Ben Weider Resigns As President Of The IFBB!

After 61 years as acting president of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding organization, Ben Weider has decided to resign from his position. Long-time friend & working partner, Dr. Rafael Santonja will now assume the duties…

After 61 years as acting president of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding organization, Ben Weider has decided to resign from his position. Long-time friend & working partner, Dr. Rafael Santonja will now assume the duties...

IFBB VIDEO - Ben Weider Retirement Address to the IFBB International Congress - 2006.

Even after the interview Dan and Bob had with Ben Weider they did not know he was giving up his position as the President of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding organization. Dan found out at a later time and shared this during Show #54 on October 30, 2006. This would be Ben's last interview as the acting IFBB president.

Guest: Ben Weider
Date: 10/23/06
(Radio Show 53) - mp3 (12.2 MB)
Guest: Mike Matarazzo
Date: 10/30/06
(Radio Show 54) - mp3 (14.6 MB)

During the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly radio show Dan and Bob shared with everyone this surprising information. Ben Weider resigned as President and Rafael Santonja was nominated and elected unopposed.

Dr. Rafael Santonja was the long time executive assistant to Ben in addition to his other role as president of the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. It is well known that Rafael has very similar beliefs on how the organization should be run so business will probably not see any major changes at all.

Lee Haney
Click Image To Enlarge.
Ben Weider, Lee Haney & Raphael Santonja
At The 2006 Inaugural Flex Awards.

One more point worth mention is that you cannot count Ben Weider out because he will still play a major role in the IFBB as he follows his goal of getting bodybuilding into the Olympics. He has also been named an honorary lifetime president of the IFBB.

Brothers of Iron
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
At The Historic First Mr. Olympia Contest In 1965,
Ben And Joe Weider Present The Awards To
Winner Larry Scott & Runner-Up Harold Poole.

Permission to use photo granted by Sports Publishing, LLC.

Shawn Perine, Senior Writer For FLEX Gives Feedback To Ben Weider's Resignation.

    Shawn was also a guest during the radio show's 54th broadcast and had some response to the new information about Ben Weider and his recent resignation. Bob C. asked if he thought there would be any impact to the athletes and fans and Shawn easily responded that there would be no impact.

Click To Enlarge.
Rob Wilkins, Arnold & Ben Weider.

    Shawn also added that Rafael is very good at what he does and has been in the industry for about 33 years so inexperience is certainly not a factor. In addition Rafael takes a strong position on drug testing, especially at the amateur level.

Ben Weider Interview Ben Weider Interview
Dan Gastelu interviews IFBB President, Ben Weider! In this exclusive audio interview, Ben talks about his new book, Brothers of Iron, co-authored by his brother, Joe Weider!
[ Click here to learn more. ]
audio Download Interview #19!
(35:06; mp3 - 32.1 MB; October 20, 2006)

Background On Ben Weider (age: 83)

    Weider, a 1984 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has received many prominent awards to include the Order of Canada, the highest award bestowed upon a Canadian citizen and most recently, he was promoted to the rank of an honorary Colonel in the 62nd Artillery Regiment, one of the most respected Artillery units in Canada.

Colonel Weider
Click Image To Enlarge.
Colonel Ben Weider.

Background On Rafael Santonja:

    Was elected unanimously as the first EFBB President in 2002. Has been in the bodybuilding industry for more than 30 years.

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