Sirius Satellite Radio Adds Bodybuilding Talk Show!

Sirius Satellite Radio has enjoyed a surge in popularity following the prolific arrivals of Howard Stern and NFL Football. PBW is now filling an important role of promoting bodybuilding on a larger scale. Check it out!

Los Angeles, CA - November 12, 2006 -- Bodybuilding's pursuit of mainstream exposure has scored a victory with the announcement that "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" will be added to Sirius Satellite Radio's high profile lineup of programming.

arrow Joining Sirius Satellite Radio

    With more than 5 million Sirius subscribers, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly's audience reach will exceed that of any existing bodybuilding media outlet, print or broadcast.

    Sirius Satellite Radio has enjoyed a surge in popularity following the prolific arrivals of Howard Stern and NFL Football. PBW's Executive Producer Dan Solomon explains, "From day one, our objective has been to bring the sport of bodybuilding to as many people as possible. This is a big victory for everyone who shares our passion for bodybuilding."

    Jim Manion, Vice President of the International Federation of Bodybuilders, adds, "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly is playing an important role in promoting the sport on a larger scale. The addition of bodybuilding to Sirius Satellite Radio represents a significant step in our ongoing efforts to reach the largest possible audience."

arrow What Is Pro Bodybuilding Weekly?

    Launched in June of 2005, bodybuilding talk radio has gained momentum by allowing bodybuilding fans a chance to hear from the biggest names in bodybuilding. Beginning in 2007, the one-hour broadcasts will air in primetime on Sirius Radio's popular network, Sports Byline USA (Sirius channel 122).

    "We are thrilled to see the show listed among this incredible lineup of programming," says Russ DeLuca, Treasurer of, the world's number one most visited bodybuilding web site and sponsor of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly.

    Co-Host Bob Cicherillo adds, "Bodybuilding fans needed a new way to follow the sport. The magazines are great, but PBW allows fans to hear the news immediately, directly from the source."

    Bob Cicherillo Bob Cicherillo
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    Bob Cicherillo.

    Solomon explains, "We are now in a unique position to provide the athletes, the magazines, and our advertisers with the large scale exposure they richly deserve."

    Presented each week by renowned supplement leader MuscleTech, the broadcasts will also remain available to a global audience by webcast.

    For more information, visit

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