Author Declares Freedom From America's Biggest Bully, Obesity, On Independence Day!

Personal trainer Jeremy Likness offers a new twist to the fat-loss trend by asking readers to stop worrying about burning calories and focus instead on releasing the thoughts and patterns... To learn what he means by this read on. You will get an earful.
Author Declares Freedom from America's Biggest Bully, Obesity, on Independence Day

Motivational speaker and health coach Jeremy Likness takes a stand on July 4th, 2005; Releases internationally-selling eBook in paperback format to help readers "Lose Fat, Not Faith."

Personal trainer Jeremy Likness offers a new twist to the fat-loss trend by asking readers to stop worrying about burning calories and focus instead on releasing the thoughts and patterns that created the extra weight in the first place. His internationally-selling eBook, Lose Fat, Not Faith will be published in paperback by Golden Summit Inc. on July 4th.

"I lost 65 pounds of fat without swallowing a magic pill or following a secret diet plan. Lose Fat, Not Faith is about working a muscle many people neglect - the one between the ears," announced the author.

Dennis B. Weis, the author of three critically acclaimed best-selling bodybuilding books, declares that "Jeremy Likness is the Anthony Robbins of the bodybuilding world." Jeremy's approach to health from the inside is revealed in the 300-page transformation guide. One reviewer called the book a "story from the coal-face" because intertwined in the program is "the story of the author's personal journey from heartache to wholeness."

Jeremy is no stranger to fat loss himself. In 1999, he weighed a whopping 245 pounds and was popping buttons on his 44" slacks. After failing to lose or keep the weight off after trying dozens of diet plans and quick-fix supplements, Jeremy realized that he was lacking the key ingredient for success: faith. By focusing on his beliefs and mindset, he was able to shed the excess pounds. The transformation was so remarkable that he left the Information Technology industry to pursue health and wellness as a full-time career. Jeremy is now a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Performance Nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association.

"It's time for the world to wake up. According to the Centers for Disease Control, second only to tobacco use, poor diet and lack of exercise contributed to the largest number of deaths in the year 2000. This is a very real problem. The majority of people living in the United States are either overweight or obese. It's time to stop being slaves to fast food, junk food, and our television sets and stand firm in our freedom to live healthy, energetic lives."

Can just one book win the battle of the bulge?

"My mission is to transform the world, one success story at a time. If I can just change one life with the power of the information contained within this book, I will be one step closer to victory."

Jeremy Likness is a prolific writer who has been published in major online health and fitness publications including,, and Tom Venuto's The paperback edition of Lose Fat, Not Faith will be published by Golden Summit Inc. on July 4th and will begin shipping on July 5th. A short biography of the author, a list of testimonials from the eBook release, and a complete list of published articles is available upon request.

Lose Fat, Not Faith can be ordered online at, through major online retailers including, or by calling Golden Summit Inc toll-free at 1-888-472-2829 or by fax 678-921-5216. The price is $24.99 plus $4 shipping and handling within the US.

Book Statistics:

    Title: Lose Fat, Not Faith
    Subtitle: A Transformation Guide
    Author: Jeremy Likness
    ISBN: 0-9769079-2-5
    Category: Health and Fitness
    Length: 300 pages
    Retail price: $24.99
    Binding: 5.5" x 8.5" trade paperback
    Illustrations: none
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