Are You Ready For The Next Competitive Season?

Everyone needs a break and you've had yours. You've eaten perhaps more then you should have and possibly drank a little excess too this holiday season. Are you ready for the next competitive season?
Everyone needs a break and you've had yours. You've eaten perhaps more then you should have and possibly drank a little excess too this holiday season. You didn't know that EggNog was loaded did ya? Now that you're done drinking all those soft drinks, eating cookies, cakes, and peanut M&M's, you've vowed this season to be back with greater determination and die-hard enthusiasm, right? Are you ready for the 2003 competitive season? It is time to get back to serious training. I am sure your fellow competitor is who's eyeing that same damn show you are planing on doing. What about you?

Maybe you did not achieve all you set out to do last year? Ask yourself, did you go all out? What about your training, and diet? Did you go 100%? What about your posing routine? Did you plan everything to the last minute last year? Well, if you answered YES to the above, and you truthfully didn't, then you will in 2003.

We all have choices in life. You can either admit defeat and never compete again or pick yourself up, dust yourself off, swallow your pride, and do it again. Watching football up close on the practice field I understand why those guys view playing football with playing the game of life. You get knocked down, get up and do it again, but harder and better. To achieve and believe, whether your goals are orientated towards Bodybuilding or some other sports related competition, your career or your personal life, nothing quite works like P.D.S.M. (persistence, determination, self-belief, and motivation).


Persistence is what separates the winner from the quitter. Being persistent will make you stronger then any iron pumping exercise could. Stronger willed that is, or in my words 'stubborn.' If first you don't succeed Try, try again! That's what being persistent is all about. If it takes you three tries to win the Nationals then that's what it takes. Have a little tenacity in your day-to-day actions


Determination is the defining factor of being persistent. Resolve! What do I mean by that? Well, having determination in your bodybuilding goals only confirms a firm intention, or a firmness of purpose. You should have resolve in your purpose to become a champion! If you break down the word determination you come up with 'determined' which means having ones mind made up. So, have a firm purpose of mind, and get into the gym with determination to over come the heavy iron pumping that you must endure.


No I don't mean be self centered or cocky. No, but, more of a belief that you can do certain things. A belief in one self to accomplish goals, too accomplish the things you set out to do in life. Remember that there is always someone bigger or better, but that doesn't mean you cannot believe in the person you are and your abilities.


You can still get everything done, and still not accomplish your goals. But, what did you learn? You just received a tremendous amount of knowledge for the next competition. Defeat brings knowledge more so than victory. So, outline your goals for the upcoming season, especially if you haven't done that yet. Write them down on a piece of paper in ink. There are short-term goals and long-term goals. Short-term goals can be as little as a week, and up to 3 months, unless you're like some people who look at short-term goals as one year at a time. Long-term goals are usually 6 month and up to a year. Now, write down your goals that you want to accomplish.

Tell us about your shows and your contests you're getting ready for? I'm going to compile all the success stories at the end o the competitive season, so contact me with your show and dates of competition