EST Signs The Next Action Hero!

EST announced today that they have joined forces with bodybuilding legend and Hollywood's Renowned Next Action Hero, Kevin Levrone.

This strategic partnership will make a colossal impact on the sports nutrition industry worldwide as Kevin assumes responsibilities as EST Nutrition's Global Spokesperson and new Director of Marketing.

arrow Who Is Kevin Levrone?

    As a competitor - Kevin Levrone holds the best professional record in pro bodybuilding history and is recognized within the industry as one of the sports' greatest bodybuilders of all time.

    Kevin Levrone
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    Kevin Levrone.

    As an actor - Kevin has broadened his career, securing a starring role in the upcoming action/adventure thriller, Backlash, scheduled for release in March 2006 co-starring Danielle Burgio (Matrix, Pearl Harbor). Kevin is currently in discussions and negotiations with various other movie projects, poised to become the Next Action Hero following in the footsteps of fellow bodybuilding ambassador and friend, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

arrow What Will Kevin Be Doing?

    As a member of the EST team - Kevin will enhance company marketing efforts so that EST Nutrition receives the acclaim and recognition it rightfully deserves and continues to hold the market position as an "Integrity-first supplement industry leader." "EST produces quality supplements and has only the integrity of the industry at mind. That is what I am about", remarked by Kevin Levrone.

    "Kevin joining EST is a very important step in regard to our growth. We are proud to have such class aboard", remarked by Keith Thomas CEO of EST.

    This strategic partnership agreement embodies a landmark event in bodybuilding and supplement history, as another respected bodybuilding champion has joined the supplement industry and will directly impact the quality and innovation of "next-generation" sports nutrition.

arrow Who Is EST?

    About EST (Engineered Sports Technology) EST is an Integrity-first, innovative manufacturer of cutting-edge sports nutrition supplementation. EST products are available through various retail outlets within the US and abroad internationally.

    For further information, contact:
    Paul Ciola (866.438.3781)

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