Governor Signs Bill To Ban Nutritional Supplements!

The governor of California has been signing bills like crazy as deadlines draw near. One bill worth mentioning is one he recently signed that will forbid high school students from using synephrine, ephedra and DHEA. Learn more...
The governor is going to be facing even more scrutiny after the recent events taking place. Signing the most recent bill only a year after vetoing a similar bill and only months after being accused of accepting payment from the very source he is now vetoing is not going to help his future plans as the governor of California.

As the governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been signing bills like crazy as the years deadlines draw near. One bill worth noting, which was recently signed into law is the SB 37 bill of state Sen. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough. The bill states specifically that high school athletes are prohibited from using the performance-enhancing supplements synephrine, ephedra and DHEA. In addition to this ban supplement makers are also banned from sponsoring school events.

[To this point] Schwarzenegger has received 961 bills in the 2005 legislative session. As of Friday he'd acted on 902, signing 703 and vetoing 199.

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