Podcast With Brian Tietz Of Learning Zone Express.

Interview with Brian Tietz, national sales manager of cuttting edge wellness and nutrition education company Learning Zone Express.

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Interview with Brian Tietz, National Sales Manager of creative learning company Learning Zone Express.
Main Topic: Enhancing wellness education in youth!

August 10, 2007; 18:30 minutes 4.3 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Creative nutrition education for kids!

    Brian Tietz has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He joined the Learning ZoneXpress team to help grow the wellness media industry and assist other fitness professionals in providing the most creative and accurate nutritional and wellness information in the industry.

    He started his career at Lifetime Fitness as a personal trainer. After 10 years of service with Lifetime Fitness, he wanted to expand his education in business and sales with a company that also had the same passion as he did in educating people on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, and that's when he found Learning Zone Express.

Brian Tietz
Brian Tietz.

    Learning Zone Express was founded on the concept of providing the best of the best in educational messaging that inspired people to make subtle but long lasting changes in their life.

-> Here are a few of the questions Brian answered:

    What is Learning Zone Express?

    How did your company get started?

    What is your role at Learning Zone Express?

    What's the best way to view some the products you offer?

    What kind of costs can someone expect to see with some of your products?

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