Lee Priest Begins New Era With Cutting Edge Labs Endorsement Deal.

Cutting Edge Labs (CEL) announced today the signing of arguably the most well-known professional bodybuilder in the industry, Lee Priest. This latest move will continue to move CEL in a positive direction.

Farmingdale, NY (11/16/06): Cutting Edge Labs (CEL) announced today the signing of arguably the most well-known professional bodybuilder in the industry, international superstar Lee Priest. This groundbreaking deal for CEL begins a new era in Lee's remarkable career.

In over 15 years of professional bodybuilding Lee Priest has won 7 competitions, but his contribution to the sport of bodybuilding extends well beyond his achievements on stage. Serving as a sponsor and consultant for major bodybuilding companies, Lee has had a tremendous impact on the industry.

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On Stage At The 2004 San Francisco Pro.

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    With Cutting Edge Labs, Lee Priest will be the focus of major advertising campaigns as well as serving as a consultant for the brands' image and product development. "As a professional bodybuilder, sports nutrition is very important to me." said Lee, adding: "I've enjoyed working with supplement companies and I am excited to continue working in the industry with CEL."

Guest: Lee Priest
Date: 07/31/06
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    When asked about his new contract, Lee stated "I first came across the products at a show and they really grabbed my attention. After speaking with the company's executives I felt CEL is a company with a strong vision and has the resources needed to be a power player. The deal came together quickly and it proved to me what CEL is capable of."

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Lee Priest At The 2006 Iron Man.

    "Things couldn't have worked out better." said Jason Provenzano VP of Sales & Operations for CEL. "We were in the right place at the right time. We needed a well-known bodybuilding pro to be the backbone of our marketing strategy. CEL is very excited to be represented by Lee Priest and we anticipate a powerful partnership that will benefit both parties for years to come."

arrow About CEL

    Cutting Edge Labs is a nutritional supplement company with products designed to improve athletic performance. Opening its doors in March of 2006, CEL is gaining popularity within the bodybuilding community with its "high profile" business strategy and premium products.

    For more information about Lee Priest and Cutting Edge Labs or to read more about CEL products and how to obtain samples, visit: www.cuttingedgelabs.com or email info@cuttingedgelabs.com.

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