Posing Like A Pro Video 1: Overview

Get educated in the basics of posing with the first installment of the "Posing Like a Pro" video series. Who better than Lee Labrada to show you the way?

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The first installment of this nine-part series begins with an overview of the series as presented by champion bodybuilder Lee Labrada, a pro bodybuilding Hall of Famer who finished in the top four of the Mr. Olympia seven years in a row. Labrada, now CEO of Labrada Nutrition, is considered one of the sport's elite posers, best known for his classical posing style.

In this video, Labrada summarizes his pro credentials, and explains how good posing is actually an art form. He gives an overview of what the series will cover, including the various competition rounds. He dissects how to stand "relaxed," do quarter turns, and perform the seven mandatory poses from the front, sides, and rear. Labrada also provides an overview of how to assemble a posing routine for both the mandatory and freestyle rounds, as well as how to transition from one pose to another.

Labrada shares several secrets of great physique posing, arming you with the know-how to properly execute basic poses and even create your own that highlights your strong points.

Posing Like a Pro - With Lee Labrada Episode 1 - Posing Overview
Watch the video - 5:41

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