Pro Division Inc Announces Competitions For 2006!

Pro Division Inc is proud to announce a series of Men's Pro Bodybuilding competitions/events for the fall of 2006. The schedule is set to be released in late February and will be open to all pro athletes from any federation.

Pro Division Inc is proud to announce a series of Men's Professional Bodybuilding competitions/events that will commence in the fall of 2006.

This action is due to the overwhelming requests from fans and athletes to provide an alternative to Professional Bodybuilders and their fans worldwide. The Pro Division Inc schedule of competitions/events will be released in late February.

arrow What Is Pro Division Inc?

    Pro Division Inc is not a sport federation, but rather a corporation in the business of Bodybuilding entertainment. Our plan is to promote events by incorporating a high intensity of theatrical components; not only present the physique at it highest echelon but also to entertain the fans with veracity and excitement.

    Pro Division Inc is not in competition with any other organization or federation. It is only to provide another avenue for the Bodybuilding athlete to compete on a professional level with different criteria and standards.

    With the requests and comments from athletes received on a daily basis for the past year and a half, Pro Division Inc has been listening to the concerns of the competitors and will provide the following provisions requested by the athletes.

arrow What Is Pro Division Offering?

    In the series of competitions/events for 2006, Pro Division Inc will guarantee the following for athletes:

    1. For each competition/event, a minimum of eight (8) athletes will receive full expenses.
    2. The expense money for athletes will be $75.US per night.
    3. Promoters will pay hotel costs for additional, if not all other competing athletes.
    4. The minimum prize money per show will be $30,000 US.
    5. The prize money will be raised every two years.

    The five year program of Pro Division Inc is to have by the 2010 season, a schedule of 25 professional competitions/events for men spanning the globe on every major continent. Pro Division Inc competitions/events are open to all pro athletes from any federation. For information on becoming a member of Pro Division Inc or being involved with any of our events, please contact us at

    In addition, in subsequent press releases, details will be provided on the new judging system, contest schedule, medical benefits, affiliated federations, web sites, amateur qualifying events, drug testing, etc.

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