Pasta, tasty sauces, and Italian ice cream isn't all Italy has to offer. During the Fitness Festival Expo held in Rimini, Italy, on the popular Adriatic Coast, thousands of fit Europeans and international fitness fanatics gather during a week in June.

By: Tiffany Rae
Pizza, pasta, tasty sauces, Italian ice cream (and tasty men) isn't all Italy has to offer. During the Fitness Festival Expo held in Rimini, Italy, on the popular Adriatic Coast, thousands of fit Europeans and international fitness fanatics gather during a week in June.


This Fit Fest is one of the largest competitions I have ever seen! Inside eight enormous halls one can find that noise; energy, action, sweat and conversation are nonstop! Vendors such as Nike, Freddy's, Adidas, Reebok, Spunky, Nutella, Nivea, MRM and incredibly, the list goes on all compete for attention. If you have a business in the fitness industry, I suggest you visit this festival at least once.

In between the vendors are booming sounds of classes like aquatic spin, step, hip hop aerobics, kick boxing, Pilates, etc. Wait! Did I mention the obstacle course? I am not talking about the one invented just to get around the place, but the actual courses set up outside near rock climbing walls. (And I almost forgot the reason I was there.)

Of course, there are bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Yet, I was not as focused as I ought to have been while watching the live performance exhibitions. I found myself intrigued by the exhibits of break dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing and stunting.

Fortunately Fitness America and Musclemania was put in Hall B on a small, but workable stage. There were six fitness competitors and the show ran smoothly for the most part. The audience wasn't as interactive as I thought they might have been, but my focus was on the judges. Certainly it is important to make eye contact with the judges, but glimpse at the picture below and discover why it was a bit distracting to have these judges as a female fitness competitor.

Some Pics From The Trip:

These are pictures of Sicco Hersink, Hubert Morandell, and Francisco Casillo hanging out. On the right is Ruscha Kouril, the FAP 2000 champion and returning Rimini Champion.

There is a reason she is still in incredible shape! She trains ALL her routines. Most fitness competitors just focus on one routine per show, but not Ruscha. During the Fitness Fest she exhibited two very difficult fitness routines within a ten-minute increment. Most fitness competitors are happy to make it through one full out routine.

I must mention another inside tip about her workouts. Ruscha covers miles of ground by shopping. But who wouldn't get exercise shopping in Italy when so many stores are along the beachfront?

Lovely Anne Beetham, who speaks over five languages, but not while performing her Spanish style fitness routine, drew in the Italian crowd with her flowing red hair. Sophie Vanspauwen with her incredibly sexy and fit body will venture to LA for Miss Bikini.

More Pics From The Trip:

Other fitness celebrities such as Laurie Vaniman where there to represent MRM. Here is a shot of Ruscha and I with her. Ruscha and I were happy to have the opportunity to meet her and watch her captivating routine.

Hopefully our small, yet fantastically entertaining show continues in Rimini, Italy and perhaps many more fit fanatics will journey to the crowded halls for a week of adventure!


Here are the results from the Fitness and Musclemania:

Fitness Competition

163 Anne Beetham (NZ)15924
260 Sofie Vanspauwen (NL)42125
3Tiffany R. Pristelski (US)22424
450 Gabriela Kiss (IT)101626
565 Jaana Dunlon (ES)122032
666 Elmer Siim (ES)211435
761 Kelly Santos (BR)282856

Musclemania Competiton

154 Antonio Vergiani (IT)5
253 Paulo Sgro (IT)7
359 Andrea Oliban (IT)14
456 Erik Heijnen (NE)16
551 Branda Stefano (IT)18
655 Michele Benvenga (IT)26
757 Sicco Heersink (NE)27
858 Antonio Sabata (DE)32

Ciao for now!

The 2003 Fitness Festival Expo On The Adriatic Coast!

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