The Weider Training Course: Providing Training Principles In China!

Weider and Paul Chua, IFBB Vice-President for Asia, were invited to China several times to help educate Chinese teachers, coaches and athletes on the benefits of bodybuilding. China is taking it all in. Learn more here!
In order to help educate Chinese athletes on the positive benefits of a bodybuilding lifestyle, Ben Weider, IFBB President, made his initial trip to China in 1957.

"I visited China nearly 50 years ago and throughout the years, I am amazed at the progress in the Chinese economy, the standard of living and of course, the rapid yet dramatic improvements Chinese athletes have made in athletic performances.

"Many of these improvements undoubtedly were due to strength training while following the scientific principles of a bodybuilding program," commented Weider.

Weider and Paul Chua, IFBB Vice-President for Asia, were invited to China several times to help educate Chinese teachers, coaches, and athletes on the benefits of bodybuilding. A leading Chinese advocate of both Weider and Chua's efforts was Professor Chen An-Huai of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and Sports, Shanghai.

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"Thanks to Professor An-Huai's belief in bodybuilding, I presented lectures at the Chinese Institute of Physical Education and Sport and at Beijing University. My training lectures were based on the Weider System which was created by my brother Joe," Weider said.

As the popularity of bodybuilding continued to grow in China, it was apparent that an updated training system was necessary. Looking to advance this system was the editor of the Chinese version of "Muscle & Fitness," Sun Li.

2004: Updated Training System In China

In 2004, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Li and the IFBB, a special Weider Training Course was developed. "The purpose of this course is to teach students beginner, intermediate and advanced principles of bodybuilding," commented Weider.

"It also includes courses on nutrition, diet, injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques. In addition, the course coverers basic anatomy, proper utilization of sport supplements and the risks of taking illegal drugs."

To date, the Weider Training Course is offered in Shanghai, Beijing, Jaiangshu, Guangdong, and Jiangxi. Since the course has quickly become a huge success (many classes have exceeded 40 students!), additional cities will soon host the popular program.


    Students of the Weider Training Course consist of youths looking to improve their athletic skills to senior citizens looking to enhance their mobility, balance and standard of living.

    Upon completion of the Weider Training Course, students are required to take an extensive examination. Those who pass the course receive a Weider Diploma identifying them as a "Professor of Bodybuilding." Course graduates go on to teach these valuable bodybuilding lessons to eager students in schools, universities and sport clubs throughout China.

Bodybuilding In China:

    The Weider Training Course has full support from the Chinese Government and leading sport officials. Playing a major role in promoting this course is China's number one bodybuilding magazine, "Muscle & Fitness."

    Since 1980, bodybuilding has been recognized as an official sport in China where both men and women take part in highly animated competitions held throughout the country.

    In 1994, Shanghai hosted the IFBB World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships and due to the continued popularity of bodybuilding in China, the Organizing Committee of the Chinese Bodybuilding Association (CBBA), the Shanghai Bodybuilding Association and the Shanghai Sports Development & Service Center will proudly host the 59th IFBB Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships & IFBB International Congress in Shanghai, China, November 23-28, 2005.

    The Weider Training Course is helping thousands of Chinese bodybuilders reach their full potential and leading this exciting effort is Li. "The professionalism and experience of the Weider Training Course instructors is unsurpassed in China," said Weider.

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    "Thanks to Sun Li and our many instructors, bodybuilding will continue to grow in this great country and I'm sure in the near future many great IFBB bodybuilding champions will come from here."

Contact Info:

    For more information related to the Weider Coaching Course in China, please contact:

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