Bodybuilding Returns To The Asian Games!

This is the second invitation bodybuilding received to be a medal sport in the Asian Games. Learn more about this prestigious event and what some of the promoters have to say. It is to be held in Doha, Qatar, December 1-15, 2006.

IFBB President Ben Weider, recently announced that bodybuilding accepted an invitation from the 2006 Asian Games Organizing Committee to participate in the 15th Asian Games to be held in Doha, Qatar, December 1-15, 2006.

The Asian Games

"This is the second invitation bodybuilding received to be a medal sport in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved Asian Games," commented Weider. "IFBB athletes are already in the gym hard at work fine-tuning their physiques in preparation for the highly competitive competitions."

What Is The International Olympic Committee?
The International Olympic Committee is an organisation based in Lausanne, Switzerland, created by Pierre de Coubertin on June 23 1894 to reinstate the Ancient Olympic Games held in Greece between 776 BC to 396 AD. Its membership is 203 National Olympic Committees.

In 1951, New Delhi, India, hosted the inaugural Asian Games as eleven countries participated in six different sports disciplines. 55 years later, the Asian Games have experienced phenomenal growth as 44 countries will participate in 39 competitive sports.

"Our participation in these games is due to the concerted efforts of many dedicated IFBB officials, especially Paul Chua, the IFBB Vice President for Asia," said Weider.

"For over 35 years, Paul has been the most influential person regarding bodybuilding and fitness in Asia and I'm pleased to see he is helping our sport achieve the recognition it deserves," Weider continued.

Chua & Weider
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Paul Chua & Ben Weider.

"As the IFBB Vice-President for Asia and Secretary-General of the Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, I am extremely pleased and excited about our sport's inclusion in the IOC sanctioned 2006 Doha Asian Games," commented Chua.

"Our involvement in these prestigious games is indicative of the universal success and popularity that bodybuilding enjoys. Only the Olympic Games have more sporting events than the 2006 Asian Games which will feature over three dozen sporting events," said Chua.

Adding more drama and excitement to the bodybuilding portion of the 2006 Asian Games are two world-class bodybuilders from Qatar who recently won first-place awards at the 59th IFBB Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships, in Shanghai, China. Kamal Abdull Salam came out victorious in the middleweight (85kg) weight-class while fellow country man Ali Tabrizi won the light-heavyweight (90kg) weight-class.

The Men's Ultimate Classic! The Men's Ultimate Classic!
The Men's Ultimate Classic will be held on June 10-11, 2006 in the Atlantic Hall of the Hotel Presidential, Nigeria. The concept of bodybuilding is picking up speed in Africa. Read on for more.
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"The IFBB is proud to be a part of the Asian Games and I hope many of our fans attend and participate in this truly remarkable sporting event," said Weider.

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