Building A Fitness Figure, Episode #2: Planning A Fitness Routine.

Watch as NPC/FAME Figure & Fitness Competitor Linda Cusmano takes you through her 4-months-out contest prep, trying out moves for her upcoming fitness routine. Also learn about post-workout nutrition and plyometrics!

Episode 2: Planning A Fitness Routine!

In this second episode, NPC/FAME figure and fitness competitor Linda Cusmano is 4 months out from her next fitness competition. She starts preparing her routine early, trying out various moves and choreography well in advance.

Linda Cusmano Linda Cusmano
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NPC/FAME Fitness & Figure Competitor Linda Cusmano.

In this second episode, she also follows up on her HST discussion from episode #1, does a quick workout with plyometrics, and spends some time in the kitchen discussing post-workout nutrition.

Gymnastics & Skills: Aerial Tricks, Leaps, Holds & Push-Ups Gymnastics & Skills: Aerial Tricks, Leaps & More.
The bare bones you should try to achieve: handstand, cartwheel, scale and a front roll. Here are some great examples of aerial tricks, leaps & pushups. See them step-by-step here.
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Building A Fitness Figure
Episode 2: Planning A Fitness Routine

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Did you know? Linda is also a writer on, having several previous articles under her belt, on topics ranging from summer six-packs to gymnastics & fitness skills.

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