Cardio In The Mourning!

I am a firm believer in doing and accomplishing more work in less time while exercising whether gaining muscle, losing fat or both. It is no doubt, then, I opt to fuel up before exercising.

I am a firm believer in doing and accomplishing more work in less time while exercising whether gaining muscle, losing fat or both. It is no doubt, then, I opt to fuel up before exercising.

Some celebrity or high profile fitness guru's give the advice to do cardio in the AM and weight training on an empty stomach if the goal is to lose fat.

They point out saying, "Research indicates that not only does high-intensity training burn fat more effectively than low-intensity exercise - up to 50% more efficiently - it also speeds up your metabolism and keeps it revved up for some time after your workout."


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The documentation or references to this research study is conveniently omitted. Furthermore they make known, "To further enhance the fat-burning effects of these workouts do them in the morning, in a fasted state (before eating).

Scientific studies indicate that fat is burned much faster - up to 300% faster - when you exercise in the morning as opposed to doing the same exercise in the afternoon." Once again, these scientific studies are cleverly absent to assert their authority on the subject to sell the idea to the "average" unfit person who haphazardly invest in their "training program."

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dot Empty Stomach With High Intensity Training? dot

    Here's a simple question: How can you train on an empty stomach while keeping the high-intensity training pace up? You can't. This is a contradiction.

    You'll either faint during training because of the lack of fuel prior to your training to keep your workout energized or you'll end your training early due to the same reason: no fuel to energize or keep your workout intensified! You can't have or do both. It's one or the other.

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You Need Fuel To Keep Your Workout Energized.

    Either train on an empty stomach in a fasted state not eating prior to your workout with low-intensity training for a longer duration to accomplish less in more time or train while fueled prior to your workout with high-intensity training for a shorter duration to accomplish more in less time!

Do You Train On An Empty Stomach?

Not Anymore

    Pro-bodybuilders are perhaps the only elite athletes who can afford to train on an empty stomach because they have so much muscle mass! They actually over-build themselves using supplemental aids in their "off-season" and can afford to lose muscle (which they expect) while on a "pre-contest" diet, for the purpose of getting "ripped" and winning the prize!

dot Fuel & The Lack Of It dot

    Not eating prior to training is a mistake. Not eating will force:

    1. You to leave your workout prematurely
    2. Your body to break down more muscle to generate fuel

    The purpose of eating prior to training is to:

    1. Elevate your metabolism
    2. Stay fueled during training

    The purpose of eating one hour after training is to:

    1. Keep your metabolism elevated
    2. Assist in the recuperative cycle

dot Increase Not Decrease Our RMR dot

    About 5-10% of your energy expenditure is used to convert food into fuel. Approximately 20% is used up by exercise. And 75% of your energy is consumed by your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which accounts for most of your daily expenditure such as walking, sitting or sleeping!


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    Most fat is burned at rest! Not eating before training will help you lose weight, but the loss will include muscle too as well as fat. Muscle loss will only decrease your RMR, not increase it! Muscle is your fat-burning machinery. You need to have more or maintain it to keep your body revved up!