An Interview With Top Fitness Coach And Camp Host, Cathy Savage!

When fitness competitions began Cathy immediately jumped right into it, and not long after other girls were asking her for help with their routines! Learn more about Cathy and Camp Savage right here.
A graduate from Boston College, Cathy joined the work force with a degree in marketing/communications. However, her love for fitness took control and like so many others she started her own personal training business.

Savage Choreography Fitness Prep Camp 2005 Savage Choreography Fitness Prep Camp 2005.
The Savage Choreography Fitness Prep Camp is put on by Cathy Savage, who was a fitness competitor herself and is now leading the way for many hopefuls in the industry.
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So, when fitness competitions began, Cathy immediately jumped right into it and not long after, other girls were asking her for help with their routines! She looked around and noticed that there were not many choreographers and coaches who could put routines together and thus began "Camp Savage".

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Top Fitness Coach, Cathy Savage
With Camp Savage Girls.

Let's meet the architect of Camp Savage!

The Interview

[ Anita Ramsey ] Okay, Cathy, let's get started. What made you get involved in doing boot-type camps like yours?

    Cathy Savage: I have been involved in competitive fitness since its inception. I competed in the early days and shortly thereafter began coaching. As my business started to grow, I had an idea of forming a team of girls who train and prepare together as well as compete and travel together.

    The team concept began from there. As my team grew, I thought it would be great to have a few seminars and camps each year for newcomers as well as for my current group of girls. The first seminar I ever conducted was in 1996, so this is my tenth year anniversary!

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    Camp Savage Winter 2006, Boston, Mass.

    I also know that there is so much misinformation out there by people who claim to be experts and who are leading girls down the wrong path. I know my camps show girls not just how to compete, but how to compete successfully!

    In addition to competing, friendships are made, and this makes me so proud as the whole sport should not just be about who wins the trophy!

[ AR ] How long you been doping it?

    CS: I have been coaching girls since 1993 and I have been holding camps and seminars since 1996.

[ AR ] What was the response to your first camp and how many girls showed up?

    CS: My first camps/seminars held about 20 girls. Today, Camp Savage in January of 2006 held 150 girls from all over the U.S. and Canada.

[ AR ] Do you have sponsors to aid in costs of putting on the camp?

    CS: I am very blessed to have media coverage such as Oxygen magazine, and celebrity clients such as Alicia Marie, as well as my design team, Sylvia Tremblay, PassionFruit Designs, and

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    My Camps Show Girls Not Just How
    To Compete, But How To Compete Successfully.

    All in all, I have 5 designers on staff. The majority of the costs from putting on a large scale camp in a beautiful hotel, such as mine, however, comes from me! I do not accept any money from any federation or organizations. The great thing is that my camp fee is under $200 for the weekend.

[ AR ] For our readers let's back up - tell us about the camp.

    CS: Well, Camp Savage is not only a preparation camp, but it's also a weekend of empowerment. Thanks to the MTV show " True Life" (Episode: "I Want The Perfect Body") that I was involved in, many girls now have an interest in competing, who may have thought prior to watching that show that they did not have a chance to participate!

    Therefore, at my camps, you will see many beginners or women who may be a year away from stepping onstage! You will also see the best in the business who come to camp for motivation and to always learn something new!

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    Cathy, Backstage.

    My staff and I start the weekend off with a welcome reception on Friday night. This helps the new girls relax for the weekend ahead! We start early on Saturday morning. I cover every aspect of competition preparation for the major federations for both fitness and figure/models.

    During the camp, we have lectures, guest speakers, and breakout sessions where we get into small groups for discussions and assessments. I meet every single camper and assess them.

    I also have team leaders who are responsible for catering to each campers needs. My team leaders consist of successful veterans who simply love to help out!

[ AR ] That's very cool. What else goes on? Give us some of the weekly schedule...

    CS: The campers participate in sample workouts, dance moves, tons of stage presentation drills and learning to walk in high heels, as well as makeup and tanning demonstrations, choreography and strength moves for the fitness athletes, nutrition, suit and costume selection and the ever-popular competing on a budget topic!

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    We Have Breakout Sessions Where We
    Get Into Small Groups For Assessments.

    We literally cover it all! We also give away sponsorships, raffles, and my designers all give away free custom swimsuits in a grand raffle! On Saturday night, "Savage Girls' Night Out" takes place. This is optional, but it's always a highlight of the weekend!

    Make Yourself Up: Tips & Tricks For Female Competitors & Models! Make Yourself Up: Tips & Tricks For Female Competitors & Models!
    Proper make-up selection and application is one of the most critical aspects involved in one's presentation. To clear up confusion, I've enlisted the help of several top consultants.
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    Girls from all over the country get to experience the Boston nightlife and it's always fun to see the moms who obviously don't get out too much having a fun time! They usually have the best time! On Sunday morning, we start with an early rise yoga, which is incredible. I am so blessed to have one of the nation's best yoga presenters, Paula Harvey, on my staff.

[ AR ] What's it like at the end of the camp?

    CS: We once again get down to business with all the information of the day for figure and fitness athletes. At the end of the day, campers are tired, and their feet hurt from walking in the shoes but it's always emotional to say goodbye.

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    It's Always Emotional To Say Goodbye.

    Tears are shed, and hugs are meaningful. However, we all talk via my forum and website so the experience doesn't end just because the weekend is over. Many athletes come back year after year to camp, so we never really lose touch.

    But one athlete said it best...

    "Now I know that no matter what show
    I compete in, anywhere in the country,
    chances are I have met some of the girls
    who are competing by my side at Camp Savage."

[ AR ] Thanks, Cathy, for your time and for telling us about Camp Savage.

    CS: No problem, Anita, let me know if you need anything else! My websites are and

    Camp Savage is a full-service competition preparation business, which covers everything from music, costumes, and suits, to choreography and stage presentation.