Podcast Interview With David Kirsch Of The Ultimate New York Diet.

This week, Tom Perkins and Dave DePew interview hot New York lifestyle designer David Kirsch, who creates nutrition and training programs for many well known celebrities. David discusses what makes his program unique and why it works!

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Interview with David Kirsch, founder and owner of Manhattan's Madison Square Club, celebrated for custom-designed fitness training and nutritional counseling.
Main Topic: The Unique "Ultimate New York Diet"

February 09, 2007; 36:18 minutes; 8.3 MB  audio

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About This Episode

New York's elite are raving about this program!

    In his 20-year career, he has developed a clientele that includes Heidi Klum, Faith Hill, Liv Tyler, and Ellen Barkin.

    He is a regular columnist for Shape and is frequently featured in the national media, including appearances on "Today," "Access Hollywood," "Extreme Makeover," "Fox & Friends," and in national magazines such as People, Cosmopolitan, Self, and many other leading publications.

David Kirsch
David Kirsch.

    He is the author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate New York Body Plan (www.theultimatenewyorkbodyplan.com).

-> Here Are A Few Of The Questions David Answered:

    What makes New York the ideal place for you to develop your renowned programs?

    THE ULTIMATE NEW YORK DIET emphasizes lean protein and fresh vegetables. Where do you stand on the low-carb/high-carb debate?

    How is your approach different from that of most recent diet-book authors? Why do your clients achieve so much long-term success?

    How much weight can readers expect to lose on THE ULTIMATE NEW YORK DIET?

    How is this book different from your previous ones?

    How do you stay informed about the constantly changing studies on dietary supplements and weight-loss regimens?