Resolve Yourself Back Into Fitness Without Making Promises!

Did you gain a few pounds of fat the past two months due to not eating and not eating right? Do not give yourself a resolution to reverse this decadent state by making promises to yourself you know you cannot keep!

Did you gain a few pounds of fat the past two months due to not eating and not eating right? You heard that right: not eating and not eating right contributes to fat gain! Do you now feel like a slug due to a lack of physical activity the past two months? There are no excuses for putting your mind and body in a state of decadence! Do not give yourself a resolution to reverse this decadent state by making promises to yourself you know you cannot keep!

The New Year ...

Fitness knows no special day (New Year's for one) that realizes itself to getting the mind and body fit. Why start on or after New Years? Why wait, because it is the cultural and family thing to do? Resolve yourself now and just do it! Mental and physical health is an everyday thing that affects one's mood, one's attitude toward fitness or lack of it thereof, and affects one's attitude toward life, relationship with self, and relationships with others. Fitness or the lack of it thereof makes you, you - the way you are from a grand scale between deficiency and excess, that is, the mean or what is good for all.

This is a short-term routine plan for the advanced female or male fitness enthusiast to get back on their fitness feet quick before resuming a routine he or she would normally follow (e.g., 4-day split, 5-day split, etc). This routine is for the young at heart, over (or near) 40, time on hands and no excuses. This routine is performed everyday, sometimes twice a day with the exception of an optional one day off per week. The duration of this routine is 2-4 weeks.

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Follow the routine below for 2-4 weeks then switch to a routine you would normally use for muscle gain, fat loss or increasing energy! Day one is a "double-split" routine where you go to the gym twice in that one day to work your lower body one time then your upper body another time. Keep the reps for each set around 15. Between workouts, eat small frequent meals 4-6 times per day to kick-start your metabolism in addition to physical activity!

For example, have your oatmeal with raisins and a protein drink for breakfast. Pick up a healthy fast food sandwich (if the case) and have another protein drink for lunch. Eat a healthy mid-afternoon snack. Sit down to a chicken pasta dish for dinner. And take one more protein drink before going to bed! Have a cookie or some chips between meals to reward yourself and maintain your sanity!

Above all, find opportunities outside the gym to MOVE MORE such as getting in and out of your car three or more times per day by doing favors for your significant other, playing with your children (if you've got children) or simply interacting with an author from reading a good book with great ideas. The point is, whatever you did before that you do not do now DO IT again! Like life, fitness is a process of finding meaning and fulfillment. Enjoy the journey!

Sample Routine

Day 1 (AM or afternoon PM): Lower body and lower back

Day 1 (afternoon or evening PM): Upper body

Day 2 (AM or PM): Cardio, Abs, Forearms

Day 3:

    Repeat Day 1 (double-split - lower and upper body).

Day 4:

    Repeat Day 2 (cardio).

Day 5:

    Repeat Day 1 (double-split - lower and upper body).

Day 6:

    Repeat Day 2 (cardio).

Day 7:

    Rest or Repeat Day 1 (double-split - lower and upper body), etc.

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