PDI Announces The Signing Of Lee Priest To Compete In Night Of Champions!

Pro Division Inc is proud to announce that Lee Priest has signed a contract to compete in NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS XXVII, Saturday, September 16th, at the Town Hall Theater in New York City.

For Immediate Release - April 12, 2006

Pro Division Inc is proud to announce that Lee Priest has signed a contract to compete in NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS XXVII, Saturday, September 16th, at the Town Hall Theater in New York City.

arrow Lee's Career:

    Lee Priest is one of the most popular Bodybuilders in the world today, if not the most popular. His amazing physique, his drag racing hobby and his hospitality towards fans make him one of the top personalities in the sport. He is also a man who many people believe is the greatest short man in the history of the sport.

    Lee has been a pro for 12 years and has won the 2002 San Francisco Pro Invitational, the 2005 Australian Pro Invitational, and the 2006 Iron Man Pro Classic. He has been a top ten finisher in the Olympia and a top six finisher in the Arnold Classic numerous times.

    Lee also has a second career with drag racing where he recently took the checkered flag for his initial first place victory. PDI will market Lee as a two sport competitor and champion in order to garner maximum exposure for both Lee and the Night of Champions event.

An Interview With 'Nitro' Lee Priest. An Interview With 'Nitro' Lee Priest.
Love him or hate him, Lee Priest always tries to tell it the way it is... This is great a great interview with a great athlete. Learn more about Lee Priest and see what he has been up to.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

arrow PDI Night Of Champions:

    Night of Champions will be the first pro event on the PDI fall schedule. Lee's decision to compete in NOC was enhanced by the reputation of the event, the location (Town Hall, New York City the site of the first NOC in 1978) and of course, the Bodybuilding fans of New York who Lee feels are the best in the world.

    Lee states, "It is a great opportunity for me to compete in Night of Champions in New York City. The fans, the theater, the staging and the promotion make it the most distinctive event in Bodybuilding. Also, I am very enthused about competing under the new rules that govern such events that PDI has implemented.

    I take pleasure in the fact that aesthetics will be emphasized and that the entertainment element will be judged and rewarded. I feel that this is a step in the right direction to make our sport more exciting and exhilarating for the fans."

Guest: Lee Priest
Date: 07/25/05
(Radio Show 6) - mp3 (12.9 MB)

Pro Division CEO Wayne S. DeMilia states, "We are thrilled to sign Lee Priest as the first PDI athlete and to have him contracted to compete in the first PDI event, Night of Champions XXVII. Lee has always been a fan favorite in New York and this year will be no different."

DeMilia goes on to say, "This is only the first of many Bodybuilding stars from different organizations encompassing the world who will join PDI and make PDI events exciting, entertaining and unpredictable."

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for Night of Champions or if there are athletes wishing to join PDI, they should contact us at prodivisioninc@yahoo.com.

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