WPI - A New Organization For Amateur And Pro Female Physique Competitors!

WPI has been created with the idea and hopes for athletes both retired and currently competing, male or female, to become a chairman or promoter in their own state. Learn more about what this organization has planned!
Who Is This For?

    Attention! This press release goes out to all Amateur and Professional Fitness Competitors, Figure Competitors, and Female Bodybuilders. Emperor Enterprises Inc. has now put together the re-creation of women's physique competitions, consisting of Fitness, Figure and Women's Bodybuilding.

    The new generation of women's physique competitions is here, WPI is where the elite compete! Make sure you e-mail your inquiries right away to Crgtitus@aol.com or KellyRyan98@aol.com for any type of state chairman position, show promoter, and/or sponsors that would like to become a part of this explosion of interest in this new organization.

Who Is Joining?

    The time is now and several internationally known companies and publications have already jumped on board and will be publicly announced very soon.

    What sets us apart from any current organization is that Athlete Management Firms and Sponsor Representatives will be strictly "PROHIBITED" from judging any female competitors where any association exists resulting in any type of questionable outcome of any show.

    This organization is the best opportunity for the female competitors to shine in their individual categories, resulting in their much deserved placing, exposure and recognition for their years of dedication to the sport.

    Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan, of WPI welcome all those ready for new and positive changes aimed towards benefiting the athletes first and foremost!

What Is WPI?

    WPI was created with idea and hopes for the athletes both retired and currently competing, bodybuilding, fitness, figure, male or female to become chairman, or promoters in their own state. This is the perfect opportunity for all of you to experience the business side of bodybuilding and fitness and establish financial stability for yourself. WPI was designed by competitive athletes, for you the athletes!

    The totally hot, urban and official clothing line of Women's Physique International will be Ice Gear. Each member/competitor will receive Ice Gear Clothing and use Ice Gear suits in the physique rounds so the athletes are judged on the physiques and not the suit their wearing.

When Will WPI Be Live To The World?

    www.officialwpi.com is currently under construction and will be up and running on or before September 25th. Actual WPI competitions will launch in January 2006.