: Contests :: Feb 23, 2012

Alina Popa Prepares For The 2012 Arnold Classic
Find out how IFBB female pro bodybuilder Alina Popa is preparing to unleash her formidable physique at the 2012 Arnold Ms. International.
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2012

2012 Ms. International Competitor Debi Laszewski Embraces Her Underdog Role
IFBB female pro bodybuilder Debi Laszewski knows her competition is stiff, but she's prepared with a physique that will stun the audience at this year's Arnold Ms. International.
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2012

Interview With Gustavo Badell: Preparing For The 2012 Arnold
After a 2-year hiatus, Gustavo Badell is ready to tear it up at the 2012 Arnold Classic. Find out how he’s preparing!
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2012

Interview With Brandon Curry: Preparing For The 2012 Arnold
Getting ripped ain’t no thang for Brandon Curry. Find out how ‘The Prodigy’ is preparing for the 2012 Arnold Classic!
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2012

Kiyoshi 'The Samurai' Moody: Bodybuilding’s Natural Warrior
Confronted with pain, death and suicidal thoughts, "The Samurai" consolidated his pressures and converted them to bodybuilding energy.
Section: Training :: Feb 15, 2012

Robby Robinson: Nutrition, Supplements And Mind Over Matter
The Black Prince shares his thoughts on nutrition, supplements, motivation and the state of pro bodybuilding in this exclusive Q&A with the Golden Age legend!
Section: Contests :: Feb 15, 2012

Prince Of Arms: Robby Robinson Exclusive Arms Workout
Now 65, Robby Robinson remains one of the Golden Age's most ripped, enigmatic champions. He talks training and shares a badass arm workout in this exclusive interview.
Section: Training :: Feb 08, 2012

Muscle In Mumbai: Q&A With The Man Behind India’s First Pro Bodybuilding Contest!
Muscle in Mumbai: Q&A With The Man Behind India’s First Pro Bodybuilding Contest!
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2011

Adela Garcia Strives For Six-Pack Of Fitness Olympia Titles
Bodybuilding royalty seldom seem to simply snag an Olympia crown here and there. The greatest champions go on runs for four, five, eight years.
Section: Contests :: Sep 12, 2011

Michael Kefalianos Seeks To Bring Olympia To Greece
Olympia was a city in ancient Greece, which hosted the Olympics from 776 B.C.-393 A.D. Greek Michael Kefalianos quests for Mr. Olympia 2011, to honor the bodybuilding gods.
Section: Contests :: Sep 12, 2011

The Rock Looks To Roll His 2011 Olympia Competition
Ronny Rockel is on a methodical rise through the IFBB rankings. He placed sixth last year at the Olympia, but in 2011 he has his eyes (and massive quads) fixed on the Top-3.
Section: Contests :: Sep 07, 2011

Romero Reaches For Figure Pinnacle At Olympia
Felicia Romero needed something more after finishing fifth at the 2010 Figure Olympia. She went back to the gym/lab and rebuilt her legs to balance her superior upper body.
Section: Contests :: Sep 07, 2011

Cadeau Slashes The Stress, Preps For 2011 Olympia
Dayana Cadeau, Ms. Olympia 2004, is the oldest participant in the 2011 Ms. Olympia. She's switching to the Physique class next year, but taking her last shot at Ms. Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Sep 06, 2011

Myriam Capes Hunts For Olympia Victory
Entering her fifth Olympia, Myriam Capes eagerly lays in wait. She brings fresh choreography and a fine-tuned physique to the 2011 showdown in Las Vegas.
Section: Contests :: Sep 06, 2011

Tanji Johnson Has One Vacancy On Her Resume: Ms.Fitness Olympia
Tanji Johnson is primed to unseat 5-time Fitness Olympia champion Adela Garcia, but ripping a champion off the throne is never easy.
Section: Contests :: Sep 06, 2011

Kai Greene Battles For Redemption At The 2011 Mr. Olympia
Kai Greene has won every career-verifying competition in bodybuilding, except for the greatest of them all, the Olympia. Is this his year?
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2011

Jason Arntz Shoulders Hopes Toward 202-pound Olympia Crown
When the IFBB created a 202-pound class for the 2008 Olympia, it spurred a personal renaiisance in Jason Arntz. With three top-10 finishes in three years, Arntz is primed for victory.
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2011

2011 Ms. Olympia Title Within Yaxeni's Grasp
In this in-depth interview, Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia is on the rise again and plans to add another notch to her Olympia belt!
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2011

Nicole Wilkins Aims To Reclaim Figure Olympia Title
No athlete has simultaneously held the both the IFBB Figure International and IFBB Figure Olympia titles. If Nicole Wilkins wins her second Olympia September 16, she will be the first.
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2011

Sonia Gonzales Tightens Up To Defend 2011 Bikini Olympia Title
There can only be one champion. Since Ms. Bikini Olympia was added only a year ago, Sonia Gonzales literally is the only champion. Can she repeat as champion in 2011?
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2011

Oksana Grishina Looks To Leap Atop Fitness World
Fitness Olympia can humble the greatest athletes in the world. Oksana Grishina cracked the Top-Six in 2010. Can she make the leap to champion?
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2011

Bring It On! The Bodybuilding World Is In A New York State Of Muscle This Weekend!
The 2011 IFBB New York Pro: The Official Preview
Section: Contests :: May 25, 2011

Back On Top: Flex Lewis Lives Up To His Name
What cutting-edge nutritional techniques has Flex Lewis been using to carve his canyon-like cuts? What miraculous training methods has he employed to develop his muscular thickness? Read on to find out.
Section: Contests :: May 25, 2011

2011 British Pro Grand Prix Championships: The Preview
Twenty-six top pros, including many new faces eager to earn their place in the pro game’s pantheon of champions, will make the stage creak and groan under their collective weight. Will it hold? And who will win?
Section: Contests :: Mar 18, 2011

2011 Australian Pro Grand Prix: Wolf Wins Big.
A new-and-improved Dennis Wolf storms ahead of the pack to take top honors.
Section: Contests :: Mar 14, 2011

Professional Bodybuilding’s Best Aim For The Top Down Under: 2011 Australian Pro Grand Prix Preview.
It will take more than a full competition schedule to negate a successful outcome for the Aussie Pro, a contest that, over its 11 year history, has gone from strength to strength and which annually attracts top competitors from far and wide.
Section: Contests :: Mar 11, 2011

The 2011 Australian Pro Grand Prix: The Preview.
Our scribe answers questions about those bodybuilders looking to rise up Down Under.
Section: Contests :: Mar 10, 2011

Branch Buries The Opposition.
The 2011 lived up to its hype and then some in Columbus.
Section: Contests :: Mar 08, 2011

Ronny Rockel: Looking To Do Major Damage At The 2011 Arnold Classic.
He's one to watch as the day of bodybuilding destiny draws nearer.
Section: Contests :: Mar 03, 2011

Will Victor Martinez Fulfill His Potential At The Arnold Classic?
The best-ever Victor Martinez is what is being promised for the 2011 Arnold Classic. One week out from the contest Martinez is expecting no less than a convincing victory.
Section: Contests :: Mar 01, 2011

Ready To Rumble In Columbus!
One writer’s preview of the super-stacked field competing at the 2011 Arnold Classic.
Section: Contests :: Mar 01, 2011

A Shake Up Hits L.A. As Centopani Takes The 2011 Flex Pro Contest!
Going into the 2011 Flex Pro contest, Dexter Jackson was the odds-on favorite to win. Only someone forgot to tell that to Evan Centopani, who shouldered past The Blade with room to spare.
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2011

Young Gun Aims For Flex Pro Success.
To earn the privilege to compete among professional bodybuilding's best requires achieving a standard of excellence few will ever experience, even despite training and dieting in line with what is expected of an elite level bodybuilder.
Section: Contests :: Feb 18, 2011

Hitting The Big Time: Rising Champ Wendell Floyd Challenges The IFBB Elite.
A passionate elite bodybuilder since 1997, Wendell Floyd has, in recent years, made some of his best progress, gains he hopes will boost him higher in the pro rankings when the dust settles at the first ever Flex Pro Bodybuilding Championships.
Section: Contests :: Feb 18, 2011

Ben White: Zeroing In On The 2011 Flex Pro.
Never one to back down from onstage battle, the ever-improving and phenomenally strong Ben White has proven with each show he has entered since he turned pro in 2007 that he can hang with the best the the IFBB has to offer.
Section: Contests :: Feb 17, 2011

That Shaking Sound? The Flex Pro Bodybuilding Championships Is Coming!
The kick-off contest of a heavily packed 2011 IFBB schedule shapes up as one of the biggest shows of the year, with many major stars each vying for top honors!
Section: Contests :: Feb 16, 2011

Become A Fat-Burning Pyro With Giant Sets!
You wouldn't know it by the name, but a technique called giant sets is tailor-made for slimming down. Learn how to incorporate them into your regimen today!
Section: Training :: Feb 15, 2011

5 Forgotten Fat Loss Tips!
By doing what has achieved success for millions worldwide you, too, can reap the rewards of a fat free physique... These 5 tips will help you see real fat loss success!
Section: Training :: Jan 20, 2011

12 Fat Loss Transformation Foundations For Your Future Physique.
Achieving fast and effective fat loss requires the combined effects of several different methods... Follow these 12 key factors for sustainable and continued fat loss success.
Section: Training :: Jan 17, 2011

The New Year Diet Journal For Fast Results!
With 2011 upon us it's time to re-focus on achieving our health and fitness goals and one of the most important ways to do this is through using a diet journal. Use this template for fast results!
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 30, 2010

Anti-Fat Supplement Stack: Avoid Packing On The Pounds This Christmas!
Christmas is a time to celebrate the year that has passed and plan for the one ahead. Often we will indulge with those foods that are usually off limits. Find out how you can keep your physique over the holiday season.
Section: Supplements :: Dec 22, 2010

Tips And Tricks For Sensible Off Season Size-Building!
Bodybuilders will go to all lengths to build massive muscles. One off-season practice that bodybuilders have been using since the first of them picked up a barbell is bulking up. This practice may need to fall by the wayside.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 06, 2010

2010 Mr. Olympia Men’s Open Class Top 10 Review!
The competition was stronger than ever at this past weekend's Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once again Jay Cutler reigned supreme. See how your favorites faired!
Section: Contests :: Sep 27, 2010

Head To Head: Bodybuilding’s Strongest Athletes, Ben White And Stan Efferding, Discuss Their 2010 Mr. Olympia Face Off!
Ben White is ready to come back from his second place finish last year and take on Stan Efferding in the 2010 Olympia's Strongest Bodybuilder Competition. Read what these two competitors have to say about the contest and facing off against each other!
Section: Contests :: Sep 21, 2010

Gunning For 2010 Mr. Olympia Success: An Interview With The New And Improved Marcus Haley!
After coming off of a 2nd place victory at the 2010 Europa Show Of Champions, Marcus Haley is ready to tear up the stage at the 2010 Olympia! Check out how Marcus overcame injury and got into the best shape of his career!
Section: Contests :: Sep 15, 2010

An Interview With The Greatest Professional Bodybuilder Of All Time: 8 Time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie ‘The Greatest’ Coleman!
With the 2010 Mr. Olympia Competition on the horizon let's take a trip back and revisit one of our favorite Olympia champions, 8 time winner Ronnie Coleman. Read on for thoughts from the champ!
Section: Contests :: Sep 14, 2010

Your Ultimate Training Guide To Mass And Strength Domination!
Do you want to improve your strength and get huge at the same time? Here's a training framework for the most productive workouts of your life.
Section: Training :: Sep 13, 2010

Who Is The Greatest Mr. Olympia Winner Of All Time? A Critical Review Of Past Mr. Olympia Champions!
Determining the greatest Mr. Olympia winner of all time is not an easy task. In the following feature I will assess each Mr. Olympia winner on their bodybuilding merits and the overall impact they have made on the worldwide bodybuilding subculture.
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2010

Olympia Interview: 2010 Mr. Olympia 202 Lb Class Favorite David Henry!
Being the best is what David Henry has become accustomed to. Henry is one champ that does not take a back step and almost always competes with razor sharp conditioning. Find out his plans to win the 2010 Olympia!
Section: Contests :: Sep 10, 2010

Mr. Olympia Open Class Preview: Can Jay Do It Again?
The 2010 Olympia Competition is upon us and it's time once again to make your top 10 predictions. Does your list match up with David Robson's? Read on and see!
Section: Contests :: Sep 09, 2010

Beating The Aging Process: How To Turn Back The Time To Regain Your Youth!
What if there were a way to slow down the aging process? Bodybuilding can't stop you from aging but it sure can help you look and feel younger. Read on to see how bodybuilding combats aging and how Tony Catanzaro stays fit!
Section: Mind :: Aug 30, 2010

Questions About Your Sex Life? Playboy Radio's Sex Scientist, Amy Grosso, Has The Answers!
Spicing up your time in the bedroom is what internationally recognized sex expert Amy Grosso has done for countless callers on Playboy Radio! Read this exclusive interview to get the answers you crave!
Section: Mind :: Aug 11, 2010

Action Star Dolph Lundgren Talks Acting, Fighting And Working Out In The Expendables!
Dolph Lundgren plays the role of Gunnar Jenson, an ex-combat veteran with a hair trigger temper and formidable martial arts prowess, in the upcoming film The Expendables. He spoke to about his role in the movie...find out more!
Section: Training :: Aug 03, 2010

Screen To Stage: Coronation Street Star, Scott Wright, And Trainer, Kerry Kayes, Explain The UK Actor's Formidable Physique!
Scott Wright and Kerry Kayes make the perfect team - trainer and trainee! Learn how Kerry and Scott worked to sculpt Scott's killer physique! Read more below!
Section: Training :: Jul 20, 2010

2010 Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa Pro Men's Open And 202 Pound Class Reviews!
Many competitors that were thought to be pre-determined winners failed to step up. This made for surprising results at this year's Tampa Pro. Find out more!
Section: Contests :: Jul 19, 2010

Can The Hungarian Sensation Win The Tampa Pro 202 Class? Interview With Bodybuilding’s Newest King Of Symmetry: Steve Namat!
Bodybuilding sensation Steve Namat is the dark horse for the 220-pound title at the upcoming2010 IFFB PBW Tampa Pro show. He is gunning for the top at this contest. Find out more about his contest prep in this exclusive interview!
Section: Contests :: Jul 16, 2010

Pumped And Primed For The 2010 PBW Tampa Pro: An Interview With The King Of Posing And Presentation, Tricky Jackson!
Tricky Jackson is known for outstanding posing abilities and fantastic overall presentation. At 42, the show's not over! He's poised to make a big impact at the 2010 Tampa Pro, and find out more in this exclusive interview!
Section: Contests :: Jul 16, 2010

Battle Of The Veterans: IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Show Open Class And 202-Pound Division Previews!
The 2010 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly (PBW) Championships - held in Tampa Florida July 16-17 - will once again showcase pro bodybuilding's top talent while featuring a steady stream of up and coming champions!
Section: Contests :: Jul 15, 2010

Down Under Champion Aims For The Top In Tampa: An Exclusive Interview With Rising Star, Costantinos Demetriou!
After a lucky meeting with Pro-Bodybuilder Dennis James, rising pro champ Con Demetriou is on target for showing major physical improvements at the 2010 PBW Tampa Pro Show. Check out an exclusive interview with him!
Section: Contests :: Jul 15, 2010

Campaign For Women's Bodybuilding: Interview With The True Champion Of Female Bodybuilding - Kellie Everts!
Women's bodybuilding has come a long way since it began decades ago. Find out more about the history of women's bodybuilding in an interview with the true champion herself, Kellie Everts!
Section: Contests :: Jul 13, 2010

The Ageless Francis Benfatto To Return In 2010: Exclusive Interview With Pro Bodybuilding’s Mr. Symmetry!
Making a comeback! Professional bodybuilding's Mr. Symmetry speaks out on how he will achieve his best shape at age 52, and how you can achieve bodybuilding success and longevity for the rest of your life!
Section: Contests :: Jul 06, 2010

Andreas Munzer - The Untold Story In An Interview With Nasser El Sonbaty!
Here's an alternative explanation concerning the demise of one of bodybuilding's greatest champions. An exclusive interview with Nasser El Sonbaty will help us untangle the mystery! Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Jun 28, 2010

Pro Creator Hany Rambod Explains His FST-7 Training System!
In the following interview Hany details the FST-7 method of training and provides examples of where and when it can be applied. See if it would work for you.
Section: Training :: Jun 15, 2010

Legendary Pro Michael Ashley Tells The Story Of His Career!
Michael Ashley tells the story of his time at the top of bodybuilding competitions! Find out his views on drug-free wins, posing, and being in a class all his own.
Section: Contests :: Jun 07, 2010

Building Muscle On Base: An Interview With Bodybuilding Trainer And Promoter Sergeant Mark Kring.
As a bodybuilding competitor himself, Sgt. Mark Kring, of the 206th MP CO. stationed in Basra, Southern Iraq, knows the difficulties such athletes face in preparing for competition.
Section: Contests :: Jun 07, 2010

Tony Catanzaro Shares Tips On Becoming A Better Personal Trainer!
Don't fall into the trap of one-size-fits-all personal training. Learn to be a better personal trainer and take Tony Catanzaro's advice on positive feedback and unique workouts for each body type.
Section: Training :: Jun 04, 2010

Fighting From The Streets To The Screen: An Interview With Martial Arts Star Rick Faraci, Part 2!
What do Rick Faraci and Jean Claude van Damme have in common? They've been in a feature film together! Learn more in Part 2 about the World Record holder of 'Breaking Stuff'.
Section: Contests :: May 20, 2010

Fighting From The Streets To The Screen: An Interview With Martial Arts Star Rick Faraci, Part 1!
What do Rick Faraci and Jean Claude van Damme have in common? They've been in a feature film together! Learn more about the World Record holder of 'Breaking Stuff' in this interview.
Section: Contests :: May 18, 2010

5 Super Foods For The High Intensity Man!
Are you bored with your limited food choices on your clean diet? Your health may be suffering too! Add these 5 super foods to your daily diet for better health and performance!
Section: Nutrition :: May 12, 2010

6 Supplements You Need For Explosive Growth This Summer.
You want it all: greater performance, greater fat loss, and explosive growth. Supplements are the answer! Read on to discover more.
Section: Supplements :: May 10, 2010

2010 IFBB Pro New York Men's Bodybuilding Championships Top 6 Preview!
The 2010 IFBB Pro Championship Event in New York gets bigger and the competition more intense every year! Get the inside scoop on who is up for a spot in the Men's Bodybuilding top 6 before the action happens on May 08th.
Section: Contests :: May 07, 2010

Gourmet Meals For The Bodybuilder. Grilled Chicken And Asparagus Rolls.
We have a recipe from two professional fitness chefs to help meet your daily nutritional needs without the same boring taste you are used to. Today we have Grilled Chicken Asparagus Rolls. Check it out!
Section: Nutrition :: Apr 07, 2010

Hany Rambod Discusses How He Coaches His Elite Level Clients!
What has led to his success as a trainer? Find out about Hany Rambod the man, and of the secrets to his success as a trainer of elite bodybuilding athletes.
Section: Contests :: Mar 25, 2010

Develop Your Mind For Success: Best Tips & Strategies!
A good framework for a healthy mindset is a must to ensure you remain sound of mind. Use the following tricks and strategies to empower your own success.
Section: Mind :: Mar 15, 2010

Making A Comeback: IFBB Pro Wong Hong Discusses His Contest-Prep For The 2010 Australian PGP!
Pro bodybuilder Wong Hong is one man who took his muscle building efforts beyond the extremes his sport often demands. Find out how he plans to come back better than ever at the 2010 Australian Pro Grand Prix!
Section: Contests :: Mar 10, 2010

David Robson's 2010 Australia Pro Grand Prix Preview!
At this weekend's Australian Pro the top contenders, Dexter, Kai and Melvin, will need to be significantly off to drop from the top three. However, pro bodybuilding wouldn't be pro bodybuilding without a surprise or two. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 10, 2010

How David Sandler Bridges The Gap For Incredible Performance!
David Sandler's expert interview - His extensive expertise has helped many achieve their goals for greater performance. Find out how he does it.
Section: Contests :: Mar 05, 2010

Coleman & Taylor Interview, Part 2: Near Death & Earning It On Stage!
Ronnie Coleman. Vince Taylor. Exclusive, Part 2: Two champions share what the Arnold Classic means and who they think will win in 2010. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 04, 2010

2010 Arnold Classic: Michael Ashley Interview By David Robson.
1990 Arnold Classic Champion Michael Ashley Discusses The 2010 Version Of Pro Bodybuilding's Biggest Spectacle.
Section: Contests :: Mar 03, 2010

Coleman & Taylor Interview: Near Death & Earning It On Stage!
Ronnie Coleman. Vince Taylor. In the following exclusive two champions share what the Arnold Classic means to them. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 03, 2010

Trish Warren Explains Challenge For 2010 Ms. International!
In the following interview Warren explains how she has made her recent physical improvements and what her plans for the future are. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 01, 2010

Ronny Rockel Saves Best For 2010 Arnold Classic! Can He Win?
I asked Ronny how he will fare after placing 10th last year. Are recent improvements and a great Olympia placing enough to lift him at the 2010 Arnold Classic?
Section: Contests :: Feb 24, 2010

2010 Arnold Classic Preview: David's Top 10 Predictions!
There are many questions as pro bodybuilding's top tier elite prepare for battle... Here are my top 10 picks for the 2010 Arnold Classic. See who they are.
Section: Contests :: Feb 11, 2010

Mike Liberatore Explains 2010 Phoenix Prep With Dave Palumbo!
Mike explains what he will bring to the 2010 Phoenix Pro to capture the judge's attention. Mike's nutritional advisor Dave Palumbo also joins… Find out more.
Section: Contests :: Feb 10, 2010

Family Man Andy Haman Prepares For The 2010 Phoenix Pro!
As a master's competitor Haman is as good as it gets... In the following interview Haman outlines how he will make his mark at the 2010 Phoenix Pro. Find out more.
Section: Contests :: Feb 08, 2010

Australian Con Demetriou Explains Road To 2010 Phoenix Pro!
Big guns from down under: leading Australia Pro Con Demetriou makes his assault on the 2010 Phoenix Pro. From burnout to pro find out what he did!
Section: Contests :: Feb 08, 2010

Team MD Athlete Branch Warren Details Mr. Olympia Ranking Climb, Business Success & His New DVD!
In the following interview Branch details how he was able to achieve his best ever physique in 2009... See what happened after the Olympia and 2010 plans.
Section: Contests :: Feb 08, 2010

Big Dan Hill Contemplates First Pro Show At 2010 Phoenix Pro!
Big Dan Hill contemplates his arrival among pro bodybuilding’s best. Find out more as he recounts his journey and explains plans for the 2010 Phoenix Pro.
Section: Contests :: Feb 05, 2010

Ariel Khadr Explains Road To Becoming World's Youngest Fitness Pro!
Ariel discusses how she reached the fitness world's ultimate target of professional athlete at age 16 and how she plans to continue winning. Find out more.
Section: Contests :: Jan 15, 2010

Tony Shares Tips To Success Through Determination In 2010!
Tony discusses determination and how it can take us beyond mediocre. Exclusive training plans included for success in 2010. Try them... it's never too late!
Section: Mind :: Dec 16, 2009

2010 Training & Nutrition Exclusive: Tony's Plan For Success!
Well the time has come! 'Another day, another pump', as I like to call it! Here's a sample professional training & nutrition plan for success in 2010. Try it now.
Section: Training :: Dec 15, 2009

11 Sure-Fire Methods To Enhance Your Training Success!
Workout success lagging? Here are 11 sure-fire training & nutrition tricks to use in the New Year so you can enjoy greater bodybuilding progress.
Section: Training :: Dec 14, 2009

Perpetuating The Bruce Lee Legacy: Shannon Lee Discusses Father's Impact (Part 2)!
Shannon Lee reveals her personal insights concerning the man so many have come to love and admire. Find out more about the legacy that is Bruce Lee!
Section: Contests :: Nov 10, 2009

Perpetuating The Bruce Lee Legacy: Shannon Lee Discusses Father's Impact (Part 1)!
Shannon Lee reveals her personal insights concerning the man so many have come to love and admire. Find out more about the legacy that is Bruce Lee!
Section: Contests :: Nov 06, 2009

You Can Learn A Lot From A Legend: Brown Bomber Speaks Out!
Leon's name is synonymous with bodybuilding excellence. I spoke with the living legend and he discussed at length his approach to the art and science of bodybuilding, and his time as one of the game's shining stars. Read on.
Section: Contests :: Oct 13, 2009

Anthony Catanzaro's Professional Bodybuilding Advice Main Page!
Gathered here in one location, you can find all of Anthony's helpful tips on training, modeling, nutrition, and more. David Robson has interviewed Anthony many times to bring you expert advice direct from the industry trenches. Learn More...
Section: Training :: Oct 06, 2009

Why Develop The V-Taper? Anthony Explains Bodybuilder's Biggest Weapon!
What usually separates a good bodybuilder from a great one is that sought after, but often elusive V-Taper... In the following interview he explains how you too can develop yours to perfection. Sample routines included.
Section: Training :: Sep 29, 2009

Giant Killer David Henry Shares Expectations For 2009 Olympia 202-Showdown!
Battling for Gold once more. Will The Giant Killer David Henry, retain his 202-pound Mr. Olympia title come September 26? Learn more as he explains.
Section: Contests :: Sep 24, 2009

David Robson's 2009 Mr. Olympia Top 10 Preview!
The winning spot is no longer a forgone conclusion and promises a thrilling show. Here are my predictions for the 2009 Mr. Olympia top ten. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Sep 23, 2009

IFBB Pro Kevin English Outlines Plans To Win 2009 Olympia 202-Pound Class!
Kevin wants to stake his claim as the best 202-pound Mr. Olympia. In the following interview he outlines his 2009 Olympia plans to win. Find out more.
Section: Contests :: Sep 22, 2009

How To Maximize Performance And Increase Muscle Size & Strength... Through Digestion!
By now we know that digestive enzymes are important for the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, but what are they exactly and how do they perform their vital functions? Learn more.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 17, 2009

Promoter Extraordinaire Robin Chang On Organizing The Mr. Olympia Weekend!
In the following interview, Mr. Chang discusses how the Olympia weekend is run, what fans and competitors can expect come September 24 and what he, as the man in charge, must do to ensure all goes as planned.
Section: Contests :: Sep 16, 2009

Improve Your Behind The Sensible Way With Dave Kirsch, Author Of The Butt Book!
David Kirsch provides some pointers on how to develop your own perfect butt. Are you a string bean, a pear, an apple or a banana? Read on to discover the answer to this most perplexing of questions, and more.
Section: Contests :: Sep 10, 2009

Dedication & Sacrifice Lead Senior Editor Sommer Robertson To Success!
Sommer defies odds - In the following interview she explains how she achieved her best ever shape and how working within the fitness industry has enabled her to help others... Discover what she has done.
Section: Contests :: Sep 04, 2009

Pro Wrestler Kurt Angle Discusses Fitness Secrets For Movies & Life At 40!
In the following interview Kurt discusses how he got into amazing shape for his latest roles, and what audiences can expect to see from him within the acting arena. Learn more.
Section: Sports :: Sep 01, 2009

44 Years Of Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia, Part 2: The 90's And Beyond!
Chart the rise of the Mr. Olympia contest - 90's and beyond. Discover that bodybuilding is, and has always been about class coupled with mass. What will the future hold for the contest? Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Aug 24, 2009

44 Years Of Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia & The World's Best Bodybuilders!
Chart the rise of the Mr. Olympia contest - Who were its ultimate champions and how has it progressed over the years? Read on to learn how from a single idea grew something that has become both a multi-million dollar enterprise...
Section: Contests :: Aug 18, 2009

News Flash: Craig Richardson Discusses His Plans To Dominate The Pro Bodybuilding 202-Pound Division
For those of you waiting to see how Craig will finish at the Europa, you will have to wait. At the last minute, Craig has decided to forgo the Europa and head to Atlantic City with the intention of not competing in the open class.
Section: Contests :: Aug 14, 2009

Muscle Mag Athlete Johnnie Jackson Explains '09 Tampa Loss, Wants Redemption At Europa!
The man with the enormous traps discusses where he went wrong in Tampa, how he aims to win big at the Europa, and why he will beat Ben White on the powerlifting stage at the Olympia. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Aug 13, 2009

Exclusive Interview: Chef Jay Littman Serves Up Amazing Body Transformation!
In the following exclusive interview, Chef Jay discusses his amazing transformation and shows that with strength of mind and a commitment to excellence there is nothing to stop anyone else from doing the same.
Section: Mind :: Aug 06, 2009

Growth Hormone: What Is It And What Does It Do - An Expert's View!
Since its inception, and first application as a bodybuilding super-substance GH has remained an anabolic that has attracted many conflicting opinions and has been shrouded in mystery. I sought some answers. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Aug 04, 2009

Rookie Pro Stan McQuay Discusses Debut And Success As A Celebrity Trainer!
I spoke to Stan recently and he gave me some insights into how he trains his many celebrity clients, men like 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, and how he builds his one-of-a-kind physique. Here's part one of this two part series.
Section: Contests :: Jun 16, 2009

An Interview With The Golden Eagle, Tom Platz: Part Two!
Following on from where he left off in the last installment, Tom, in this interview, discusses his thoughts on bodybuilding, his life philosophy and his training approach, including his now legendary squatting sessions back in Detroit.
Section: Contests :: May 27, 2009

An Interview With The Golden Eagle, Tom Platz: Part One!
I recently spoke to Tom and asked him to discuss his career, development, reputation, contest history and training mindset. Here's the latest about what he is doing and much more. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: May 26, 2009

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion JBL Tells How It Really Is!
In the following interview John Layfield cuts through the mysticism and tells how it really is for a pro wrestler. Forthright and candid he describes how he has lasted so long and describes just how real the punishment is.
Section: Contests :: May 14, 2009

Former All American Athlete Terence Haynes Shares His 225 Pound Weight Loss Story!
For former All American athlete Terence Haynes, food was a necessary part of his pre-competition preparation. It also became something that would almost cost him his life. Find out how he lost over 200 pounds in just one year!
Section: Mind :: May 05, 2009

Track & Field Pro Dee Dee Trotter Explains How She Stays On Track!
Transitioning from Olympic sprinting sensation to successful model is something that the athletic and beautiful Dee Dee Trotter has had no trouble accomplishing. In the following interview she explains how she does it and much more. Read on.
Section: Sports :: Apr 29, 2009

Hunting For The Big Titles - An Interview With The Shredded Branch Warren!
In the following interview I sought to discover what Branch is really like away from the confines of his hardcore gym, what he does to relax, and how he manages his daily life as a successful pro bodybuilder. Here's what he said:
Section: Contests :: Apr 23, 2009

Author & Bodybuilder Gordon LaVelle Explains Why HIT Might Be The Best Training Method!
As popularized by six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, HIT (High Intensity Training) has become a muscle-building system that is impossible to ignore... Here are his thoughts on this training system and sample HIT programs. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Apr 14, 2009

Still Going Strong: An Interview With Bodybuilding Legend, Ronnie Coleman!
In the following interview Ronnie Coleman discusses what bodybuilding has meant for him and how he has built an iron-forged legacy that will not be matched for many years to come, if ever. Read the rest right here.
Section: Contests :: Apr 13, 2009

An Interview With The Terminator: Bodybuilder Roland Kickinger Discusses His Biggest Role!
Will Roland Kickinger do The Terminator justice? What kind of training program befits a man worthy of one of the greatest action roles of all time? Read on as Roland Kickinger explains all in a exclusive.
Section: Contests :: Apr 13, 2009

Celebrity Trainer Shawnee Harkins Discusses Background & Getting Results!
In the following interview Shawnee discusses her background, her high profile TV roles, how she gets great results for her clients and how she herself stays in top shape. See how she does it!
Section: Contests :: Apr 04, 2009

Terri Irwin Discusses Life Of Fitness After Crocodile Hunter's Untimely Death!
An advocate of staying strong and healthy, Terri has included exercise in her daily schedule throughout her life. In the following interview Terri discusses her fitness goals and much, much more... Read on.
Section: Contests :: Apr 01, 2009

Hormonally Charged: Dr. John Gray Discusses How Chemicals Control Our Relationships!
How do we reach a compromise and find a solution to accept our changing society, yet not lose who and what we are in the process? In the following interview Dr. John Gray shares his amazing conclusions. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 19, 2009

David Robson's 2009 Australian Pro Grand Prix Preview!
With Kai Green, Toney Freeman, Moe El Moussawi, and Silvio Samuel battling it out for the top three spots, along with the inclusion of several lesser known professionals, the 2009 Australian PGP will offer something for everyone.
Section: Contests :: Mar 13, 2009

Sensible Training Tips To Develop Your Physique: No Guesswork, Only Great Results!
A major cornerstone for sporting success is an optimally performing physique, and this involves fat reduction and muscle development. The following tips provide a common sense approach to your fat loss and muscle-building goals. Learn more.
Section: Training :: Mar 10, 2009

David Robson's 2009 Arnold Classic Review!
As with all pro bodybuilding events, the 2009 Arnold Classic overall result was not unanimously welcomed. In the end the only opinions that matter are those of the judges and they awarded Kai his first Arnold Classic title. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 09, 2009

Addicted To Arnold: Barbara Outland Baker Discusses Her Six-Year Odyssey With The Oak.
When 19-year-old Barbara Outland was approached by a massive young Austrian, she could not in her wildest dreams have known the impact he would have on her. Get more as the one closest to Arnold at the time shares her accounts.
Section: Contests :: Feb 24, 2009

An Interview With Respected Trainer And Elite-masters Bodybuilder, Joe Tong (Part 2)!
In the following interview Joe provides his thoughts on bodybuilding 'chemicals', and outlines how to achieve competitive success, while staying healthy and adding life to our years. Learn more about it right here.
Section: Contests :: Feb 23, 2009

1966 Mr. America & Sports Performance Pioneer Bob Gajda Discusses Bodybuilding Experiences (Part 2)!
From conversations with Joe Weider to his role as fitness advisor to the Chicago Mob, Bob has seen and done much in bodybuilding. In the following interview, Bob shares training concepts, controversial insights, and more!
Section: Contests :: Feb 20, 2009

1966 Mr. America & Sports Performance Pioneer Bob Gajda Discusses Bodybuilding Experiences (Part 1)!
From conversations with Joe Weider to his role as fitness advisor to the Chicago Mob, Bob has seen and done much in bodybuilding. In the following interview, Bob shares training concepts, controversial insights, and more!
Section: Contests :: Feb 19, 2009

An Interview With Respected Trainer And Elite Masters Bodybuilder, Joe Tong (Part 1)!
In the following interview - part one of two - Joe discusses how he has progressed as a bodybuilder and his involvement with several of the top champions he has known. Learn more about it right here.
Section: Contests :: Feb 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Feature: The Secrets Of Romance As A Bodybuilder!
What is romance and why is it important for the ongoing cultivation of one's relationship as it relates to bodybuilding? For the answers to these questions and a host of others look no further. Read on for some great romancing tips right here.
Section: Mind :: Feb 13, 2009

David Robson's 2009 Iron Man Pro Review!
The 2009 Ironman Pro top ten line-up could be viewed as the best conditioned of all time with ultra-ripped and striated muscle being the order of the day in a contest that offered several surprises along with the usual assortment of top-line competitors.
Section: Contests :: Jan 26, 2009

An Interview With The Inspirational Don Long!
Competing in professional bodybuilding is extremely difficult at the best of times. It takes near super human strength and persistence to even enter the pro arena, which makes the efforts of Don Long all the more remarkable.
Section: Contests :: Jan 24, 2009

An Interview With 2009 Iron Man Pro Competitor: 'The Savage' Eddie Abbew!
Hoping to return to form to replicate, or better, his impressive 2007 third place finish at this show, 'the Savage' promises to, as always, bring an improved package to dominate the opposition. Learn more here!
Section: Contests :: Jan 20, 2009

IFBB Pro Marcus Haley Discusses Return And Upcoming Iron Man Competition!
In the following interview Marcus discusses his return to professional bodybuilding, the importance of staying positive, his Iron Man Pro predictions, and why he decided on a more natural, non-chemical approach to bodybuilding. Learn more!
Section: Contests :: Jan 16, 2009

Tony Catanzaro Discusses Valuable Advice For Physical Success All Year!
While getting into great physical shape can be achieved with sufficient determination to succeed and a sound knowledge base, staying that way is one of life's toughest feats. Learn how Tony Catanzaro maintains phenomenal conditioning all year round.
Section: Mind :: Dec 30, 2008

Dorian Yates Exclusive: In-Depth Interview Regarding Bodybuilding Nutrition.
Dorian Yates shares much of his nutrition knowledge and provides valuable advice for those who are either new to the game or are lost in a quagmire of conflicting viewpoints. Also learn how Mr. Olympia prepared for his contests!
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 05, 2008

Kevin Horton Discusses His Shocking '93 Dorian Yates Photo Shoot.
In winning his first Olympia title in 1992, Dorian Yates was already well ahead of the pack as far as size was concerned. However, nobody could have imagined the spectacular sight that greeted Kevin Horton when he met the massive Englishman in '93.
Section: Contests :: Dec 05, 2008

An Exclusive Interview: Dr. Robert Goldman & His Relationship With Ben Weider!
Writing about the achievements and extraordinarily influential life of former IFBB International President Ben Weider can be rather difficult. In the following interview, Dr. Robert Goldman tells of the profound influence Ben Weider had on him.
Section: Contests :: Dec 03, 2008

6-Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates Interview: Now-Famous 1993 Gym Shots, Injuries, & Current Affairs!
As the moniker 'The Shadow' suggests, six-time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates, could be regarded as the kind of competitor who would materialize from nowhere to surprise everyone with an ultra massive physique.
Section: Contests :: Dec 03, 2008

Dorian Yates Discusses Bodybuilding Training: Never-Before Published Insights!
As well as learning about what it take to be a champion, in the following interview you will get a unique glimpse, and never before published insights into the life and thoughts of Mr. Olympia, the gym warrior known as Dorian Yates.
Section: Contests :: Dec 02, 2008

Building Nations - A Tribute To Ben Weider: Bodybuilding Visionary And Pioneer!
With the passing of Ben Weider on October 17, 2008, the world lost a man who, through his passion for bodybuilding, did as much to advance and strengthen international relations, as he did to pioneer and promote the health and fitness industry.
Section: Contests :: Nov 24, 2008

The Immortal Arnold Schwarzenegger: Insights From Those Who Have Known Him Best!
In this exclusive, several champions and bodybuilder insiders of the 1970s and '80s speak out about their time with Arnold! Here are their accounts of the Oak! Read on.
Section: Contests :: Oct 20, 2008

Acupuncture: One Man's Experience & An Interview With Respected Practitioner Faith Mao!
New York's Faith Mao is one of the country's most respected acupuncturist's. It is her role to work with her clients to find the best possible solution. I recently spoke with Tony and Faith and what they had to say gave me greater insight...
Section: Training :: Sep 29, 2008

David Robson's 2008 Olympia Review: Dexter Puts The Beauty Back In Bodybuilding.
After last year's Mr. Olympia showdown which saw then one-time champion Jay Cutler win a close decision over Victor Martinez, feeling within bodybuilding circles was fairly unanimous. This year, however, Dexter Jackson wins his first Mr. O!
Section: Contests :: Sep 29, 2008

2008 Olympia Interview: IFBB Pro Debbie Bramwell Ready To Perform!
A great performer, Debbie is promising to turn it on for her fans come the 2008 Ms. Olympia, a contest for which she also vows to apply 100 percent... Learn more as she describes her prep for this huge contest!
Section: Contests :: Sep 23, 2008

2008 Olympia Interview: The Beautiful & Talented Gina Aliotti Is Ready!
Earning a runner-up spot at the 2007 Figure Olympia has placed Gina as a top contender for the 2008 'O' title... I spoke with Gina recently and she filled me in on her plans for the 2008 Figure Olympia. Learn more!
Section: Contests :: Sep 22, 2008

An Interview With Reigning Ms. Figure Olympia Champion, Jenny Lynn.
Winner of the '06 and '07 Ms. Figure Olympia, it will be her job in 2008 to defend her position as number one Figure competitor in the world. Jenny recently told me of her plans to again win the biggest figure title. Read on...
Section: Contests :: Sep 17, 2008

An Interview With The Jay Cutler Of Women's Bodybuilding, Dayana Cadeau!
She believes winning the Ms. Olympia will help her reach more women to pass on the virtues of striving for perfection... I spoke to an extremely motivated Dayana recently and she told me of her Olympia strategy. Here's what she said.
Section: Contests :: Sep 16, 2008

2008 Mr. Olympia Rookie Leo Ingram Discusses Prep As Dream Comes True!
I recently spoke to Leo and he filled me in on how he has prepared for one of his most important contests to date... Here?s a look at his background and training as his dream finally comes true!
Section: Contests :: Sep 11, 2008

IFBB Pro Lisa Aukland Answers Questions About 2008 Ms. Olympia!
Since turning pro at the 2001 North American Championships, Lisa has steadily inched her way towards the pinnacle of women's bodybuilding. Lisa recently updated me on her 2008 Olympia plans... Here's the latest!
Section: Contests :: Sep 11, 2008

Against All Odds: Jamie Whinery Shares Transformation Success Story!
After reading Jamie Whinery's story you will no longer have any excuse for not getting into your best possible shape. Read the following interview and prepare to be inspired.
Section: Mind :: Sep 11, 2008

2008 Olympia Interview: Defending Champ Jay Cutler Lays Out The Facts!
As he readies himself for the biggest fight of his life at the 2008 Mr. Olympia contest, defending champion Jay Cutler views the retaining of his title in realistic terms... Here are the facts as he prepares to defend his title!
Section: Contests :: Sep 09, 2008

2008 Mr. Olympia Preview - The Wolf, The Gift And The Blade Battle For Supremacy!
Come September 25, the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas will once again host the most impressive array of pro bodybuilding superstars, at the 2008 Mr. Olympia. Here are my top 15 picks for the biggest show in the world!
Section: Contests :: Sep 08, 2008

Celebrity Personal Trainer Mike Ryan Inspires Top Athletes & Actors!
With many stories to share and much advice to give, Mike is one trainer that inspires and enthuses with his approach to training. Here's more about him and his approach to getting the best health and fitness results possible.
Section: Contests :: Aug 11, 2008

James 'Flex' Lewis - An Interview With The Sensational Pro Bodybuilding Rookie!
One man aiming to do some damage at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships is the 'Welshman with the wheels', one of the most promising pro bodybuilding rookies of 2008, James 'Flex' Lewis.
Section: Contests :: Aug 07, 2008

Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer Michael George Discusses Role & Methods!
In the following interview Michael discusses the ins and outs of being one of the best personal trainers. If you are interested in breaking into the industry, or looking to improve your own training progress, this interview is a must read.
Section: Contests :: Aug 04, 2008

Frank Marchante Speaks Out About Controversial Sergio Oliva Book!
I decided to discuss this key bodybuilding document with co-author Frank Marchante, to get a broader insight... Sergio's past is revealed - interview explains difficulties in writing the book!
Section: Contests :: Jul 22, 2008

A Rare Interview With Legendary Bodybuilder Freddy Ortiz!
Renowned champion bodybuilder Freddy Ortiz takes time to give rare interview. He’s been notoriously hard to track down and has remained quiet until now. Finally he has chosen to speak in an interview over 40 years in the making.
Section: Contests :: Jun 25, 2008

Tony Catanzaro Discusses His Experience With Sleep & Bodybuilding Success!
My friend Tony Catanzaro regularly battles insomnia and was happy to share his experiences with me and offer his advice to those wanting to achieve a better night of sleep… Learn more.
Section: Mind :: Jun 19, 2008

Transformation Success Story: Errol 'Captain Ahab' Hannigan!
When faced with the prospect of wallowing in pity and self-doubt or transforming his life for the better, Errol Hannigan, 59, chose the latter... See how Captain Ahab beat overwhelming odds to become a front-page success story!
Section: Contests :: Jun 18, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Returns: Lou Ferrigno Speaks About His Role & Acting Life!
In the following interview, Lou speaks out about his acting career and provides a never before heard account of his life as the Hulk... Here’s more as Lou reveals the profound affects that this role has had in his life!
Section: Contests :: Jun 12, 2008

An Interview: Celebrity Trainer Duffy Gaver Gets Adam Sandler In Great Shape!
Duffy tells exactly how he transformed Adam Sandler from average to muscular and ripped and shares his views on training, nutrition and supplementation. See how amazingly simple ideas can produce incredible results!
Section: Training :: Jun 04, 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Secrets For Building Mind-Blowing Arms!
Arnold hit every body part with mind-numbing intensity and developed every muscle group to its maximum. Build mind-blowing arms from the following arm-training principles, exercises, and sample programs!
Section: Training :: Jun 03, 2008

Kerry Kayes Interview: Training Boxing Welterweight Ricky Hatton!
Kerry’s insights into Ricky's ability to perform at the highest level will bring you closer to the legendary welterweight… Here’s a detailed look as Kerry describes the training and diet of top boxer Ricky Hatton!
Section: Sports :: Jun 02, 2008

2008 New York Pro Men's Preview: A Fight For Top 6!
Despite 33 professionals slated to appear, the competition is indeed slim for Kai and Ronnie, both former pro show winners... See who will take top six and why I think it will go down that way! Read on.
Section: Contests :: May 09, 2008

Drugs In Bodybuilding: An Insider's View On The Affects Of Testing!
Man will always search for new and effective ways to improve. To get an insider's look at this most contentious of issues, I recently spoke with a man who works with many top-level amateur bodybuilders... Learn more right here!
Section: Supplements :: Apr 04, 2008

The Electrifying Dayana Cadeau: Dating IFBB Pro Kai Greene!
Having met in 2007, Dayana and Kai are now devoted to one another along with their respective goals: to win the Ms. And Mr. Olympia. Now for the first time you can get the whole truth as Dayana discusses her relationship with Kai. Learn more!
Section: Contests :: Apr 03, 2008

An Interview With The Lion Of Lebanon, 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout (Part 2)
Samir discusses his experiences with Arnold, Lou Ferrigno and Joe Weider, the state of bodybuilding today, drug use among pros, and much more. Sit back and enjoy this lengthy discussion with a living legend, the man they call the Lion of Lebanon.
Section: Contests :: Apr 01, 2008

A Rare Interview With New Zealand Pro Competitor Ronny Rockel.
Germany's Ronny Rockel is one man admired the world over for his perfect proportion, thick musculature and crisp conditioning. He is among the top 15 bodybuilders' in the world and always garners positive reviews from bodybuilding insiders and fans alike.
Section: Contests :: Mar 28, 2008

Lou Ferrigno Tells All - Find Out How He Overcame Adversity!
Lou is one of the rare few that have transferred their talents into other areas. How many men can be psyched out by Arnold and turn it around to become one of the more revered figures...? Learn about the life of living legend Lou Ferrigno.
Section: Contests :: Mar 25, 2008

An Interview With New Zealand Pro Competitor Michael Kingsnorth.
After a stellar effort at the recent Australian Pro Grand Prix, 2006 New Zealand National's champion Michael Kingsnorth is again ready to test his mettle against the world's best at the New Zealand Elite and Professional Bodybuilding Championships.
Section: Contests :: Mar 17, 2008

An Interview With 2007 IFBB Masters World Bodybuilding Champion & Ms. New Zealand Winner Jo Stewart
In the following interview Jo discusses her guest posing spot at the Elite/Pro and how this event will bring greater recognition to New Zealand bodybuilding athletes, her recent success at the Arnold classic and the state of bodybuilding in New Zealand.
Section: Contests :: Mar 17, 2008

David Robson's 2008 IFBB New Zealand Pro Review.
Check out my review of the 2008 IFBB New Zealand pro right here. Did Dexter deserve to win?
Section: Contests :: Mar 15, 2008

An Interview With New IFBB Professional, New Zealand's Salah Ibrahim.
Becoming one of the best bodybuilders in the world is one of the hardest tasks anyone could accomplish and New Zealand pro Salah Ibrahim is doing just that. Learn more about him as, despite the odds, he prepares for the New Zealand Pro!
Section: Contests :: Mar 14, 2008

An Interview With New Zealand's Top Professional Bodybuilder & Promoter Moe Moussawi.
With a full listing of top line professional bodybuilders' competing at the first ever New Zealand Elite and Professional Bodybuilding Championship's, held March 15, no one is more excited than event organizer and promoter, Moe Moussawi.
Section: Contests :: Mar 14, 2008

David Robson’s New Zealand Elite And Pro Bodybuilding Championships Preview
On March 15 2008, New Zealand bodybuilding will be revolutionized with the very first Elite and Professional Bodybuilding Championships, held in Henderson, Auckland.
Section: Contests :: Mar 12, 2008

An Interview With IFBB Pro & 2008 Australian/New Zealand Pro Competitor Michael Kingsnorth
Michael Kingsnorth is 2006 New Zealand National's overall champion and a new IFBB professional. We at wish him great success, and a lot of luck, as he battles it out with the big boys at the Australian and New Zealand pro competitions.
Section: Contests :: Mar 12, 2008

2008 Arnold Classic Review
With all the hype and speculation surrounding the emergence of Phil Heath as the new pro to be beaten, his presumed (by many) dominance at the 2008 Arnold Classic was not to be. Read on to find my thought about the top 10 placings at the 2008 Arnold...
Section: Contests :: Mar 03, 2008

Moe El Moussawi Prepares For The 2008 Arnold Classic!
Moe has steadily risen to the top since making his professional debut at the 2006 Iron Man Pro... Coming out of nowhere this amazing bodybuilder has stunned everyone. Learn more about him right here!
Section: Contests :: Feb 28, 2008

2008 Arnold Classic Profile: Kai Greene; Bodybuilding's Posing Predator!
Polished posing and a sleek physique, complete with surgical-like cuts and a good supply of hard muscle, gave The Predator Kai Greene a decided advantage... Learn how he came from nowhere to frontrunner how he could do at the 2008 Arnold!
Section: Contests :: Feb 25, 2008

2008 Arnold Classic Profile: Branch Warren Shoots For Redemption.
Branch is of the breed that lets his body do the talking. Will Branch satisfy his need for perfection by showing up with a perfect package? This brief profile will shed some light.
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2008

2008 Arnold Preview - Dexter Jackson: Hungry Like A Wolf!
At the Arnold - In 2005, Dexter beat Chris Cormier and in 2006 he beat Branch Warren. Dexter has a proven track record... The details below might be some indication of how it will go down! Read on.
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2008

David Robson's 2008 Iron Man Review
If the pre-judging was anything to go by, the 2008 Iron Man Pro would present its share of surprises for several of bodybuilding's established pros', while heralding in some new, quality beef to the upper ranks of the season opener.
Section: Contests :: Feb 19, 2008

2008 Arnold Classic Preview: Who Will Come Prepared - My Top Six!
The 2008 Arnold Classic will showcase pro bodybuilding's top talent as part of the biggest sporting event in the world, the Arnold Classic Sport's Festival. Picking the top six was not easy. Nevertheless, here is my selection. Who will take it all?
Section: Contests :: Feb 19, 2008

An Interview With Inspiring 1992 NPC Junior USA Winner, Joe Carrero.
In the following interview, Joe Carrero tells us how he built his physique to become one of the best amateur bodybuilding champions in the world and discusses his philosophy on bodybuilding and life.
Section: Mind :: Feb 12, 2008

Nasser El Sonbaty Interview Series Main Page.
In the following interviews, bodybuilding star Nasser El Sonbaty speaks out about his career, drugs, judging, the future of the sport, polotics, and more. Check it out right here...
Section: Mind :: Feb 08, 2008

Nasser El Sonbaty: The Story Behind The Interviews!
Exclusive - With his series of tell-all interviews, the question that is on everybody's mind seems to be, why? Nasser explains all in this electrifying and fascinating story about why & how the four interviews were created. Find out more right here!
Section: Contests :: Feb 07, 2008

Contest-Prep Diet For Champion Bodybuilder Vinny Galanti!
Before starting any contest diet, I go through a period of transition. Avoid competition diet disasters with this 15 week meal plan. This plan helped me win one competition and place 5th at Nationals.
Section: Contests :: Feb 06, 2008

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Tips From The Top - (Section 6)
In compiling my research for this feature I also figured it could use the input of a larger number of respected professionals from within the bodybuilding and fitness industry offering their additional pearls of wisdom.
Section: Mind :: Feb 05, 2008

An Interview With Celebrity Personal Trainer Ashley Borden.
With almost 20 years experience as a trainer, Ashley has learned many lessons. As a celebrity trainer she has had experiences most of us can only dream about. In the following interview she shares her knowledge and experiences.
Section: Contests :: Feb 04, 2008

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Mind/Muscle Link - (Section 5)
Practicing the valuable methods for attuning your mind to success cannot be fully achieved if the mind is functioning sub-optimally. Areas such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and positive living environment will contribute to a healthy, receptive mind.
Section: Mind :: Feb 04, 2008

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Mind - (Section 4)
What is the key to achieving physical success? You must first have the right mental attitude, one willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve all the bodybuilding goals you set for yourself.
Section: Mind :: Feb 01, 2008

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Nutrition - (Section 2)
Without the right nutrition the most perfectly structured program would be a complete waste of time. All top athletes will concur that nutrition is over half the battle.
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 30, 2008

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Supplements - (Section 3)
In today's world gaining the edge means doing whatever is necessary to overcome any obstacle that threatens to derail our chances of success. For athletes, and bodybuilding/strength athletes in particular gaining the edge means using supplementation.
Section: Supplements :: Jan 30, 2008

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Introduction - (Section 1)
As anyone who has achieved the highest standing in their chosen area will probably attest, positive thinking and sharpened mental focus will always precede definitiveness of purpose and the actions that lead to desired outcomes.
Section: Training :: Jan 29, 2008

An Interview With The Myth: The One And Only Sergio Oliva!
In the following rare and exclusive interview, Sergio discusses his life in bodybuilding and relays never before published aspects of his various careers - from oppression to freedom to bodybuilding domination. Enjoy the ride.
Section: Contests :: Jan 29, 2008

The Reg Park Memorial Service Report.
Reg will live on in the hearts and minds of those he influenced... What follows are key speeches from Reg’s wife, Mareon, son Jon Jon, daughter Jeunesse, and the great Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Section: Contests :: Jan 09, 2008

Nutri Blendz Smoothie Bars: Fueling The Health Club Industry.
I recently spoke with the man behind this latest craze, Ron Baird, and he filled me in on all the details. Learn more about these Smoothie Bars and how they are a positive for the gym owner and gym member!
Section: Contests :: Jan 06, 2008

An Interview With Nasser El Sonbaty: Bodybuilding's Persona Non Grata - (Part IV)
You never really know what Nasser will come out with, but it is safe to say it will radically depart from what the public have come to expect from most bodybuilding interview subjects: he tells everything, political correctness be dammed.
Section: Contests :: Jan 06, 2008

An Interview With Bodybuilding Great, WBBG Pro Mr. America Anibal Lopez.
The life lessons Anibal has learned are well worth considering. In the following interview he outlines his experiences, how bodybuilding was back then, how he believes it is today and why. See how he continues to excel both physically & mentally.
Section: Contests :: Dec 21, 2007

Mind Power: Develop It To Achieve True Greatness.
Greatness can be achieved at any time, by anyone... Not convinced? Discover how to develop the mind power needed to transform your life for the better – Expand your personal development and goals with these comprehensive factors, plans, and more.
Section: Mind :: Dec 05, 2007

An Interview With Nasser El Sonbaty: Bodybuilding's Persona Non Grata. Part III.
How difficult is it to be a pro bodybuilder and survive financially? Read on to find out as Nasser gives his astute, and controversial insights into the colorful game of professional bodybuilding.
Section: Contests :: Nov 29, 2007

An Interview With Photographer And Writer Bill Dobbins.
I contacted Bill recently to learn more about his current situation, his role as a pioneer for women's bodybuilding, and his many careers. Read on as he talks about his participation in music, writing, photography, and much more!
Section: Contests :: Nov 27, 2007

An Interview With Wrestling Legend Kurt Angle.
In this exclusive interview, Kurt Angle discusses career aspirations and the truth behind his departure from the WWE, the training program that has transformed his physique and why he feels he is the greatest pro wrestler of all time. Read on!
Section: Sports :: Nov 20, 2007

An Interview With Nasser El Sonbaty: Bodybuilding's Persona Non Grata. Part II.
In the following interview, Nasser continues where he left off in part one to provide insight into the often dark, but curiously alluring world of the professional bodybuilder. Read on for a reality check in bodybuilding.
Section: Contests :: Oct 29, 2007

An Interview With Mr. USA John DeFendis.
John will be inducted into the WBBG Hall of Fame for his contributions to the fitness industries. I spoke with John on the eve of his induction and we discussed his life as one of the world's best bodybuilder's and top personal trainers.
Section: Contests :: Oct 26, 2007

A Tribute To The Great Reg Park: Bodybuilding Pioneer And Enduring Champion.
Many believe Reg Park deserves legendary status for his contributions to bodybuilding. In this article, fans and competitors alike share their thoughts on, and pay tribute to Reg and describe how he has influenced them as bodybuilders.
Section: Contests :: Oct 25, 2007

An Interview With USA 82nd Airborne Division Soldier Walter Crawford.
In this interview I had a chance to speak with U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division Soldier Walter Crawford, who faces the prospect of death daily. Learn more about this pilot and how he manages to stay in shape in a hostile environment.
Section: Contests :: Oct 23, 2007

An Interview With Nasser El Sonbaty: Bodybuilding's Persona Non Grata. Part I.
Though conspicuously absent from the stage, he is not short on commentary, and in the following interview, the first of two parts, he tells all about his bodybuilding career, bodybuilding drugs, judging, the future of the sport and much more.
Section: Contests :: Oct 16, 2007

Wheelchair Bodybuilder Of The Month Josh Dillaberry - September.
Never a quitter, Josh was sick and tired of being tired and weak, and decided to fast track his strength in the best way possible: with a structured bodybuilding program and a sound diet. Learn more about his life in the informative interview!
Section: Contests :: Oct 10, 2007

Attack Your Back With These Tips From Tony Catanzaro!
Given the back is such a large body part, with a large collection of specific muscles that all have different functions, training it can be a complex task that requires many exercises... Get great tips right here to take your back to a new level!
Section: Training :: Oct 03, 2007

Overcome That Plateau Today! A Revolutionary Way To Make New Gains Fast.
Beginners usually make spectacular gains… Those who have been lifting beyond one year though must begin looking at the big picture. This article will give you a detailed, systematic approach to training needed to end your plateau.
Section: Training :: Oct 02, 2007

David Robson's 2007 Mr. Olympia Review.
While the 2007 Mr. Olympia was, once again, a spectacular production highlighting pro bodybuilding's best bodybuilding, insiders and fans alike variously described the final outcome as acceptable, unfair and a complete robbery.
Section: Contests :: Oct 01, 2007

Mr. Olympia: To Win Bodybuilding's Biggest Title - The Champions Speak.
First awarded in 1965, the Mr. Olympia is the pinnacle of physical accomplishment and pro bodybuilders know that no other title offers a truer test... Learn about the past winners, what set them apart, and what their thoughts were about the big show!
Section: Contests :: Sep 25, 2007

The 2007 WBBG International Fitness And Sports Hall Of Fame Awards Review.
Dan was a regular fixture on the bodybuilding scene and one of the main players in the burgeoning bodybuilding and fitness industry... Learn more about how the award's show went and what fans were treated to during the event!
Section: Contests :: Sep 12, 2007

An Interview With Ripped Martial Arts Expert & Movie Actor Julien Greaux.
In the following exclusive interview, Julien gives the lowdown on his new role and how he built one of the movie industries best physiques. Learn more as he talks about getting into the movie business, training, and more!
Section: Contests :: Sep 10, 2007

Posing With The Master: Ed Corney On Posing And Life.
In the following interview Ed provides a detailed look at how he became the greatest poser ever and why he feels posing should not be neglected. In addition he talks about current events and much more! Read on.
Section: Contests :: Sep 05, 2007

An Interview With Mr. Proportion, IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto.
Francis discussed his training and nutrition practices, along with his career as an IFBB pro and his amazing comeback at age 48, with me recently. Enjoy the interview with one of bodybuilding's 'better balanced' men. Read on...
Section: Contests :: Aug 29, 2007

Bodybuilding's Greatest Champions: The 2007 WBBG International Fitness And Sports Hall Of Fame Award
Dan Lurie has arranged for his first Hall of Fame awards in 27-years! Read on to see who will be inducted into the who's who of bodybuilding and fitness. Names include Sergio Oliva, Charles Atlas, and more!
Section: Contests :: Aug 24, 2007

An Interview With Teenage Bodybuilding Phenomenon And NPC Competitor Dave Hawk Jr.
In this exclusive interview he provides the exact training, nutrition and supplement plans he used to add close to 15 pounds of solid muscle... Learn more about this great amateur as he makes bold moves in the bodybuilding world!
Section: Contests :: Aug 16, 2007

2007 Europa Super Show Review By David Robson!
The 2007 Europa Super Show was held on August 10th & 11th in Arlington, Texas. When Silvio announced his inclusion in the under 210 class it was over before it began for the rest of the field! Learn more here...
Section: Contests :: Aug 13, 2007

An Interview With 'The Biceps From The Bronx' Marvin Eder.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Marvin the teenager became interested in both bodybuilding and weightlifting in the late 1940s... The truth about this great champion can finally be heard - from the man himself. Learn more right here!
Section: Contests :: Aug 13, 2007

An Interview With Top 2007 Europa Contender Tricky Jackson.
Like many fans of the sport, the prospect of an under-210 pound pro bodybuilding class has always appealed to me. I sought some answers from Tricky on the eve of this pro bodybuilding first.
Section: Contests :: Aug 10, 2007

An Interview With Health Science Expert Dr. Robert Goldman.
Frank in his comments on the history of drugs in sport, Dr. Goldman gave some valuable insights into this most contentious of issues. Learn more here as he discusses the history, and future, of sports performance enhancement.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 06, 2007

An Interview With Ultimate Fighter Three Winner Kendall Grove.
To make it through to this point, though, he first had to overcome the more experienced Ed Short Fuse Herman in the Ultimate Fighter finale. Learn more about the aspirations and successes of Hawaiian native Kendall 'Da Spyder' Grove, right here!
Section: Sports :: Aug 02, 2007

An Interview With The Legendary Harold Poole.
Harold has the exotic combination of genetics perfectly suited for bodybuilding. I was honored to speak with this living legend, a gracious and polite man. So sit back and enjoy the very long-awaited Harold Poole interview.
Section: Contests :: Jul 27, 2007

An Interview With 2007 NPC USA Championships Competitor Peter Putnam.
If you have been living in a cave and don't know who Peter Putnam is yet, the following interview will fill you in on his background, aspirations and training philosophies. This aspiring amateur bodybuilder is going to rock the bodybuilding world!
Section: Contests :: Jul 19, 2007

Iron History - Television Strongman: Sealtest Dan, The Muscle Man.
I felt satisfied with what I had accomplished but had a firm eye on furthering bodybuilding's popularity through continued contest promotion... Relive some of Dan Lurie's past as the Strongman of TV.
Section: Contests :: Jul 09, 2007

An Interview With The Lion Of Lebanon, 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout.
In the following interview (the first of two parts) Samir Bannout discusses what is new in his life, recounts his bodybuilding experiences and provides valuable insights into training and nutrition.
Section: Contests :: Jul 03, 2007

Wheelchair Bodybuilder Of The Month Leon Bostik - June 2007.
Although technically a quadriplegic, Leon, who professes to be an 'undercover quadriplegic' has to overcome far more than your average gym-goer. Learn more about his accident and what he has done to turn his life around.
Section: Contests :: Jul 03, 2007

An Interview With Junior Nationals Welterweight Champion Victor Prisk.
Not long after his first bodybuilding workout he qualified for and entered the 2005 Junior Nationals, placing a respectable third. Last weekend he won the 2007 version. Now he moves on to Nationals. Learn more about this up and coming star...
Section: Contests :: Jun 28, 2007

A Chest Training Interview With Celebrity Anthony Catanzaro.
In the following article Anthony explains why chest training is important to him, where he draws his inspiration from, how he develops his own pecs and what he suggests for advanced and novice bodybuilders. Learn more...
Section: Training :: Jun 27, 2007

An Interview With Three-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane.
I spoke with Frank recently and he discussed his life as one of bodybuilding's greatest, what he has been doing in recent years and his thoughts on the current state of the iron game. Get it from the best right here! Read on.
Section: Contests :: Jun 22, 2007

An Interview With Colorado Pro Competitor George 'Bullet Proof' Farah!
His sixth place finish, ahead of several of bodybuilding's big names, at last weeks Colorado Pro signaled his arrival as a genuine threat... Learn more about this IFBB Pro who has seen his share of struggles.
Section: Contests :: Jun 14, 2007

An Interview With Nutrition/Training Guru & Bodybuilding Legend Clarence Bass.
Nutrition/Training expert & bodybuilder Clarence Bass has, for almost 30 years, made it his job to inform and educate... In the following interview he discusses his long career, how we can improve our health through bodybuilding and more.
Section: Contests :: Jun 07, 2007

David Robson's 2007 Colorado Pro Review.
While second-placed Darrem Charles was a favorite for the top six going into this show, and no one would have argued if he had, in fact, won, perhaps surprising to many was winner Kai Green. My review of the top six follows.
Section: Contests :: Jun 05, 2007

David Robson's 2007 Colorado Pro Preview.
With Phil out of this year's event the winners' door is open to any number of highly ranked guys. Branch Warren, Dennis James - first and second respectively. Here is my top ten for the 2007 Colorado Pro Men's Competition.
Section: Contests :: Jun 01, 2007

An Interview With 2007 Colorado Pro Competitor Tricky Jackson.
First time Colorado Pro competitor, Tricky Jackson, is no stranger to the bodybuilding stage and with around eight pounds of new muscle, 2007 is looking to be a good year for Tricky. Learn more about him here!
Section: Contests :: Jun 01, 2007

An Interview With Colorado Pro Competitor, Razor-abs Jimmy Canyon.
With a burning desire to become one of pro bodybuildings best, Jimmy will look to make this weekend's Colorado Pro a major stepping-stone. His pre-competition plan and bodybuilding background follow.
Section: Contests :: Jun 01, 2007

An Interview With Controversial MMA Great Tito Ortiz.
Tito Ortiz is the kind of MMA fighter fans either love or hate. In the following interview he discusses where he came from, where he is going and how he has become one of the most feared men in the MMA. Like his fights the interview is far from boring.
Section: Sports :: May 31, 2007

An Interview With Colorado Pro Competitor Brian Chamberlain.
After a great showing at th2 2007 New York Pro, nationally recognized Brian Chamberlain, is gunning for even greater honors at the upcoming Colorado Pro. Learn more about him right here in this great interview!
Section: Contests :: May 29, 2007

An Interview With Tony Catanzaro - Motivation & Bodybuilding Achievement.
In the following, Tony gives his personal insights into how we can all achieve the best possible physique. I guarantee after reading this you will have substantially improved your chances of success. Get to it!
Section: Mind :: May 22, 2007

David Robson's 2007 New York Pro Review!
Loud, vociferous and keenly aware of what is up as far as pro bodybuilding is concerned; the New York crowd was not disappointed on Saturday... Here is my review of the top 5 with a worthy mention of sixth place Kai Green!
Section: Contests :: May 16, 2007

MMA And Bodybuilding: Do They Mix? Exercises & Workouts Included!
The most common question asked by aspiring MMA fighters is whether they can train like a bodybuilder and still get results from their MMA programs. Get a detailed list of exercises and sample workouts for beginners. Learn more right here.
Section: Sports :: May 15, 2007

An Interview With Pro Bodybuilding Great Boyer Coe.
In the following interview Boyer discusses his life in bodybuilding and gives his insightful and accurate thoughts on many of its major events, from the controversial 1980 and 1981 Mr. Olympia's through to the ill-fated WBBF.
Section: Contests :: May 09, 2007

An Interview With 1982 Mr. Olympia, Chris Dickerson.
Chris made history by becoming the first African American man to win the A.A.U. Mr. America. I spoke with Chris recently and he gave me a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of bodybuildings greatest. Learn more here.
Section: Contests :: Apr 26, 2007

An Interview With Inspirational Bodybuilding Champion, Don Long.
In the following interview Don chartered for me his career in bodybuilding and explained all of the events surrounding the condition that almost ended his life. Learn more about this man in this inspiring interview!
Section: Contests :: Apr 25, 2007

An Interview With UFC Fighter Elvis Sinosic - The King Of Rock & Rumble!
Coming off a recent win, Elvis is ready to do what he does best: bring pain to those who face him. In the following interview Elvis shares his background as an MMA fighter, how he trains to beat the best and what he has planned for the future.
Section: Sports :: Apr 16, 2007

Wheelchair Bodybuilder Of The Month, Reggie Bennett - April.
Reggie is a professional wheelchair bodybuilder and executive director of his own fitness organization. Learn about what happened to him and what he has done to turn his life around as well as what he does to help others!
Section: Contests :: Apr 11, 2007

Core Training For MMA Excellence!
Core training is thought to be one of the most important training requirements of benefit to athletes and non-athletes. Benefits & sample training workouts of core training for MMA fighters any average person follow.
Section: Sports :: Apr 02, 2007

Build Big Arms For Summer, Pro Style!
Wong Hong provides for our readers arm training advice. Learn from him and your sleeves will soon be popping!
Section: Training :: Mar 29, 2007

Want Perfect Abs For Summer? Look No Further.
Great abdominal develop is important for several reasons. If you would like perfect abs this summer, read on.
Section: Training :: Mar 29, 2007

Wong Hong's Experience At The 2007 Australia Pro.
In the following interview Wong Hong talks about what he did over the final week to arrive in his best possible shape. So sit back and relive the pro bodybuilding experience through the eyes of one of its own.
Section: Contests :: Mar 22, 2007

An Interview With Bodybuilding Guru, Chris Aceto.
In the following interview Chris discusses his role as consultant and coach to the champions and, in typical fashion, provides some great advice for beginners and advanced trainers alike. Read on to learn more!
Section: Contests :: Mar 20, 2007

David Robson’s 2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix Review
The 2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix was held on March 10th in Melbourne, Australia. This year’s contest did not match previous events for sheer star power, but it did highlight some great new talent. Dexter Jackson wins his first pro show of the year...
Section: Contests :: Mar 12, 2007

BEEF, You Are What You Eat: The Movie With Bodybuilders On The Menu.
In the following interviews, producer and director Pete Jacelone gives a complete overview of this flim and what inspired him. Actors Anthony Catanzaro and Marv Blauvelt also discuss their roles...
Section: Contests :: Mar 12, 2007

2007 Australian Grand Prix Preview!
With top names such as Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman, Vince Taylor, and many others the 2007 Australia Grand Prix promises to be very exciting this time around. My top five predictions follow.
Section: Contests :: Mar 08, 2007

David Robson's 2007 Arnold Classic Review.
Overall, the 2007 Arnold Classic will be remembered for three things: the crowning of a new champion in Victor Martinez, the solidification of Toney Freeman, and the emergence of Phil Heath... Here is a closer look at the top six!
Section: Contests :: Mar 07, 2007

Road To 2007 Australia Pro: Wong Hong's Journey.
Wong, who last competed at the Toronto Pro in 2004, provides exact training and diet to achieve his best ever conditioning. Wong shares his insight into all aspects of his 2007 Australian Pro Prep.
Section: Contests :: Mar 05, 2007

An Interview With 2007 Arnold Classic Competitor Mark Dugdale.
Having received much positive feedback after his great Iron Man showing, Mark feels he definitely has the ability to be competitive on any pro stage, especially the 2007 Arnold. Learn more...
Section: Contests :: Mar 02, 2007

David Robson's 2007 Arnold Classic Preview.
With many big names competing the judging will be a nightmare and not everyone will be happy with the outcome. This year's contest will be one of the more competitive yet.
Section: Contests :: Feb 28, 2007

Dare To Dream: An Interview With Marcus Haley.
A former foster kid who has had more than his share of problems, Marcus says he has finally found peace... In the following interview he tells me how he has changed his focus and physique and what he has planned for the Arnold & Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Feb 28, 2007

An Interview With 2007 Arnold Competitor, And Past Champion, Cathy LeFrancois-Priest.
Aiming for her second win in what is arguably the world's biggest and best bodybuilding show, is bodybuilder-turned figure competitor-turned bodybuilder, Cathy LeFrancois-Priest. Learn more about her prep!
Section: Contests :: Feb 28, 2007

Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goals With The Dynamic Training Approach.
Dan Gastelu developed a system of training that specifically accommodates the individual athlete. This is known as the Dynamic Training Approach. In this interview he describes, in detail, the science and importance of this training system.
Section: Training :: Feb 26, 2007

An Interview With Eddie 'The Punisher' Abbew - A 2007 Iron Man Review.
A 3rd place finish at the 2007 Iron Man - Not a bad start for a new season! In the following interview, Eddie discusses this turning point in his pro career and his plans for the rest of the year.
Section: Contests :: Feb 23, 2007

An Interview With Arnold Classic Competitor, And 2006 Most Improved Bodybuilder, Lisa Aukland.
With one pro win behind her -The Atlantic City Pro - Lisa could be in the line for a second, come March 2. In the following interview Lisa discusses her Arnold plans and how she has become one of the best... Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Feb 21, 2007

2007 Iron Man Pro Review - Top 5!
Overall it would have to be said that the 2007 Iron Man Pro was one of, if not the most competitive ever... Five got through and what worthy champions they were. Let's take a closer look at the top five.
Section: Contests :: Feb 19, 2007

An Interview With First Time Iron Man Competitor, Roc Shabazz.
In this great interview Roc Shabazz, the 2004 Nationals light-heavyweight winner, says he will do very well at the Iron Man... On February 17, he will be out to prove he is among the sports very best. Learn more.
Section: Contests :: Feb 14, 2007

An Interview With Bodybuilding Legend, Ed Corney.
Today at over 70 years old, Ed Corney still trains with a ferocity that many men half his age would admire. In the following rare interview, Ed tells of his bodybuilding history and shares the stories of a life committed to the iron.
Section: Contests :: Feb 12, 2007

An Interview With Bodybuilding Training And Nutrition Guru, Ali Amini.
With an impressive resume and knowledge base, we are sure to hear more about Ali in the future. In the following interview Ali tells about his background in bodybuilding and what he has learned along he way.
Section: Contests :: Feb 06, 2007

Dan Lurie Speaks About Six-Year Bond With Bodybuilding Great, Lou Ferrigno.
Dan has now chosen to speak out about his days with Lou and the circumstances that led to their parting. In the following interview, Dan provides insights into a Lou very few people know, a man as guarded as he is immense. Learn more...
Section: Contests :: Feb 01, 2007

2007 Iron Man Pro Preview - The Top Five.
This year’s Iron Man Pro is loaded and wide open with many new faces and no Lee Priest. Anyone is capable of coming in and qualifying for the Olympia. Who will it be? My top five and potential spoilers follow.
Section: Contests :: Jan 31, 2007

An Interview With 2007 Iron Man Pro Competitor, Mark Dugdale.
Although Mark will not be the most massive competitor onstage, he will certainly be one of the classiest with symmetry and proportions. Read on to learn a little more about his plans for this year.
Section: Contests :: Jan 29, 2007

An Interview With Sports Nutritionist, Chad Nicholls.
Chad (worked with Ronnie Coleman & Mike Tyson) delves into his thoughts on sports nutrition and knowledge on how to achieve bodybuilding success. He also discusses his thoughts on the state of the sport and where its future lies.
Section: Contests :: Jan 19, 2007

An Interview With Middleweight Boxing Champion, Cleveland Corder.
Professional middleweight boxer Cleveland Corder faces his hardest test yet as he prepares to fight Jesse Brinkley, from the Contender Series, for the third time. See how this preparation is going and what changes he has made.
Section: Sports :: Jan 11, 2007

Power To Perform - MMA Combinations That Pack The Most Punch.
Having a good supply of moves and combinations should the opportunity arise, is an area where one can gain the advantage. Get detailed descriptions right here on how to perform kick/punch combinations!
Section: Sports :: Jan 09, 2007

The Drug Debate: Two Top Bodybuilders Speak Out On Performance Enhancement.
The following interview presents arguments from both sides of the debate as two bodybuilders - one a competitive IFBB pro and one top natural champion - go head to head on the topic of drug use in bodybuilding.
Section: Supplements :: Jan 08, 2007

Supplement Plan For The New Year: What Are The Best Options?
Modern technology and the wonders of science have increasingly made our lives efficient and more productive than ever. Find beneficial supplement suggestions for maximizing results and achieving your New Year goals!
Section: Supplements :: Jan 02, 2007

Achieve Mind-Blowing Size - Factors To Consider When Designing The Perfect Program!
Want constant results? Get all the tips right here and achieve a world-class physique. Use these tried and tested methods along with all the critical factors needed to construct an effective program. Bonus program included!
Section: Training :: Dec 27, 2006

Begin Your New Year The Right Way: Nutrition Planning For The Beginning Bodybuilder.
Designing an effective diet for the beginner bodybuilder - Arm yourself with as much nutrition information as possible. I've put together a list of those nutrients and how they will compliment your diet and training right here.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 27, 2006

Contest Prep With Anthony Catanzaro: How To Get Big And Ripped Naturally!
Bodybuilding champion, Anthony Catanzaro, answers some great questions about his contest prep and recent transformation. Read on to discover why his new approach worked and some insight about the show.
Section: Contests :: Dec 18, 2006

Body Fat: A Necessary Evil? What Is It And What Is Its Purpose?
Not sure why you are fat. Get some great facts right here! In this article I will discuss body fats composition and why it is needed, how it distributes itself, why some possess excessive levels and what can be done about it.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 15, 2006

Kicking Fundamentals For MMA Excellence: Getting An Edge On The Opposition.
Unlike punches, kicks are the preferred weapon of choice in MMA when encountering an opponent. Get an edge with these techniques and five standard kicks that are important to all fighters arsenal!
Section: Sports :: Dec 12, 2006

MMA Fundamentals. A Beginner's Guide, Part One: Mental Factors.
A sport often referred to as the most dangerous of all forms of fighting competition, Mixed Martial Arts is also renowned for its multidimensional fighters... Learn about what it takes to succeed in one of the most demanding sports in existance.
Section: Sports :: Dec 07, 2006

An Interview With Physique Champion, Chad McCrary.
Chad trains with a level of ferocity only a seasoned competitor can appreciate, wakes early to do his fat-burning cardio, eats several nutritious meals daily... Read on as he shares his dreams to become a pro wheelchair bodybuilder.
Section: Contests :: Nov 30, 2006

Post Nationals Interview With Jerome Ferguson. Will He Be Back?
In a very inspirational story Jerome Ferguson talks to us about his recent loss at the NPC Nationals and how he is planning on returning next year to take another shot at a pro qualifier. Read on for details right here!
Section: Contests :: Nov 22, 2006

Power To Perform With David Robson - MMA Preparation.
In MMA competition the prospect of injury presents itself at a higher level. This increases the importance of controlling your mind if you are to have any chance of being successful. Breakthrough the fear right here!
Section: Sports :: Nov 20, 2006

Intense Squatting Workout For Extreme Leg Size.
Stop being the pansy that can't hold up their own with leg strength and size. Get big and be real right here with intense leg squats - try the workout I have included and see what you think!
Section: Training :: Nov 14, 2006

Good And Bad Fats: How Do We Balance Their Intake For Optimal Health!
Body fat usually results from an inadequate diet and is comprised of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Get facts about the good and bad fats, their effects on the body, and tips to keep body fat in check.
Section: Nutrition :: Nov 09, 2006

An Interview With Nationals Super-heavyweight, Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson.
Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson is putting it all on the line for the 2006 NPC Nationals and believes he is the one to beat! In the following interview he shares his 34 week quest to become the sports newest professional.
Section: Contests :: Nov 07, 2006

David Robson's 2006 NPC National Preview.
Who will win the overall? That is the question on all of our minds and made clear by this preview of who has the best shot at becoming a pro. Read on as the field is narrowed before they step on stage!
Section: Contests :: Nov 07, 2006

An Interview With 2006 Fitness Olympia Winner, Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
Winning is something Adela has become accustomed to in recent years and should maintain her hold on fitness competition into the 2007 season. In the following interview she shares her 2006 Olympia experience.
Section: Contests :: Oct 19, 2006

An Interview With 2006 Figure Olympia Champion, Jenny Lynn.
Jenny was at her all time best at the 2006 Olympia and proved she is the deserving winner of this prestigious title. Read on here as she gives her take on the show, and explains how she developed the best figure physique in the world.
Section: Contests :: Oct 13, 2006

Achieve MMA Success: From A Good Foundation Through The Final Weeks.
Here is some insight into developing a foundation while taking a detailed look at what happens during the final few weeks prior to a fight, with expert pointers on what the best pre-fight strategies are. Learn more...
Section: Sports :: Oct 13, 2006

Steroid Undercover: A Pro Bodybuilder Tells All About His Steroid Use, Part Two.
In this second exclusive interview my source (an actively competing IFBB Pro) gives his advice on the use of steroids and how his current cycle is progressing. Get the facts right here!
Section: Supplements :: Oct 13, 2006

An Interview With 2006 Figure Olympia Athlete, Andrea Dumon.
Look for Andrea to make an impact at the highest level in 2007. In the following interview she describes her foray into figure excellence and how she got there. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Oct 10, 2006

An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Runner-Up, Dayana Cadeau.
Get the latest Post-Olympia Interview right here. Read on and see what Ms. Olympia Runner-Up Dayana Cadeau thinks about the outcome of the contest and more... Do you think she should have won?
Section: Contests :: Oct 09, 2006

Post-Olympia Interview With Figure Competitor Jane Awad.
Jane stacked up well, but feels there was room for improvement, an assertion reinforced by her placing. She showed us at the 2006 Olympia that she is a great talent. Will 2007 be her year to prevail? Learn more in this great Interview!
Section: Contests :: Oct 05, 2006

2006 Ms. Olympia Review - The Top Five.
the biggest surprise of the evening came when defending champion Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, who showed a dramatic drop in form... Get my review and top five of the Ms. Olympia right here!
Section: Contests :: Oct 03, 2006

2006 Mr. Olympia Review & Top Ten!
Those who displayed the ideal combination of mass and aesthetics were justifiably rewarded for their efforts. Here is my top ten from the Mr. Olympia contest. Do you think the competitiors were fairly judged?
Section: Contests :: Oct 02, 2006

Details About No Pain No Gain, The Movie & An Interview With Samuel Turcotte!
No Pain No Gain, delves into many important issues associated with the iron game. In addition I had the great pleasure to interview the man himself, Samuel Turcotte. Learn more about the movie and the director right here!
Section: Contests :: Sep 25, 2006

An Interview With Ultimate Fighter, Stephan Bonnar - Part 2.
The 2nd fight went to Griffin, although Bonnar did appear to have the edge at certain stages. I spoke to Stephan recently and he explained his thoughts on the Griffin re-match and what the future holds for him as an MMA fighter.
Section: Sports :: Sep 25, 2006

Feel The Fear And Do It, Says Anthony Catanzaro.
As a successful model, bodybuilder and businessman, Anthony practices what he preaches... Learn more about winning the battle with fear in this great interview with Anthony Catanzaro.
Section: Mind :: Sep 21, 2006

The World Champ Ranks The Competition - Bob Cicherillo On The 2006 Olympia.
Bob has as detailed an understanding as anyone of the sacrifices needed and qualities required for success at the Olympia. Here he gives his view on the 2006 Mr. Olympia line-up.
Section: Contests :: Sep 19, 2006

Know Your Measurements For Bodybuilding Success.
This article will explain how we can assess our genetic potential and plan for future development through measurement of individual body parts. Learn what to measure, how to do it, calculators, and more. Check it out!
Section: Training :: Sep 15, 2006

An Interview With King Kamali: On Redemption, And The Future.
Did the King bow down to all the negative hype surrounding his less than convincing effort at the Europa? Not at all. Get the latest about his past performance and why he decided not to participate in the 2006 Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2006

An Interview With Defending Ms. Olympia Champion, Yaxeni Oriquen.
As defending champion, Yaxeni knows this will be a tough year, as the competition is extremely intense. Read on to see how she is preparing for the 2006 Olympia, who the competition is, and how she feels about her future!
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2006

An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Figure Competitor, Andrea Dumon!
At 5 foot 2 inches and 110 lbs of streamlined muscle, the figure champ should have no problem holding her own onstage against many established competitors. In the following interview Andrea discusses her Olympia plans.
Section: Contests :: Sep 12, 2006

An Interview With Figure Olympia Competitor Jane Awad.
As owner of personal training studio, Train With Jane, EAS sponsored athlete and cover model, Jane lives and breathes health and fitness. Learn more here as she prepares for the 2006 Olympia and much more. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Sep 11, 2006

2006 Mr. Olympia Preview - Champions New & Old Taking The Stage!
With the caliber of athletes on show, outside of first and second, there is no clear cut pecking order... See who I have listed from first to last. Will Jay take over as King? Read on for the details!
Section: Contests :: Sep 08, 2006

2006 Ms. Olympia Preview - Top Six Picks!
Women's bodybuilding has its share of controversy, and the Olympia is no exception. However they are still moving forward and compete with all seriousness. Here is my top six picks of the 2006 Ms. Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Sep 08, 2006

My Transformation Wrap-up - 13 Lbs Of Muscle In Seven Months.
Looking back on the process, it is evident to me that a good plan is essential for bodybuilding success... See exactly how I transformed my body and some lessons learned along the way. Check it out.
Section: Mind :: Sep 07, 2006

A Training Program For Health And Physical Improvement!
Most of my personal training clients ask me for a program that will deliver in a number of areas. The program outlined here will help develop the best possible physique while ensuring health and functional ability. Check it out!
Section: Training :: Aug 30, 2006

2006 Europa Pro Show Review - The Top Five!
Filled with the excitement of fresh faces winning the top spots and the controversy usually following a show, it was indeed a great show to watch. I've put together my review of the top five right here! Check it out.
Section: Contests :: Aug 29, 2006

An Interview With Six-time Mr. Olympia Winner, Dorian Yates.
I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing one of the greatest Olympians ever to grace the stage, Dorian Yates. In this interview Dorian talks about strategies and his thoughts on the current Mr. Olympia contest. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Aug 28, 2006

An Interview With Ultimate Fighter, Stephan Bonnar.
Prepare for a breathtaking fight as Stephan Bonnar & Forrest Griffin enter the ring for a second time! Recently I spoke to Bonnar to get his history and learn what he has in store for Forrest. Check it out!
Section: Sports :: Aug 25, 2006

An Interview With IFBB Pro, King Kamali - Preparation For The 2006 Europa!
King Kamali promises to bring his A-game to the Europa Pro Show come August 29, 2006... Read on for the quick & dirty on King's attitude as we approach one of the last shows before the Olympia!
Section: Contests :: Aug 23, 2006

Interview With The Indestructible Ronnie Coleman - Eight-time Mr. Olympia Winner!
Will Ronnie enter new grounds as the best bodybuilder of all-time? In the following interview big Ron talks about his plans for the 2006 Olympia and gives an update on his life in bodybuilding. Read on for the details.
Section: Contests :: Aug 18, 2006

2006 Europa Super Show Preview: My Top 10 Predictions!
Here is my preview of what will happen at this year's Europa Super Show. I've put together some information about types of events taking place and of course who will place in the top ten. Check it out and see if you agree!
Section: Contests :: Aug 18, 2006

Steroid Undercover: A Pro Bodybuilder Tells All About His Steroid Use.
In the following interview our featured pro reveals all about his association with AA steroids and provides a rare glimpse into a side of bodybuilding seldom read about. See what he uses and why cycles are so important. Get the facts!
Section: Supplements :: Aug 15, 2006

Perfect Picture Planning - Achieving The Perfect Shot!
One of the best ways to preserve the results of our bodybuilding efforts is to immortalize our physique with a picture. This interview with modeling expert, Anthony Catanzaro, provides a comprehensive review of what is needed... Read on!
Section: Contests :: Aug 14, 2006

Alcohol's Effects On Body Fat. Can We Have It Both Ways?
Many people enjoy alcohol's sedating influence and use it as part of our society's traditions. Here I've put together details about alcohol and will explain main concerns, how it is processed, what they contain, and more... Get the facts!
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 10, 2006

An Interview With Fitness Model And Bodybuilder, David Rylah.
Inspired by bodybuilding magazine Muscle and Fitness, a 14-year-old David Rylah dreamed of some day becoming a top bodybuilder... In the following interview David explains how he has achieved major publicity as a model and more. Read on!
Section: Contests :: Aug 08, 2006

An Interview With PDI Athlete, Jack 'The Rhino' London.
As a bodybuilder, Jack, the first athlete to sign with the Pro Division Incorporated, has been slowly and steadily working his way into the limelight... I recently spoke to Jack and shared his views on the PDI and told me of his plans. Read the full interview right here!
Section: Contests :: Aug 02, 2006

An Interview With Top NPC Competitor Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson.
In the following interview Jerome explains what he has done to prepare for this contest, and gives some insight into what makes him such a popular bodybuilder. Learn more about this great athlete right here!
Section: Contests :: Jul 28, 2006

An Interview With Figure Champion, Jenny Lynn!
Jenny won the Pittsburgh Pro Figure this year. Learn more here about her reasons for withdrawing from the Arnold, future plans, training, interests, and much more. Read on for the facts...
Section: Contests :: Jul 27, 2006

The World's Number One Drug Of Choice: Caffeine And Its Effects.
The world's most popular psychoactive substance, caffeine, enjoys unprecedented popularity as a stimulating beverage... I've put together a detailed review of what caffeine is, its extensive history, consumption, how it effects us, and more. Read on...
Section: Supplements :: Jul 25, 2006

Posing To Perfection: All About Perfect Onstage Presentation.
Having a great physique is irrelevant if you cannot display it properly. See what the past champions did to succeed when posing and then get the latest ideas as Tony shares his secrets to presenting a winning package onstage! Read on...
Section: Contests :: Jul 21, 2006

Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux Signs With BSN.
Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux Signs With BSN. See why he was selected and why he is so excited to be a part of the BSN Team.
Section: Contests :: Jul 06, 2006

Life With A Bodybuilder/Model: Tina Catanzaro Speaks Out.
For the first time, Tony's wife, Tina Catanzaro, speaks about the secrets to his success. The following interview with Tina will provide a real insiders view into his life... Read on to learn more.
Section: Contests :: Jul 05, 2006

An Interview With Sexy Fitness Model Sophia Parnachelli.
This great interview will give some details into the life of the sexy and fit Sophia Parnachelli. Read on as she answers questions about what she likes to do, the fitness industry, and much more. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Jul 03, 2006

Why Using A Training Partner To Gain The Competitive Edge Works.
Today Tony and Anthony answer questions about being affective training partners and show us how great bodybuilding can be. See how training with a partner can make a world of difference...
Section: Training :: Jun 28, 2006

An Interview With IFBB Pro Yaxeni Oriquen.
In this exclusive interview, Yaxeni talks about what it takes to become one of the best women bodybuilders in history. In addition find out what kind of diet she has, future goals, and more. Check it out now!
Section: Contests :: Jun 21, 2006

The Amazing Transformation Of Bill Hooper: From Out Of Shape Dad To Bodybuilding Champion.
Bill believes anyone can reach his or her physical goals with the right attitude and a generous helping of determination. Exactly how did Bill achieve his outstanding results? The following interview tells all.
Section: Mind :: Jun 05, 2006

An Interview With Fitness Champion Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
Puerto Rican native Adela began weight training at age 17 to improve her sports performance. In the following interview Adela describes how she has become a fitness champion and tells of her competition plans.
Section: Contests :: May 31, 2006

Training The Detail Muscles With Isolation Exercises, To Build A Complete Physique.
The basic (compound) bodybuilding exercises are rightly regarded as foundational movements that build the most amount of mass in the shortest possible time. Find out what they are and how they can help you!
Section: Training :: May 24, 2006

2006 New York Pro Bodybuilding Championships Preview.
With a large contingent of big name bodybuilders on hand, as well as several promising new pros, this year's New York Pro could be the best ever. This preview will give you the top six spots. Check it out and see if you agree!
Section: Contests :: May 19, 2006

An Interview With MMA Trainer Fred George!
The spotlight is on Fred George - MMA Fighter, trainer, and strength & conditioning coach for the pros. He shares with us his background, views on training, and why his fighters can keep up with the best in the business.
Section: Sports :: May 10, 2006

An Interview With Ms. Olympia Dayana Cadeau.
Dayana Cadeau is the 2004 Lightweight Ms. Olympia and has been bodybuilding now for over 14 years. Learn right here what the allure is of this Haiti native and what her life is like as a bodybuilder.
Section: Contests :: May 08, 2006

Transformation Factors For Success: Part Three.
In this third installment of transformation factors, I will share four determinants of bodybuilding success that have helped me and countless others to pack on the muscle. Combined with the preceding two installments of factors, these will assist...
Section: Mind :: Apr 27, 2006

An Interview With Top Figure Competitor Amanda Savell.
This is an interview with figure competitor Amanda Savell. Learn why she decided to switch from tennis to figure and what competitions she is hoping to compete in this year. Check it out.
Section: Contests :: Apr 21, 2006

David Robson's 2006 Pro Masters World Championships Review.
The reviews are in. Here is a quick run down on how the 2006 Pro Masters World Championships went and who took the top five spots. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Apr 18, 2006

An Interview With Comeback Champion Vince Taylor!
Leaving the sport on a sour note has niggled at Vince for four years and he is now back to take care of unfinished business. See what is in store for this IFBB Pro in the near future.
Section: Contests :: Apr 07, 2006

An Interview With Vinny Galanti: National Level Bodybuilder!
Today, Vinny is training with a vengeance in preparation for the 2006 competitive season, after a four year lay-off and a 5th place at the 2005 Nationals. Learn more about what is next for him...
Section: Contests :: Mar 29, 2006

Let's Cook With Anthony Catanzaro!
In this interview, Anthony will share his food preparation and cooking tips, and what he feels is the right approach to healthy eating. Get some great ideas right here.
Section: Nutrition :: Mar 28, 2006

An Interview With Pro Figure Competitor Tammie Pies.
Here is another great interview. This time we are talking with new figure pro Tammie Pies. Learn more about her right here and see what she is up to.
Section: Contests :: Mar 21, 2006

An Interview With Four-Time Ms. New Zealand, Jo Stewart.
As she prepares for November's Masters World Championships in Italy, Jo, 45, reflects on her life in bodybuilding... Learn more about her and what she is up to these days.
Section: Contests :: Mar 20, 2006

Transformation Factors For Success: Part Two.
In part two of this series I am going to delve into technique, power movements, essential fatty acids and protein - further essential factors. Learn more about these four factors right here.
Section: Mind :: Mar 20, 2006

2006 Australian Pro Preview.
Held in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, the Australian Pro promises to be very interesting indeed. The main question will be whether Lee Priest can retain his title... Read on to learn more.
Section: Contests :: Mar 14, 2006

The Importance Of The Pump: Anthony Catanzaro Is Here To Pump You Up!
As with most profound physiological processes, the pump results from the complex interplay of a number of related functions. Find out right here what the pump is and how best to achieve it. Read on...
Section: Training :: Mar 13, 2006

Bodybuilding Myths Exposed: An Interview With Randy Roach.
Veteran Trainer, Author, and Nutrition Expert Randy Roach talks about everything from his past and present to the current state of bodybuilding. Learn more and see how he is presently adjusting to life without eyesight.
Section: Nutrition :: Mar 09, 2006

David Robson's 2006 San Francisco Grand Prix Preview.
Several high profile athletes, including Dexter Jackson, Gustavo Badell, Branch Warren, Mustafa Mohammad and Melvin Anthony, will be on stage this year. Who do you think is going to win?
Section: Contests :: Mar 09, 2006

David Robson's 2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Review.
This year, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic demonstrated, once again, that it is arguably the biggest and best bodybuilding show currently in existence. Who do you think should have won?
Section: Contests :: Mar 08, 2006

The Grimek/Lurie Challenge: What Really Happened?
So, did these two legends pose-off in a bodybuilding showdown? Was America's most muscular man decided once and for all? Find out in this exclusive interview with the man behind the challenge, Dan Lurie.
Section: Contests :: Mar 03, 2006

Focus On The Jamcore Training System. An Interview With Training Expert Jamo Nezzar.
We will be sharing some time with training expert Jamo Nezzar. In this great interview he will talk about his career and goals including information about the Jamcore Training System. Read on for more.
Section: Training :: Feb 23, 2006

An Interview With Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux.
Julien would like to discredit the perception that the martial arts serve as a breeding ground for violent thugs. Learn more about Julien in this great interview and how he is promoting MMA training.
Section: Sports :: Feb 22, 2006

Health Research Findings: Part Two - The Benefits Of Being Beautiful!
Pretty faces 'prime' our minds to make us more likely to associate the pretty face with a positive emotion. This recent study backs up a lot of earlier beliefs. Are your looks helping you? Learn more...
Section: Mind :: Feb 20, 2006

An Interview With Martial Artist, Jason 'Extreme Z' Zickerman.
In the following interview, Jason will outline his competition plans and an in-depth look at his life. Keep reading to learn about this amazing MMA fighter!
Section: Sports :: Feb 20, 2006

An Interview With Fitness Chef And Personal Trainer, Alejandro Quiroga.
As a chef, Alejandro creates the most delectable dishes for those who want the best tasting nutrition without all the hassle. Learn more about him in this great interview!
Section: Nutrition :: Feb 16, 2006

Bodybuilding Treats For Valentines Day.
Let Valentines Day be healthy and delicious with two great recipes. Spoil that loved one in your life by trying our Hardcore Chicken and Protein Truffles, you will not be disappointed. Read on for directions!
Section: Nutrition :: Feb 14, 2006

The Lighter Side Of Pro Sport With Guy Grundy. Installment Two.
Guy Grundy's insightful commentary and entertaining experiences... Now, on a monthly basis at, we can look forward to outrageous experiences of his 'never a dull moment' life.
Section: Training :: Feb 09, 2006

So You Want To Be A Model? Anthony Catanzaro Speaks.
In this article, Anthony gives an insight into the world of a model and what it takes to get started in the industry. For anyone interested in modeling, or to know more about the industry, read on.
Section: Contests :: Feb 08, 2006

Transformation Factors For Success: Part One.
In this article I will broadly discuss two rules that I consider to be paramount for the successful undertaking of my individualized program, and for bodybuilding success in general. Learn what they are right here!
Section: Mind :: Feb 06, 2006

Health Research Findings: Part One - Caffeine!
Researchers at Southwestern University have shown that caffeine may put females in the mood for more sex. Can this be true? Learn more right here!
Section: Supplements :: Feb 06, 2006

An Interview With Arnold Classic And Ms. Olympia Fitness Winner, Jenny Hendershott.
Jenny has made thousands of fans the world over. In the following interview, Jenny speaks about her recent successes, various plans she has and the methods she uses... Read on to learn more!
Section: Contests :: Jan 27, 2006

An Interview With Capriese 'Mutant Muscle' Murray.
In his pro debut at the 2005 New York Pro Show Capriese again stunned the judges. This interview will give you some of his thoughts on bodybuilding in addition to his own history and plans. Read on…
Section: Contests :: Jan 24, 2006

Anthony Catanzaro's Secrets To Bodybuilding Success.
As a natural bodybuilder, Anthony has uncovered many strategies that have helped him build the size needed to win several big contests. Enjoy this mini-seminar with Anthony as he discusses diet, training, and motivation.
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 20, 2006

David Robson's Personal Transformation: Part Three.
The inspirational stories from interviews I have done in the past have prompted me to start my own quest. At this time I am setting some new bodybuilding goals for 2006. Check out part three of this great plan!
Section: Mind :: Jan 19, 2006

An Interview With Arnold Classic Medical Director David Ryan.
This great interview will fill us in on David Ryan's life and how he has become a very important part of the Arnold Classic. Learn more about him right here...
Section: Contests :: Jan 18, 2006

An Interview With Bodybuilding Great Dan Lurie - Part II.
Here is part two of our interview with bodybuilding great Dan Lurie. Read on to find out the details of his past which he only briefly talked about before. Also, who really started the IFBB?
Section: Contests :: Jan 12, 2006

An Interview With Professional Bodybuilding Photographer Alex Ardenti.
Alex Ardenti is very familiar with the concept of bodybuilding and great photography as he has been sculpting the bodybuilder and others for a long time now. Learn more about him in this great interview!
Section: Contests :: Jan 10, 2006

The Anthony Catanzaro Approach To Natural Bodybuilding.
Anthony's natural approach to bodybuilding has paid off... Learn more about his life without drugs and how a model has successfully competed in bodybuilding. In addition get the pros and cons of steroid use. Read on...
Section: Supplements :: Jan 05, 2006

Life At Eskan - Training In The Trenches.
This series of articles is intended to provide a close-up view of the demands placed upon a soldier in the U.S military and the ways in which these demands are countered through progressive weight training. Read on...
Section: Training :: Jan 04, 2006

An Interview With Top National Heavyweight Competitor, Jody May.
In this great interview Jody shares with us her struggles as a child and how she became the athlete that she is now. Learn more about Jody and what her future goals are...
Section: Contests :: Dec 27, 2005

An Interview With UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski.
UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski is regarded as one of the world's most complete MMA/UFC fighters. In this interview he shares with us about his life and fighting. Check it out!
Section: Sports :: Dec 23, 2005

Featherweight Champion Wayne McCullough Talks About His Life In Boxing.
In the following interview, Wayne talks about his life in boxing, and the future. Learn more about one the greatest boxers and see what he has been up to recently.
Section: Sports :: Dec 20, 2005

The Shawn Ray Colorado Pro Am Classic - A Preview.
Get information about the show and why Shawn has taken the direction as a promoter right here. This new show looks to be a great addition and fresh perspective to the sport of bodybuilding. Check it out.
Section: Contests :: Dec 19, 2005

An Interview With Bodybuilding Great Dan Lurie!
In the following interview Dan tells his inspiring story and shares the methods that have helped him to stay in excellent physical shape at age 82. Get the scoop about Dan Lurie right here!
Section: Contests :: Dec 16, 2005

An Interview With U.S. Masters Hurdling Champion Dexter McCloud.
At 45, Dexter has been hurdling for many years. This is a great interview with an even greater athlete. Learn more about Dexter McCloud right here and see how he did at the Outdoor World Championships.
Section: Sports :: Dec 12, 2005

Personal Transformation Two: Results After Week Five.
The inspirational stories from interviews I have done in the past have prompted me to start my own quest. At this time I am setting some new bodybuilding goals for 2006. Check out part two of this great plan!
Section: Mind :: Dec 06, 2005

The Lighter Side Of Pro Sport With Guy Grundy. Installment One.
Guy Grundy's insightful commentary and entertaining experiences... Now, on a monthly basis at, we can look forward to outrageous experiences of his 'never a dull moment' life.
Section: Mind :: Dec 02, 2005

Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential.
The following interview is compulsory reading for those who would like to improve their confidence levels and those who are sufficiently confident but would like to gain that all important edge. Learn more about it right here!
Section: Mind :: Nov 29, 2005

Guy Grundy: Full Circle, A Fighter's Story.
Over the years, guy has gained real-life knowledge in terms of what works when it comes to fighting. Guy will now share many of the experiences and lessons that have shaped him into one not to be messed with. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Nov 21, 2005

An Interview With 'Nitro' Lee Priest.
Love him or hate him, Lee Priest always tries to tell it the way it is... This is great a great interview with a great athlete. Learn more about Lee Priest and see what he has been up to.
Section: Contests :: Nov 17, 2005

An Interview With National Level Competitor Giana Holder.
Despite Giana's seemingly meteoric rise as a national level competitor has not been without its share of bumps. Learn more right here about what Giana is up to with her life and much more!
Section: Contests :: Nov 14, 2005

Personal Transformation: Week One.
The inspirational stories from interviews I have done in the past have prompted me to start my own quest. At this time I am setting some new bodybuilding goals for 2006. Check out this great plan!
Section: Mind :: Nov 10, 2005

The War In The Middle East: Military Muscle.
Despite the changes in training environment, the men currently serving in the Middle East are still able to workout and make gains. Read their stories and how they are coping.
Section: Training :: Nov 09, 2005

An Interview With 2004 USA Heavyweight And Overall Winner, Carri Ledford-Baldwin.
Firefighter Carri Ledford-Baldwin put sufficient heat on her competition at the 2004 Nationals, to win the Light-Heavyweight and overall... Get her story right here as I ask her questions about her life. Learn more here!
Section: Contests :: Nov 03, 2005

The Importance Of Personal Presentation And Style.
Special attention to all aspects of one's personal appearance will boost self-esteem and create a winning mindset. This article will detail many ideas in the area of grooming for success. Check it out!
Section: Nutrition :: Nov 02, 2005

Leg Training With Massive IFBB Pro Wong Hong.
Malaysian born Wong is clearly gifted in the legs department... to add to that Wong does not use barbells in his workouts. Find out why and see some sample workout routines!
Section: Training :: Oct 31, 2005

An Interview Goju Ryu Karate Founder, Grandmaster Bill Louie.
Bill is in the record books as being one of the most successful martial artists to have ever lived. Check out this influential interview with a man who has led a very successful life in martial arts and business!
Section: Sports :: Oct 31, 2005

An Interview With Canadian Champion Nadia Nardi.
Nadia had always been athletic, having been involved in soccer, swimming, cross country and mountain biking... To learn a little more about Nadia and what her goals are continue on right here.
Section: Contests :: Oct 24, 2005

Want Complete Abdominal Development? Look No Further.
According to Anthony, the idea is to train the abs to make them feel like they have done 50-plus. Here Anthony shares with us some of his secrets to developing the ultimate abs. Learn more...
Section: Training :: Oct 18, 2005

Fear: Overcome It To Reach Your Potential.
This article will examine the notion of fear and discuss the implications it has for those choosing to confront it as an intrinsic part of their sport. Learn more about fear and how boxers deal with it right here.
Section: Mind :: Oct 13, 2005

An Interview With National Level Competitor Christine Sabo.
After winning her first contest in 1994, with the help of her husband Kevin, she began placing higher in competitions. Here is her story and how she feels about female bodybuilding.
Section: Contests :: Oct 10, 2005

2005 Mr. Olympia Preview.
I will now profile each of the athletes fighting for the top spots, and provide a placing prediction... Who do you think is going to take the top spot? Check it out.
Section: Contests :: Oct 07, 2005

How Gripping Devices Develop Grip-Strength. What Are The Best Ones To Use?
I will be covering what types of grippers are available, how effective they are, how they are used, and some programs you can use. Even a couch potato can benefit from this!
Section: Sports :: Oct 07, 2005

An Interview With Super-Seminar Presenters Bill Grant And Dan Gastelu.
Arguably the hottest bodybuilding event of the year,'s Nutrition and Training Super-Seminar promises to be an educational extravaganza.
Section: Contests :: Oct 04, 2005

How Anthony Catanzaro Eats For Muscular Development And Razor-Sharp Cuts.
Diet is responsible for up to 80 percent of the results you expect from your respective program. Anthony is going to share with you his advice on maintaining a healthy eating style year round.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 28, 2005

Heavy Bag Training. Strategies And Programs.
The heavy bag is a tried and true piece of equipment that has helped many professionals. In addition the kind of workout you can get from it is amazing. Get some techniques and programs right here with the heavy bag.
Section: Sports :: Sep 28, 2005

The War In Iraq: A Bodybuilder's Story.
Hostilities are still alive and well in Iraq. Today we are going to get a bodybuilders perspective on the action and live's of those in Iraq. Get Damion Ricketts story right here.
Section: Mind :: Sep 27, 2005

An Interview With 2004 Nationals Overall Women's Champion Gina Davis.
Our interview today is with Gina Davis, who was the overall women's winner of the 2004 Nationals. She is very inspirational so continue right here for some great information from a pro.
Section: Contests :: Sep 24, 2005

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly And The Fit Show: The Future Of Bodybuilding And Fitness?
These online radio and video shows are FREE as a part of our commitment to the bodybuilding community and are available worldwide. Dan and Travis join us here to give us their input about these new shows. Get the full scoop right here.
Section: Contests :: Sep 24, 2005

An Interview With Top Cutman Dave Tenny.
New York's Dave Tenny is one of the best boxing cutmen in the business, with over 25 championship fights to his credit. What is a cutman? This great interview with a cutman will tell us everything we need to know.
Section: Sports :: Sep 23, 2005

Bodybuilding Roundtable Part 2: Developing Shoulders.
I have a number of pros today who are going to share with us their strategies and routines for maximum shoulder development. Read this roundtable event and find out how they do it!
Section: Training :: Sep 20, 2005

Body-fat Calipers Video Guides! Get Correct Measurements Everytime.
Body-fat measurement calipers are readily available today and because of technological improvements have become more accurate. What ype of caliper would fit your budget.
Section: Training :: Sep 20, 2005

An Interview With Professional Boxer Cleveland 'The Warrior' Corder.
In this interview we will be discussing past, present, and future goals of pro boxer Cleveland, The Warrior, Corder. He shares with us his experiences and hopes as a pro middleweight boxer.
Section: Sports :: Sep 16, 2005

Calipers: Are They Effective For Measuring Body-fat?
What kinds of calipers are there for measuring fat? Do they work and how accurate are they? Get the facts here and some feedback from the pros.
Section: Training :: Sep 14, 2005

Arm Training With Anthony Catanzaro.
In this article Anthony will share with us strategies and workouts he uses for his arms. He has some very sound and proven strategies. To learn more read on.
Section: Training :: Sep 09, 2005

An Interview With The World's Strongest Bodybuilder, Johnnie O. Jackson.
We have a great interview for you today. Now considered the world's strongest bodybuilder, Johnnie O. Jackson shares with us his story and how he is preparing for the 2005 Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Sep 07, 2005

Deadlifts: The King Of Mass-Builders?
As the king of mass gaining exercises the deadlift cannot be ignored. In this article I will be sharing with you extensive details about the deadlift including a beginning and advanced program.
Section: Training :: Sep 02, 2005

Nutrition 101: Test Your Knowledge.
Just how well do you know your body, and understand its health requirements? The following will test your knowledge in these areas. Let's see how smart you are.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 01, 2005

A Discussion With Top Trainer, Joe DiAngelo.
Today I am going to be speaking with fitness expert Joe DiAngelo. He is going to share with us a little about his background and how he has been able to run a successful business as a fitness chef.
Section: Contests :: Sep 01, 2005

A Talk With Bodybuilder/Male Model, Anthony Catanzaro.
Is bodybuilding and modeling compatible? Absolutely! See how Anthony has become a successful bodybuilder and model in this great interview.
Section: Contests :: Aug 29, 2005

Dieting For Weight Loss And Well Being.
In this article I will spend time talking about different types of diets there are and what general guidelines should be practiced regardless of what the diet is for. Don't let obesity keep control of your life.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 24, 2005

Training Tips That Really Work.
The following are some often overlooked training tips that might just help to hasten ones training progress. Find out how...
Section: Training :: Aug 18, 2005

Bodybuilding Roundtable: How The Pros Develop Their Arms.
Find out what the pros do about arm training. Here they give their two cents worth and then some about proper technique, methods, and stress the importance of not overtraining.
Section: Training :: Aug 09, 2005

An Interview With Industry Scientific Adviser Rob Thoburn.
In this interview with Rob Thoburn we will be talking about some of his accomplishments, who he works for and what role he plays for them and the bodybuilding industry.
Section: Contests :: Aug 03, 2005

Back Pain: How Exercise Can Help.
While any form of back pain should be assessed by a qualified medical practitioner, certain exercises can greatly reduce the pain. There are many exercises you can do to improve and prevent back injuries. I have listed those exercises right here.
Section: Training :: Jul 28, 2005

An Interview With Top Professional Boxer Ali, 'The Silent Assassin,' Nuumbembe.
In this interview we get a real life view through the words of Ali Nuumbembe, as he describes to us how he grew up. His background and experience go into the ring where he takes it out on opponents.
Section: Sports :: Jul 27, 2005

An Interview With IFBB Pro Wong Hong.
A man of many talents, Malaysian born Wong holds a B.S. and M.S in Human Nutrition and Food Science from Colorado State University, and plans to own a chain of gyms. Read on to find out who he is and what his plans are in the future.
Section: Contests :: Jul 26, 2005

An Interview With Wayne, 'Pocket Rocket', McCullough.
As one of the world's top featherweights, professional boxer Wayne, 'Pocket Rocket', McCullough, 35, has done it all... See what the Rocket has in his sights and what his life is like.
Section: Sports :: Jul 22, 2005

An Interview With Seven-Time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.
Ronnie is currently unstoppable and will quit competing on his terms only. Find out what is new with Ronnie and what he is doing different this year than previous Olympia's. More about his signing with BSN, his training, and what he recommends...
Section: Contests :: Jul 21, 2005

The Importance Of Regular Exercise: How The Body Adapts.
This article is largely intended to inform those who want an understanding of the key principals of adaptation, and specific examples of how the body adapts. To learn what these are please continue reading.
Section: Training :: Jul 13, 2005

Middleweight On A Mission. An Interview With Top Middleweight Boxer, Ishe, 'Sugar Shay', Smith.
As a Contender Semi-finalist, Ishe, 'Sugar Shay', Smith, has shown us what he can do. Find out in this interview what Ishe is up to and what his future plans are.
Section: Sports :: Jul 11, 2005

Guy Grundy On Overcoming Adversity, Fighting, Synthol And Everything In Between.
Guy has plenty to say, all of which I found compelling and interesting. In this interview, Guy talks about his bodybuilding journey, as well as some of the more controversial elements of his life.
Section: Contests :: Jul 09, 2005

Discipline: You Need It To Reach Your Bodybuilding Potential.
We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline! Absolute and unwavering. Read on to find out more about what discipline is.
Section: Mind :: Jul 07, 2005

An Interview With 2004 Nationals Middleweight Winner Eryk Bui.
In the following interview, Eryk gives an exclusive account of his thoughts on the current state of the sport, his goals, and the training and nutritional approaches he has adopted.
Section: Contests :: Jun 24, 2005

Selenium: An Essential Trace Mineral?
Although considered an important trace mineral since the 1950s, selenium's many functions are still being defined by researchers. Find out what it can do for you!
Section: Supplements :: Jun 22, 2005

Training Specifics: What Needs To Be Done At Each Session.
There are certain variables that need to be in place, before success can be realized in any training program. In this article I dive into the realm of a pre and post workout session.
Section: Training :: Jun 16, 2005

Put Some Power In Your Punch! Weight Exercises For Boxing Success.
In addition to superior fitness levels, and lightening-fast speed, boxing success requires tremendous power output. Get some explosiveness out of your boxing by following some of these weighted exercises.
Section: Sports :: Jun 14, 2005

Overcome Your Slow Metabolism.
Achieving ones best possible shape depends on a number of factors; including an efficiently functioning metabolism. To learn more about keeping a well balanced metabolism read below.
Section: Nutrition :: Jun 03, 2005

Get To Grips With Hand Strength: Develop Your Grip.
Grip training can heavily influence the amount of weight lifted, and develop the forearms to such a degree that one is prompted to take a double take... Read below to learn why grip strength is important and about types of exercises available.
Section: Sports :: Jun 03, 2005

Serkan Cetin: How The German & Turkish National Champion Developed His Physique.
An interview with national champion Serkan Cetin. See how he prepares for the competition season and what activities he enjoys in the off-season.
Section: Contests :: May 26, 2005

Cholesterol: Good Or Bad? How It Impacts Your Health.
Keeping cholesterol levels under control will enhance overall health, and prolong ones training efforts. This article aims to demystify the many, often confusing, aspects of cholesterol metabolism, while showing how to improve your cholesterol profile.
Section: Nutrition :: May 25, 2005

Nitrogen Balance: The Key To Muscle Growth.
Any bodybuilder with a rudimentary understanding of the sport would know the key to gaining muscle is protein consumption. But how do we know if we are getting enough protein? You can find out here along with information on proteins and amino acids.
Section: Supplements :: May 20, 2005

Bodybuilding DVDs/Videos: Why Buy Them? What Are The Most Popular Ones?
Success in bodybuilding comes as a result of good planning, correct training, and dietary practices. Some useful and entertaining information comes from DVD's and VHS. Read on to learn what those are and reasons for buying them.
Section: Supplements :: May 19, 2005

Food Poisoning: What Is It And How To Avoid It.
Bodybuilding success is largely dependant on whether one has access to a fresh supply of nutritious foods. Not only is quality important but also the way it is handled. Read below to learn more about the results of improper food handling.
Section: Nutrition :: May 12, 2005

New IFBB Athletes Representative, Bob Cicherillo, Speaks Out!
Bob is fearless in his approach to speaking out on the issues of professional bodybuilding, and hopes to help his fellow bodybuilders negotiate better prize money.
Section: Contests :: May 10, 2005

Soy Vs. Whey: The Latest Research!
Whey products have, for some time, maintained their position as the gold standard in protein supplementation. However, there is an alternative protein source considered to be equally as effective as whey: soy. If you would like to learn more read on.
Section: Nutrition :: May 04, 2005

Kava Kava: What Is It And How Can It Benefit You?
Known for its calming and restorative properties, Kava Kava is a medically-proven stress-relieving root, which in recent times has been targeted and packaged for mass consumption. Read below and learn more.
Section: Supplements :: Apr 29, 2005

The Art Of Boxing: Skills, Drills And Benefits!
Boxing has become a very popular sport for many, and not surprisingly because it provides the best workout and challenges to many of our senses and capacities. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
Section: Sports :: Apr 28, 2005

The Flex Wheeler Interview!
One of the world's most respected and popular bodybuilding champions, Ken 'Flex' Wheeler, has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve recognition as one of the true greats of the sport. Read on to see what he has overcome!
Section: Contests :: Apr 26, 2005

The Steroid Dilemma: Mr. America, Steve Michalik Gives His View.
Steroid use in bodybuilding has always been a contentious issue. Many feel steroids should be outlawed for health and ethical reasons, while a large percentage believe their use is essential and bodybuilding would be a waste of time without them.
Section: Contests :: Apr 15, 2005

An Interview With Ms. Olympia Andrulla Blanchette!
Since winning her pro-card in 1993, Long Island resident Andrulla Blanchette has risen steadily to the top of professional women's bodybuilding. Her win at the 2000 Ms. Olympia has solidified her position as one of the best women bodybuilders in history.
Section: Contests :: Apr 15, 2005

Dave Palumbo Interview!
After a successful college career as a long distance runner, Dave Palumbo, at age 22, began training with weights to look good at the beach. 14-years-later, Dave’s physique resembles a science project with massive amounts of muscle everywhere.
Section: Contests :: Apr 12, 2005

The Codex Alimentarius Commission!
It is clear the Codex Alimentarius Commission is a vital underpinning in terms of bodybuilders achieving their their goals through safe, high-quality, foods. However, its role is often unclear, with most people unaware of its existence.
Section: Supplements :: Apr 12, 2005

An Interview With Natural IFBB Pro Jeff Willet!
I've accomplished my primary goal of becoming an IFBB Pro. Now my focus has turned to running a gym, keeping in shape, and other areas in the bodybuilding arena!
Section: Contests :: Mar 31, 2005

Excellence In Execution: Perfecting The Pose.
In bodybuilding competition, posing ability can often be the difference between winning or losing a closely fought battle. Learn the mandatory poses and how to perform them!
Section: Contests :: Mar 26, 2005

A History Lesson In Bodybuilding.
Find out how bodybuilding has evolved over the years, broken down by different eras!
Section: Contests :: Mar 22, 2005

The 2005 Arnold Classic: An Athlete's Perspective.
This interview with Susan Niederhauser gives an athlete's perspective on the 2005 Arnold Classic. Find out what she thought of the show, what she did while she was there and how she feels about the results.
Section: Contests :: Mar 16, 2005

An Interview With The Legendary Bill Grant, Mr. World & Mr. America.
Widely regarded as one of the legends of bodybuilding, Bill Grant, 58, continues to involve himself in the sport at a number of levels. Learn what he is up to these days...
Section: Contests :: Mar 10, 2005

An Interview With 7-Time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman - Unedited!
Ronnie shares his thoughts directly with you. You are not listening to a representative or seeing him through a mask. This is the real Ronnie - DIRECT and UNEDITED!
Section: Contests :: Mar 09, 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Tribute To A Great Champion.
No other bodybuilder in the history of the sport has made the same impact. Indeed, Arnold Schwarzenegger remains the greatest, and most influential, bodybuilder of all time in the eyes of many.
Section: Contests :: Mar 03, 2005

An Interview With One Of Professional Bodybuilding’s Greatest, Shawn Ray.
In the following exclusive interview Shawn Ray talks about his life in bodybuilding and reveals all about the current state of the sport...
Section: Contests :: Mar 02, 2005

An Interview With IFBB Pro Yohnnie Shambourger.
An interview with accomplished natural bodybuilder, and IFBB pro, Yohnnie Shambourger. Very few natural bodybuilders have made their mark on the world of competitive bodybuilding the way Yohnnie Shambourger has.
Section: Contests :: Feb 23, 2005

Biorhythms: How They Can Control Bodybuilding Success.
Devices we cannot check, but which have implications in terms of how our lives are governed, are our internal biological clocks. These clocks signal various physiological changes that take place in our body.
Section: Nutrition :: Feb 19, 2005

An Interview With Fitness Olympia Champion Monica Brant.
Having accomplished everything there is to achieve in Fitness, culminating with a win at the 1998 Olympia, Monica is now featuring regularly in the top placing’s at Figure competitions. Find out what is new with Monica...
Section: Contests :: Feb 08, 2005

Fat-Loss Myths.
This article will explore the myths surrounding fat-loss and provided the sensible guidelines needed to achieve ones weight reduction objectives.
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 21, 2005

An Interview With Melissa Coates: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model & Wrestler.
Combining the sensuality and sexual seductiveness necessary to capture any photographers imagination with the aggressive physicality required to compete with professional wrestling’s finest, is IFBB pro and aspiring WWE wrestler Melissa Coates....
Section: Contests :: Jan 19, 2005

An Interview With NGA Pro Fitzroy Bramble.
Fitzroy is also FRA, AFFA, NFPT, NABF, and CPR certified as a trainer, and today enjoys helping others (rather than himself, as he is ?semi-retired?) to reach their fitness goals.
Section: Contests :: Jan 16, 2005

10 Facts Every Bodybuilder Should Know.
As will be shown in this article, aerobic training can be a valuable tool when aiming to increase mass. Learn about this and other facts every bodybuilder should know...
Section: Training :: Jan 14, 2005

An Interview With Top IFBB Professional Susanne Niederhauser.
IFBB professional and middleweight world-champion Susanne Niederhauser is destined for bodybuilding greatness if her physique and determined attitude are anything to go by. Read more!
Section: Contests :: Jan 11, 2005

An Interview With IFBB Pro Dean Madzarovich: Slovenia's Mass Monster.
Dean is sought after as a seminar speaker and guest poser, and has had his physique compared to that of Jay Cutlers. Dean Madzarovich is truly one to watch out for.
Section: Contests :: Jan 10, 2005

How To Develop Fantastic Forearms.
In this article I will outline exactly why it is important to develop the forearms to their fullest and provide a series of exercises and programs to enhance the forearm growth of anyone regardless of individual genetic limitations.
Section: Training :: Jan 03, 2005

An Interview With Top NPC Competitor Stan McQuay.
Blessed with good looks and stunning muscle symmetry, 2004 Nationals middleweight runner-up Stan McQuay is destined for bodybuilding greatness. Read more!
Section: Contests :: Dec 24, 2004

Empower The Mind To Build Muscle.
To really channel the mind entails focusing the mind, maintaining a positive mind-set, strengthening the mind/body link and conditioning the subconscious. Learn why...
Section: Mind :: Dec 17, 2004

An Interview With Timea Majorova.
From the time she began lifting weights, at age 18, Timea knew she would some day become a fitness champion. I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Timea. What follo
Section: Contests :: Dec 13, 2004

An Interview With Pro Bodybuilder Dave Hawk.
In the following interview, Dave gives an excellent overview of his life in bodybuilding and provides valuable commentary on the finer points of muscle-building.
Section: Contests :: Dec 08, 2004

Male & Female Athletes In The Media: Are They Equally Portrayed?
In this article I will now summarize, analyze and interpret why male and female athletes are portrayed differently...
Section: Sports :: Dec 06, 2004

An Interview With The Blond Bomber Dave Draper.
As evidenced in the following interview, Dave is an articulate and personable advocate of weight-training. His passion for the sport is, at once, contagious and heartening.
Section: Contests :: Dec 01, 2004

Impress Your Friends: A Primer On Some Of The More Obscure Muscle Groups.
In this article, I will endeavour to identify, and explain, the various functions of some of the lesser known, but equally important, muscles. Exercises to directly target these muscles will also be provided. Get ready to impress...
Section: Training :: Nov 30, 2004

All About One-Repetition-Maximum Testing.
This article will explain exactly how to conduct one-repetition-maximum testing and suggest ways in which test results can be applied across a range of training objectives...
Section: Training :: Nov 18, 2004

Weight Training For Children: What You Need To Know!
Should children under the age of thirteen train with weights? Learn the truth and get a free program to follow...
Section: Training :: Oct 25, 2004

Training For 100-Meter-Sprint Success.
This article intends to explain the concept of periodization through outlining the phases of a hypothetical 100-meter sprint training model
Section: Sports :: Oct 21, 2004

An Interview With Track Superstar Ato Boldon.
In this interview, Ato talks about his career, and how he achieved success in the ultra competitive world of track and field.
Section: Contests :: Sep 28, 2004

Frequently Asked Bodybuilding Questions: Installment One.
It is clear, in light of the nature of the questions I receive, that overtraining is an area of bodybuilding that many trainers encounter on a regular basis.
Section: Training :: Sep 24, 2004

Danny Padilla's Road To The 1981 Olympia.
In this exclusive, Danny shares his 1981 Olympia experiences. Learn of the progress he made in the weeks leading up to this competition - and what really happened.
Section: Contests :: Sep 24, 2004

How Do Fast-Twitch & Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibres Influence Athletic Performance?
Athletic success depends to a degree on fast-twitch/slow-twitch muscle fibre composition. What does this have to do with athletes? Find out how it influences your athletic performance!
Section: Training :: Sep 09, 2004

Priming The Anabolic Environment.
Creating the ideal physique can be an exceedingly frustrating practice for many, as a wide range of factors need to be in place to ensure an optimal environment conducive to muscle growth, such as stress, pollutants, and rest...
Section: Supplements :: Sep 07, 2004

An Interview With Bodybuilding Legend Casey Viator.
Casey made history in 1971 by becoming, at 19, the youngest man to win the coveted Mr. America bodybuilding title. Recently he took time from his busy schedule to talk with me about his life...
Section: Contests :: Aug 31, 2004

The Protein Factor!
Anyone serious about their health needs to ask themselves the following questions: exactly what protein sources are the best in terms of cellular repair, and exactly how much of this protein is adequate? Find out here...
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 07, 2004

B-Vitamins For Bodybuilding Success & Good Health!
Of all the vitamins required for optimal health and muscle gain, the B-complex could be the most important as their effects are multifarious and specifically beneficial to bodybuilders. Learn why.
Section: Supplements :: Jul 27, 2004

Bodybuilding & The Endocrine System!
The remainder of this article will explain exactly how the endocrine system functions, and how exercise can positively effect this functioning. Key hormones, and respective endocrine glands, that are both affected by exercise and responsible...
Section: Training :: Jul 21, 2004

Symmetry: Why It Is Important, & How To Achieve It!
Developing a symmetrical physique entails focusing on all muscle groups equally through the employment of a variety of exercises. In bodybuilding, the emphasis should be placed on developing a balanced physique. When this is done, symmetry is achieved.
Section: Contests :: Jul 19, 2004

Smoking: How It Will Limit Your Bodybuilding Success!
Of all the destructive habits one might pursue, cigarette smoking could, quite correctly, be considered one of the worst. Learn why and how it will kill you!
Section: Nutrition :: Jul 06, 2004

Martin Luther King Addo: An Interview With The Ashanti Warrior!
Formally from Ghana, West Africa, New York’s resident Mr Muscle-Mania, Martin Luther King Addo, is a bodybuilder going places. Keep a close eye on Addo as he reaches for the top in future bodybuilding competitions.
Section: Contests :: Jun 28, 2004

ATP: Energy’s Currency!
If one has ever wondered just how we are able to summons the energy to perform a number of activities under a variety of conditions, the answer, in large part, is ATP. Without ATP, ones body would simply fail to function. Learn why...
Section: Training :: Jun 25, 2004

An Interview With Danny The Giant Killer Padilla!
Danny "The Giant Killer" Padilla has taken the time out of his training for this year's Masters Olympia to answer some questions. Find out what this legend of bodybuilding is up to now...
Section: Contests :: Jun 22, 2004

The Mind/Muscle Relationship!
The brain is responsible for the processes underpinning many of our day to day actions, from completing a set bench presses to planning ones training program. It is important, to keep our brain in great shape to get the most out of our training.
Section: Mind :: Jun 18, 2004

Neck Prioritization!
In clothing, the neck is often the only muscle group on show thus helping to distinguish a bodybuilder/athlete from a non-bodybuilder/athlete. I should have convinced you by now that neck training is to be emphasized rather than neglected. Learn how to bu
Section: Training :: Jun 04, 2004

How Your Personality Affects Your Training!
By developing greater insight into who we are, training weak points can be challenged, and overcome. Read below to find out more about different personality types!
Section: Mind :: May 28, 2004

Hernia Prevention For Continued Growth!
This article will primarily discuss how different types of hernias occur and how they can be prevented.
Section: Training :: May 24, 2004

Tendon & Ligament Training For Greater Gains!
Learn how to build great tendon and ligament strength and enhance power and overall.
Section: Training :: May 21, 2004

Supplement Strategies For Maximum Results!
This article will take a research-based look at the specific benefits of the most popular individual supplements and how they can be taken to maximize gains.
Section: Supplements :: May 17, 2004

Is Bodybuilding A Deviant Sport?
This article will review, and critique heavily, these findings and present a more balanced model, that puts bodybuilding in a more favorable light.
Section: Mind :: May 13, 2004

Overtraining: A Bodybuilding Nemesis!
This article will try to shed some light on this most serious of bodybuilding dilemmas and provide ideas on how to avoid becoming overtrained while continuing to gain muscle consistently.
Section: Training :: May 11, 2004

Prevent Back & Neck Pain To Grow & Recuperate!
Muscle damage will need to be repaired otherwise there will be long term problems with pain and the imbalance will generally get worse. This article will primarily address back injury prevention for fitness enthusiasts. Personal experience has shown me that back pain can literally cripple ones efforts in the gym.
Section: Training :: May 05, 2004

Distorted Perceptions Of Muscularity!
This article will outline the publicized, problematic, aspects of bodybuilding, stemming from MDD obsessiveness. Ways to engage in a beneficial bodybuilding lifestyle without becoming obsessed and, in the process, diluting other areas of ones life will also be considered.
Section: Training :: Apr 29, 2004

Five Reasons To Get In Shape The Bodybuilding Way!
The greatest thing about bodybuilding is it can enhance the body's shape and improve health like no other sport. The following five reasons should convince anyone that bodybuilding is the answer to improving health and wellbeing.
Section: Mind :: Apr 26, 2004

Bodybuilding & Alcohol: Do They Mix?
This article is not intended to dissuade people from using alcohol moderately, for recreational purposes, but will point out, from an athlete and a researchers point of view, its significant shortcomings.
Section: Nutrition :: Apr 23, 2004

Weight Training & Pregnancy!
After all, pre natal exercise should be directed toward muscle strengthening to minimize the risk of joint and ligament injuries. This article will provide guidelines on pre-natal exercise and other health considerations.
Section: Training :: Apr 22, 2004

The Neuropsychology Of Muscle Building!
The brain is involved in a myriad of functions including the synchronization and maintaining of the processes and behaviors associated with muscle building. Learn the neurophychology of muscle building and how it can help you!
Section: Training :: Apr 13, 2004

Non-Gym Workouts For Great Gains!
These routines can produce excellent results because one can do them at home, thereby reducing travel and post-workout nutrition time.
Section: Training :: Apr 09, 2004

Vitamin A For Bodybuilders!
Vitamin and mineral research is a very complex area. Required intake varies from person to person and different vitamins and minerals perform different functions. This article, the first in a series, will focus specifically on the function of Vitamin A and its importance to bodybuilders.
Section: Supplements :: Apr 09, 2004

Glutamine: The Pinnacle Of Supplements?
This article will delve into the research on glutamine and try to determine exactly what it does and why many bodybuilders rate its efficacy so highly.
Section: Supplements :: Apr 06, 2004

The Importance Of Sleep!
Throughout this article I will explain the various stages of sleep and their implications for bodybuilders. Outlined also will be the benefits sleep has in terms of muscle recovery and growth.
Section: Nutrition :: Apr 02, 2004

Using Fats To Aid Recovery & Build Muscle!
Vital to success in bodybuilding is recovery, of which the ways are many and varied. Recovery is important because muscle tissue repair will nor occur otherwise. Sleep, post training nutrition and supplementation, and time away from the gym are obvious methods.
Section: Supplements :: Mar 29, 2004

Training Strategies For Massive Shoulders!
The focus of this article will be on complete shoulder development. Given that, ideally, exercise type and sequence should be changed regularly, five sample shoulder workouts will be provided.
Section: Training :: Mar 22, 2004

Training Methods To Increase Intensity And Build Muscle!
With bodybuilding, the overall objective in theory is pretty simple: to increase muscle size through resistance training, diet and supplementation...
Section: Training :: Mar 16, 2004

The Implications Of Cortisol Release!
There is another hormone closely associated with bodybuilding. This hormone is cortisol, a steroid hormone, and is probably the most underrated of the four bodybuilding hormones overviewed in this article. Read more...
Section: Supplements :: Mar 15, 2004