- One Of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies!

On August 23rd, 2006, Inc. Magazine ranked number 420 on the Inc. 500 of fastest growing private businesses in the U.S. This is the second year in a row has received such good news. Check it out!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ranked by Inc. as one of America's fastest-growing private companies

Boise, ID - August 23, 2006 - ranked number 420 on Inc. magazine's Top 500 list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. This is's second year on the Top 500 list. In 2005, was ranked number 230. This year's list measures revenue growth from 2002 through 2005.

To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by the first week of 2002, be U.S.-based, privately held, and independent of other companies. provides customers with an easy shopping experience for buying health and nutritional supplements. Today, the site's forum has nearly 10 million posts from more than 230,000 members, generating 1 million page views a day.

"People naturally want to meet others with their same passion," said CEO Ryan DeLuca. "How cool is it that if I am in Idaho and I am having a problem building my arms, I can talk with somebody in Australia who had the same problem but found the way to overcome it?"

arrow What Is BodySpace?

    Recently unveiled BodySpace TM, where people connect with other people and learn their secrets and compare results. BodySpace is FREE and allows anyone to start their own blog, share their profile, stats and photos. continues to be at the center of cutting-edge projects that enable bodybuilding fan's to follow the sport like never before. For the first time ever, viewers will be able to watch the 2007 Arnold Classic finals live on iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View and get the inside scoop on the athletes by viewing's FREE Backstage Pass webcast.

    "Our focus is on industry-leading initiatives that enable our customers to get what they want, when they want it," says DeLuca. was also recently ranked number five in the Health/Beauty category of the recently released Top 500 Guide (2006 edition) by Internet Retailer. They were also the number one sports nutrition site listed in the category. Overall, ranked number 163 of the top 500 Internet retailers ranking higher than well known retailers PETCO (170), Safeway Inc. (172), Nike Inc. (187) and The Vitamine Shoppe (381).

arrow Who Is Inc. Magazine?

arrow About offers more than 6,000 health and fitness products to help people exceed their shape and fitness goals. They offer more than 18,000 pages of FREE bodybuilding and fitness information including more than 8,000 articles written by 385 plus writers, video & audio segments, with new content being added daily.

For more information:
Contact: Kyle Henrie
Phone: 208.246.8268

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