The Poe Show - Episode #5: V-Taper Back Training!

Check out Brandon's tips and tricks on building a great v-taper. His back training techniques have given him development at a young age, showing a prominent waist to shoulder symmetry. Learn more here...

Episode #5: V-Taper Back Training

In this episode Brandon will show you some of his favorite back exercises. Learn how to build, shape, and perfect that v-taper for great symmetry. To be competitive in bodybuilding you need to learn to target lagging body parts so you can maintain a balanced physique.

The back is a very complex muscle group and needs to be hit from all angles to fully incorporate all muscle fibers. Change your routine often and vary your rep range to bust through plateau's. Also, occasional posing will help with muscle maturity and definition. Try this and you will perfect the mind to muscle connection!

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Brandon Poses To Perfect Muscle Maturity.

Watch as Brandon grinds through some basic exercises to show you what works for him while working on his favorite body parts. It is unusual for someone of his age to have such great muscle maturity and v-taper. This is no doubt the direct result of proper training and supplementation to maximize the benefits of nutrition.

The Poe Show: Episode #5
V-Taper Back Training!

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Go try these back training exercises and see if they work out for you. Concentrate on mixing up your routine often. Since your back is such a complex and large muscle group, let it fully repair and recover before you work it again. Overtraining is counterproductive and may lead to injuries!

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Check back soon for the next episode where I will cover more exercises. Remember, it is healthy to have many hobbies and interests away from your workplace and outside the gym so be active and lift hard. You will reap the benefits of good health and feel energized every day if you maintain an active lifestyle and learn to manage your nutrition. See you next time on the Poe Show!

In the mean time, check out Brandon Poe's BodySpace Profile.

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