A Trainer To The Stars Is Becoming A Star Of His Own In The Rock Band... 98 Lb. Weakling!

98 Lb. Weakling is a band that is trying to show people that you can rock and be healthy at the same time. The release below tells a little about this band and how they are advocates of a healthy lifestyle.
A Trainer to the Stars is Becoming a Star of His Own
in the Rock Band... 98 Lb. Weakling

Los Angeles, CA - 98 lb. Weakling is becoming a dedicated member to the stage as well as the gym. With a picture in hand, one can definitely see the irony in their name. Eric Fleishman, the lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist, is also a personal trainer at Body Image Gym in North Hollywood. Not weighing much more than a mere 98lbs... he sure knows how to throw his weight around up on stage.

98 Lb. Weakling's melodic rock is enhanced with a great stage presence and energy. Eric, the talented front man and lead singer is also a personal trainer with over ten years of experience in the two epicenters of fitness. Yes, this isn't the most common combination, but that is what makes this story so unique. Having fun and staying healthy too is often a concept forgotten. There are too many role models in the entertainment industry that are not creating role model images. Eric shows his fans that you can be a rock star and be healthy at the same time.

98 Lb. Weakling is three best friends: Eric, Chris, Jamie and their newest addition, Joerg, from the well-known group Life House. They originally met in NYC ... migrated to Hollywood and thankfully reunited to form the power incubator band, El Protecto. Soon after, they returned to their original NYC name and launched into the music scene with their astounding self-titled full length CD debut.

Their collective experience drawing from different cultural and musical influences has led them to their unique sound. Their passion for music combined with immense talent created an amazing album you've got to hear. "We tried to capture the spirit and intensity of our live shows on the album," says Eric. At a recent show to a packed house, Chris announces, "I play my ass off just to see you grin. I don't care what the hell your problems are, check this out. We're rockin' up here! Come on up here!"

At a 98 Lb. Weakling show you can expect to see Eric pounding his fuzzed out acoustic guitar, Jamie jumping up and down... while maintaining a perfect rhythm on his bass, Chris driving his giant kick drum like a Mack truck while heaving out passionate harmonies that slide into war cries, and Yerick, the amazing lead guitarist, is not only exciting to watch but also brings the last piece of perfection to create the tight sound of 98lb. Weakling.

98lb. Weakling is here. Sing a song. Sing a 98lb Weakling song. In the meantime, they'll write you another one. One thing's for sure; there is no end to their passion and their audience appeal.

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