When he's not busy organizing the Alaska State Bodybuilding Championships promoter Derek Snelson likes to strap himself to a jet engine... See what Derek does and when you can expect to see him racing again. Check it out!

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When he's not busy organizing the Alaska State Bodybuilding Championships promoter Derek Snelson likes to strap himself to a jet engine and blast down the drag strip at speeds of over 250 miles an hour.

In The Fast Lane

As a licensed professional driver for the jet funny cars WarHawk and NiteHawk he spends the summer traveling to the northwest drag racing events and thrilling the crowd with the blasts of fire and smoke that accompanies each run. He recently brought the Bodybuilding.com sponsored cars to Idaho's Firebird raceway where he clocked the fastest time of the night at 253 miles per hour.

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253 Miles Per Hour!

46 years old and single, he splits his time between Anchorage, Alaska where he puts on 3 NPC shows a year and Gig Harbor, Washington where he's close to the racing action. The Alaskan native, who has been racing since he was 18 years old, also holds the Alaska state land speed record at 309 MPH - a feat he says should hold up for a while.

Nite War
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NiteHawk & WarHawk.

Richard Smith Racing Team:

    As a driver for the Richard Smith Racing Team that owns both cars Derek is often pitted against his boss and the friendly rivalry helps keep their competitive edge. The J-60 jet engines produce about 5,400 pounds of thrust, that's the equivalent of over 6,000 HP for you guys that think your drifters are fast.

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Bridget Lee, Dick Fullur, Kyle Smith, Richard Smith & Russ Deluca

Physical Requirements:

    The former bodybuilder says his physical fitness helps his body stand up to the pressures of starting and stopping in a hurry. "Your drilled to the back of the seat when you cross the finish line, as you've just reached your fastest speed and then suddenly your chest is in the seatbelt straps when the chute deploys so the G forces are tough on the body if you're not ready for it.

    Kre Alakyln creatine

    "I work out almost everyday, always take a multivitamin and I really have been getting good results with Kre Alakyln creatine." Snelson stated.

    If you'd like to catch the bodybuilder in action he will be in Seattle, Washington on July 22 driving the Bodybuilding.com top alcohol funny car in the Northwest Nationals and he will be hitting tracks in Prince George, and Ashcroft, British Columbia and then returning to Washington for runs in Yakima and Walla Walla.

    If you get out to the races and watch Derek blast down the track stop by and say hello to a fellow bodybuilding enthusiast that lives his life to the fullest.

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Living Life To The Fullest.

Additional Pictures:

Derek Derek Derek Derek
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NPC Promoter Derek Snelson Lives Life In The Fast Lane.

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