The Poe Show - Episode #7: Challenging Chest Workout!

Learn proper form for safely training your chest (pectorals) - without injuring yourself. Grab a spotter, and watch and learn from Brandon Poe on how to pack on some size!

Episode #7: Challenging Chest Training

In this episode, Brandon Poe shows you some of his favorite chest exercises. Learn how to safely put some mass on your chest!

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The pecs are a complex muscle group and need to be hit from various angles to fully incorporate all muscle fibers. Different types of exercises are needed to stimulate muscle growth in the various parts of the pectorals. Proper form can't be stressed enough so you don't injure yourself.

Brandon demonstrates proper technique on the following:

  • Incline DB Bench Press
  • Incline DB Flyes
  • Flat DB Bench Press
  • Flat DB Flyes
  • Decline DB Bench Press
  • Decline DB Flyes
  • Free-Motion Cable Cross Machine

The Poe Show: Episode #7
Putting Mass On Your Chest!

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Go try these key chest training exercises yourself and see if they work out for you. Concentrate on proper form and injury-free training. Remember, overtraining is counterproductive and may lead to injuries!

Check back soon for the next episode where I will cover more exercises. Remember, it is healthy to have many hobbies and interests away from your workplace and outside the gym so be active and lift hard. You will reap the benefits of good health and feel energized every day if you maintain an active lifestyle and learn to manage your nutrition. See you next time on the Poe Show!

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