2002 Arnold Fitness Weekend Preview!

At least once in your life a true Muscle Head should make a point to get to the Arnold Fitness Expo and Arnold Bodybuilding Classic. So, mark it on your calendar, February 22-24.
This is the 14th edition of the Arnold Fitness Weekend. The world's best built bodies from bodybuilding and fitness will converge on Columbus, Ohio, February 22nd through the 24th. The 2002 expo is expecting an anticipated attendance of around 60,000 and more then 600-exhibitor booths with some 9,500 athletes.

You say you've never been to the Arnold Fitness Weekend? Been wanting too but just haven't found the time. Well, what's wrong with you? And you call yourself a bodybuilder. Find the time, make the time, it's a must see for all who are into the bodybuilding mystique.

I attended my first Arnold Fitness Expo as a booth representative. Seeing all my friends and acquaintances from around the bodybuilding world all in one spot is so much fun. My last Arnold was nice because my husband and I got to have dinner with old friend Dan Duchane. Then there was Curtis's old football acquaintance, IFBB Pro Chris Cormier. Curtis used to work out with Chris's brother Rob when Curtis was coaching and Chris was playing football at College of the Desert. Chris is such a great guy with a fantastic build. I got to meet the world's strongest man, Anthony Clark. The list goes on and on. The number of people that attend the expo on Saturday is, how do I explain, like a large cluster of cattle moving in one direction, a sea of people. You can't get through unless you have the NFL Raider offensive line making a hole for you. Excuse me, the Cleveland Browns offensive line.

Anita w/ Gerard Dente from MHP.
Anita with IFBB Pro Chris Cormier

The more then 600 exhibitor booths feature the latest in nutritional supplements, fitness equipment and fitness clothing the industry has to offer. Bodybuilding.com will be there, stop by and say "Hi" to the gang. The Expo is more then an event. It's a true Muscle Head experience. At the Arnold Fitness Weekend you can see the WPO Bench Press Championships. Not into that? Sorry, but when you see men and women going for world record lifts in the bench press, trust me, you'll instantly be a fan. Especially when then men are benching over 700 pounds!

Anita w/ Anthony Clark

B&K Sports Magazine coverage (Anita & Curtis in the middle pic)

You would expect bodybuilding to be the biggest competition of competitor's right? Arnold. Bodybuilding. No. The martial arts are expected to have the largest party of athletes. Some 400 martial arts specialists are expected to show the world their talents. New to the 2002 martial arts battle will be the International Specially Challenged Martial arts Championships for special Olympic athletes. This weekend will also see a champion crowned in the Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships and the Arnold Traditional Karate World Cup Championships. Wow! That's enough martial arts to make Bruce Lee happy.

Anita w/ Dan Duchane

Then there are the 5K run on the 24th (If you're into running in the snow) and a Cheerleading and Dance Team Championships. Oh yeah, I forgot, there is an Arm Wrestling Championships too. You can see the best men and women in arm wrestling from around the country. The 2002 Arnold Fitness Expo offers a little of something for everyone, and more. Fitness is the main course at the Arnold Fitness Weekend and Arnold serves it up in large helpings.

Anita w/ IFBB Judge Toni Dee & TwinLab employee

At least once in your life a true Muscle Head should make a point to get to the Arnold Fitness Expo and Arnold Bodybuilding Classic. So, mark it on your calendar, February 22-24, go to www.arnoldfitnessexpo.com for all your travel and accommodation needs. Oh yeah, don't forget to bring a camera with lots of film.

Check out Bodybuilding.com's awesome booth at this year's Arnold!