Getting To Know The Renegade!

In an effort to bring our readership cutting-edge information, we stumbled onto one of the most well-read athletic coaches in the last year but also one steeped in mystery.
In an effort to bring our readership cutting-edge information, the editors of this site stumbled onto one of the most well-read athletic coaches in the last year but also one steeped in mystery. With that being said, we decided to pose a few questions with the founder and creator of Renegade Training, Coach Davies, The Renegade! So tell us a little of Renegade Training - what is it?

The Renegade: I serve as a consultant to coaches/athletes across the world in the development and implementation of training programs. From a practical vantage point, I am an architect of a plan of attack for those as the saying goes, where victory is the only option. From still another vantage, I coach coaches - as founder of Renegade Training, one of most important functions for the balance of my days is to pass knowledge to others. Where did the name Renegade Training come from ?

The Renegade: The term "Renegade" is from a nickname that just stuck. Now before you think it stems from some "nice" commentary, it actually was a form of a backhanded insult by a fellow coach who had retained my services. He really didn't agree with my style but couldn't ignore that I got something unforeseen out of the athletes. So he called me a damn Renegade who he has no other choice but to hire. After that the nickname kind of stuck and in time I accepted it as a badge of honor. What makes your approach to training so unique then, so renegadesque if you will?

The Renegade: Hmm, I guess the first thing you ought to understand is we at Renegade Training are about a lot more than just "sets and reps" - it's about our attitude, our focus, our relentless attack on the ultimate goal of our work. In developing our plan of attack, I first had to break free from the shackles of what has been assumed and I search a different path. As I examined typical training approaches I questioned if they were merely following the status quo or really attempting to enhance sports performance. What jettisoned from this was a completely different take on how to prepare for competition (battle) and the results of my athletes have spoken for themselves. One typical criticism of your work is that the athletes are over trained - how do you respond?

The Renegade: You're right, I hear that a lot but then again you generally find society divided by those willing to go the extra distance, those tough enough to meet the challenges and yeah - those needing to be picked up by the leaders. No, Renegade Training isn't for everyone - it's for those wanting to take control of their athletic destiny and meet the challenge. No, don't get the idea that what I do is punishment - everything relates to the goal but the route is there before you to follow - in what I call the "pathway to greatness." From the standpoint of fitness, our nation has become soft and weak - my approach to training raises levels of work threshold to the point that we can accomplish things previously thought impossible. Another thing we hear is that you don't really speak of your client list all that much - why?

The Renegade: Look, we live in the information age and it really isn't that difficult to find out about a few of my clients. But the point is Renegade Training isn't about what I have done in the past or some ego trip - it's about what YOU do in the future! Yeah, each of us has greatness within him, you just need to unlock that potential. As far as me, I don't need any damn glory or accolades; I am just happy enough to hear of my athletes' success, climbing the mountaintops and just kicking the window of opportunity in. From another standpoint, I also don't like it how the industry of "gurus" markets itself to young athletes saying this athlete accomplished this (even though he may be a genetic freak) and so can you. Yeah, I know it doesn't make business sense but sometimes you have stand up for a heck of a lot more than coin. You teach your athletes a "relentless pursuit of their goals." How so?

The Renegade: Success is a learned trait through repeated patterns of accomplishment. My athletes are trained for the "fog of war (competition)" and are at ease in the most trying times. We are trained to be at ease where others cringe -the heat of battle is our cradle. The weak of mind are quickly changed to the strong of will, otherwise they have no place in the Renegade world. We thrive, if not blossom in chaos and profit from the fear of adversity. I guess you understand I set the tone when I list the U.S. Marine Corps book, Warfighting, as required reading. You are principally known within the football circles and as author of "Renegade Training for Football." Any other sports or interests?

The Renegade: Certainly within this country I am well-known for Football but Renegade Training is involved in many different sports, from team sports of Basketball, Baseball to individual pursuits as Martial Arts and a highly anticipated book on Xtreme Sport preparation. Not to mention we just won a huge Bodybuilding competition that I will go into detail about our plan of attack in the future for the readers. I know our readers will be interested in hearing of that a great deal - any special approaches to "going Renegade" - like what does it take?

The Renegade: Simple. A fire that burns in your soul to overcome adversity and assails the highest of mountaintops. The will of an athlete is everything to me and the simple belief they will not be vanquished. The rest, the technical work, the planning we supply - so finally I await you in faith,
Coach Davies

Good luck,