Podcast With Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman Of Technology.

Interview with The Muscleman Of Technology Bruce Pechman. Find out why websites are essential for fitness pros, and what Bruce thinks about selling equipment.

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Interview with Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology, is a well-known Technology Reporter for KUSI-TV in San Diego.
Main Topic: How Fitness Professionals Can Utilize Technology To Improve Their Careers

February 16, 2007; 43:23 minutes; 9.9 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Techie Guys Can Be Big Too!

    Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology, is a well-known Technology Reporter for KUSI-TV in San Diego and guest Technology Reporter on other TV stations.

    Bruce's moniker reflects his 20 years of technology expertise and over 30 years of fitness training. Bruce is a Consumer Technology Analyst and Technology Journalist. He is also an award-winning bodybuilder and has won or placed in numerous contests, hence his moniker.

Bruce Pechman
Bruce Pechman.

-> Here Are A Few Of The Questions Bruce Answered:

    Should fitness professionals have a website?

    When it comes to video should one let clients download videos to show them proper exercise?

    What are some ideas to personalize services to clients?

    What type of unique equipment have you come across lately?

    What type of equipment will really motivate clients?

    How and where should one shop for ideas and new equipment to assist clientele?

    Should a fitness professional get involved in selling equipment to clients?