PDI Announces The Signing Of Vince Taylor To Compete In Night Of Champions!

Pro Division Inc is proud to announce that Vince Taylor has signed a contract to compete in NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS XXVII, Saturday, September 16th, at the Town Hall Theater in New York City. Learn more...

For Immediate Release - April 11, 2006

Pro Division Inc is proud to announce that Vince Taylor has signed a contract to compete in NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS XXVII, Saturday, September 16th, at the Town Hall Theater in New York City. Because of prior obligations to the IFBB, Vince has guaranteed his joining PDI effective June 18, 2006.

arrow Vince Taylor's Career:

    Vince Taylor has had a career that is beyond words and exceeds anything imaginable. His first amateur victory was in 1983 when he won the Mr. Berlin event in Germany. In 1987 he won the AAU medium height class at the Mr. America and followed that in 1988 by winning the overall NPC Nationals. His Nationals victory gained him pro status in the IFBB.

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    Vince Taylor.

    His first IFBB pro contest resulted in a victory as Vince won the 1989 Night of Champions XI. Since his first victory in New York in 1989, he has followed that up with twenty one more victories that include: the Grand Prix of Switzerland, the Grand Prix of Spain, the Grand Prix of Italy, the Grand Prix of Finland, the Grand Prix of Denmark, the Grand Prix of England, the Grand Prix of France, the Grand Prix of Ukraine, the San Jose Pro Invitational, the Niagara Falls Pro Invitational, two time winner of the Pittsburgh Pro Invitational, two time winner of the Iron Man Pro Invitational, the Arnold Classic, the Arnold Classic Masters and five time Masters Olympia Champion.

    But even with more victories than any other Bodybuilder competing today, Vince is better known for his posing routines. The first time he unveiled his robot routine at the 1991 Olympia he brought the house down and exited the stage to a standing ovation.

    He expanded on the creativity of the routine in subsequent years and brought posing and presentation to new heights when he incorporated the Macarena into the robot routine by the mid to late 1990's. His ingenious posing has captivated bodybuilding audiences worldwide as Vince Taylor has been the most requested athletes in the past 15 years.

An Interview With Comeback Champion Vince Taylor! An Interview With Comeback Champion Vince Taylor!
Leaving the sport on a sour note has niggled at Vince for four years and he is now back to take care of unfinished business. See what is in store for this IFBB Pro in the near future.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

arrow His View:

    "I look at myself as more of a performer and entertainer than as a Bodybuilder" states Vince. He goes on to say "PDI is offering to me exactly what and how I feel Pro Bodybuilding should be. With no restrictions, I will attempt to do something at NOC this September that only Vince Taylor could bring to the entertainment stage.

    I will raise the bar so high in presentation; it will not be equaled for years. NOC is where I made my pro debut, NOC is where I won my first pro show, and NOC in 2006 is where I will revolutionize posing... again!"

Guest: Vince Taylor
Date: 04/10/06
(Radio Show 34)

Pro Division CEO Wayne S. DeMilia states, "We are ecstatic and elated to sign Vince Taylor as a PDI athlete and to have him contracted to compete in the first PDI event, Night of Champions XXVII.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have tickets for the evening finals will remember Vince's performance for years to come. I am sure that Vince will have the New York crowd in the palm of his hand by the end of the night."

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for Night of Champions or if there are athletes wishing to join PDI, they should contact us at prodivisioninc@yahoo.com.

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