2006 IFBB New York Men's Pro Bodybuilding.com Webcast Press Release.

Bodybuilding.com is pleased to announce an agreement with 2006 IFBB New York Men's Pro Show to provide a free live webcast of the contest. Get the details right here!

2006 IFBB New York Men's Pro Championship Webcast.
The pre-judging and finals webcast replay and pictures are available NOW.
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Bodybuilding's best athletes qualify for Olympia at New York Men's Professional Bodybuilding Championships - free live webcast at Bodybuilding.com

arrow Free Live Webcast Agreement:

    Boise, ID - May 16, 2006 - Bodybuilding.com announced an agreement with contest promoter Steve Weinberger to provide a "Free Live Webcast" of the 2006 IFBB New York Men's Professional Bodybuilding Championships.

    Watch bodybuilding's best athletes compete while trying to finish in the top five and qualify for the Olympia in Las Vegas on September 28 - October 1, 2006. The Webcast will include the Prejudging and Men's Pro Finals portion of the event and will be available free at Bodybuilding.com!

arrow Webcast Of Prejudging:

    The prejudging will air live starting at 2 PM EDT on Saturday, May 20th and the finals will begin at 7:30 EDT hosted by Bob Cicherillo. The event is being held at the Tribecca Performing Arts at BMCC, New York, NY.

    The Webcast will also give viewers a chance to voice their opinion concerning the winner of the "Fans Choice Award." A cash prize of $1,000 will be awarded on stage at the end of the program to the athlete that wins the most votes.

arrow The Lineup:

    This could be the best lineup of the year! The line up of competitors includes Dennis James, Darrem Charles, King Kamali, Alexander Federov, Phillip Heath, David Henry, Marcus Haley, Bill Willmore to name a few of the stars! The fans are 4 for 4 with the "Fans Choice Award" winner also winning the event.

    Phil Heath continued the streak last week by taking home the "Fans Choice Award" and winning the Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding Championship.

arrow Additional Information:

    The webcast is being produced by the Chapman Media Group and is offered free exclusively at Bodybuilding.com!

    For more info on the New York Men's Professional Bodybuilding Championships check out: www.bodybuilding.com/fun/2006nypro.htm or call Steve Weinberger at 516-933-1111.

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