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Have you ever wanted to share the changes being fit has made in your life with others? If so... this is your chance to share your success. Bodybuilding.com wants to share your successes with everyone! Learn more right here!
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    Have you ever wanted to share the changes being fit has made in your life with others? If so... this is your chance to share your success. Wether you want to help, show it off, brag, or maybe just seek fun and fame by being featured in a national ad campaign we want to hear from you.

    You Could Be Featured In A
    National Campaign Like Louis Dorman Was.

    Bodybuilding.com believes that our customers enjoy life, families, careers and relationships to a deeper degree because of their commitment to fitness. You know how much better you feel during the middle of a great training cycle as compared to when you're missing workouts and eating junk. Not only do you feel better but you're able to achieve greater success in all aspects of your life.

Do You Have A Story To Share?

    We also think the best way to tell others, so that they too can live richer lives, is by sharing our customer's experiences. So we would like to feature you in our print marketing materials. If you have a story that you think is unique we'd like to hear about it especially if you used one of the many resources at Bodybuilding.com to achieve your success.

    Get Featured In A National Magazine
    Like Fitness, Flex, Muscle & Fitness Or Shape Magazine!

    So if you've gained 30lbs of rock hard muscle because of a supplement you got from us and you have the pictures to prove it lets see them. If your bench press went from 185 lbs. to 350 lbs. because of a training tip you learned on the forums please tell us.

    If you were motivated to change by reading an article regarding weight loss and you dropped 6 dress sizes please share your success.

    We also know that accomplishments come in many other forms so if something at Bodybuilding.com helped you obtain success at school, work, dating or by helping you to overcome an obstacle in your life we'd like to tell others about you.

    The photos and stories will be featured in a special section of our forums, as content on the web site, maybe in our marketing materials. Who knows you could end up on a page in Muscle and Fitness or Oxygen magazine.

Send Us Your Info!

    So dig out those old photos and take some new ones, write down how your life has changed and send it to russ@bodybuilding.com so we can tell the world how Bodybuilding.com has helped you achieve your goals. We are hoping to hear some great stories from you so we can feature your story in the March issues of the Muscle and Fitness magazines.

"Maybe Your Success Can Lead To Someone Else's."

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