2004 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships!

2004 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship info. Get the latest information here.

    Men's Bodybuilding


    1. Steven Burke
    2. Jose Vargas
    3. George Gibson
    4. John Ligsay Jr.
    5. Richi Langit
    6. Mike Palanca


    1. Ralph Gaxiola
    2. Brant Arreliano
    3. Howard Steffensmeier
    4. Allan Terrell
    5. William J. Slater
    6.Narciso NOS Racoma Jr.


    1. Garrett Allin
    2. Ery Bui
    3. Saman Bakhtiar
    4. Jorge Betancourt
    5. Hector Cruz
    6. James Allen

    Light Heavyweights

    1. Mark Dugdale
    2. Randolph Chaney II
    3. Nathan Wonsley
    4. Joe Ament
    5. Curtis Bryant
    6. Dale Hicks


    1. Will Harris
    2. Marcus Haley
    3. Faramarz Aghazadeh
    4. Grigori Atoyan
    5. Michael Ergas
    6. Capriese Murray

    Super Heavyweights

    1. Chris Cook
    2. Rusty Jeffers
    3. Omar Deckard
    4. Rodney Davis
    5. Abbas Khatami
    6. David Palumbo

Womens Bodybuilding


    1. Tera Guzman
    2. Pam Shealy
    3. Beth Wachter
    4.Tricia Travis
    5. Lori Ruggena
    6. Lisa Fried


    1. Christina Moore
    2. Yvette Bova
    3. Lisa Bickels
    4. Ellen Woodley
    5. Amy Neil
    6. Wendy Chant

    Light Heavyweights

    1. Carrie Ledford Baldwin
    2. Christine Sabo
    3. Debbie Bramwell
    4. Cindy Johnson
    5. Jennifer Gutierrez
    6. Becky West


    1. Sherry Smith
    2. Yamile Marrero
    3. JayneTrcka
    4. Gerri Deach
    5. Anne Sheehan
    6. Christi Carro

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General Information

    Where and when is the show taking place?

      EAS and GNC Present the 2004 Pinnacle NPC USA Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships (IFBB Pro Qualifier)

      Date: July 16th & 17th 2004
      City: Las Vegas, NV
      Theatre: Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall on the Campus of UNLV

    Schedule of Events

    Date Time Event Location
    Thursday, July 15th: 7:30-8:30pm
    early weigh-in (men)
    early weigh-in (women)
    Alexis Park Hotel
    Friday, July 16th: 9:30-10:30am final weigh-in (all athletes) Alexis Park Hotel
    Friday, July 16th: 4:00pm
    fitness mandatory meeting
    men's mandatory meeting
    Artemus Ham Hall
    Friday, July 16th: 5:30pm fitness prejudging(2 piece swimsuit)
    men's prejudging
    Artemus Ham Hall
    Saturday, July 17th: 8:00am women's Bodybuilding &
    fitness mandatory meeting
    Artemus Ham Hall
    Saturday, July 17th: 9:00am Women's Fitness routines &
    Women's Bodybuilding
    Artemus Ham Hall
    Saturday, July 17th: 6:00pm Top 15 class competitors
    Mandatory meeting
    Artemus Ham Hall
    Saturday, July 17th: 7:00pm Finals (men, women, fitness) Artemus Ham Hall

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