Is Ephedra Safe?

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Is Ephedra Safe?

I have been taking Stacker 2 not for the weight loss aspect, but for the energy it gives. However, I have read recently that Ephedra may cause health problems? Is this true and if so what long-term effect does Ephedra have on the body?

Believe it or not this is a rather common way and or reason to use an ephedra based product such as the one that you are using now. Many bodybuilders and athletes use this product for its energy properties. Now, as far as the negativities associated with the product I can just imagine what the naysayers have been telling you. Personally, I believe that if you use this product correctly and do not abuse it you will only receive the benefits associated with the product. On the other side of the spectrum, if you abuse the product you will be in trouble. I want you to think about this though; is this not the case for just about everything in life? Alcohol, for example can be enjoyed as a social stimulant when used in moderation, but if you abuse it, the drug can literally ruin your life.

Ephedra can cause some metabolic damage if and only if you do not cycle off of the product for the recommended period of 4-6 weeks. If you want to continue to get results you must cycle off for the recommended amount of time. This recommendation is usually stated somewhere in small print on the backside of the bottle along with the precautious measures that should be taken into consideration while using the product. If for some weird reason you do not see this anywhere on the product information read out, I will have you know that I like going at the least 4 weeks off of most products. Doing this interrupts the negative feedback loop and allows the receptor sites to open wide up once again. Performing this down cycle will allow the ephedra to continue to effectively work in your body at relatively low dosages. When you take that first bit of ephedra after your down cycle is complete you will feel like you can conquer the world. The effects are that great coming off of a properly conducted down cycle. Notice I said down cycle and not "cut it out cold turkey". First of all let me get this straight; you should never stop anything all at once. Doing this will cause a withdrawal syndrome and you will probably get terrible headaches. You must slowly lower you dosages until you are completely off of the product. It is then that your 4 weeks of being clean should begin.

As far as the commonly associated side effect of memory loss, well, I am learning new information everyday. I use ephedra in scheduled cycles throughout the year. I have been experimenting and utilizing ephedra's benefits for over 8 years and I seem to be doing just fine. Did I mention that I graduated from college with high honors completing a four-year degree earning a Bachelor of Science in three years? Ohh, and I also do not think that I told you about my four-year term in the U.S. Navy working as an Intelligence Specialist. Does it sound like my memory has or is dissipating? I think not! So, long story short, use it, but use it wisely just as you would all things in life. Really, think about it, even something considered as harmless and as pure as food can be hazardous to your health if you let it. Heck, water can be damaging if you let it. Just use common sense and have a great outlook when cycling or using anything and you will be fine.

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