Seeing how out of shape people got very soon after they graduated high school, I started doing pushups and chinups in the third grade! I then trained with springs and rubber strands, but it wasn't until high school that I was introduced to the wonderful world of weight training through an inspiring photo of John Grimek in STRENGTH & HEALTH magazine. I bought a set of weights my junior year when I realized how much more effective weight training was for attaining the physical perfection I was after.

I finally entered my first contest when I graduated from college. After about 10 years of competition, winning at least one title per year all ten years (such as Mr. Florida, Mr. Northern Hemisphere, Mr. USA, Mr. America-MW, NPC National Champion-MW, 1st Runner-up IFBB MR. Universe), I stopped competing.

I never really caught the competitive drive back, but learned to enjoy bodybuilding like a kid again. I truly think the best thing anyone can do for health and mobility is to engage in a bodybuilding exercise routine until one's last day standing.

I have appeared on the covers of and/or written articles for most of the top magazines: Iron Man, Muscular Development, Strength & Health, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Digest, Muscle Mag International, Cultura Fisica, etc. Through I hope now to impart some wisdom gained over the years to the babyboomer generation.

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Vital Stats

Name: Richard Baldwin
Years of Bodybuilding: 40
Favorite Body Parts: Arms
Favorite exercise: Close-grip benches
Favorite supplements: Varies from season to season
Hobbies: Model railroading, playing the clarinet, collecting John Grimek memorabilia.
Favorite Bodybuilders: John Grimek, Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Frank Zane, Lee Lebrada.
Age: 55
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185
Chest: 48"
Calves: 17"
Legs: 26"
Arms: 20"
Waist: 30"


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