Six Questions Regarding Fat Loss.

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Please Answer My 6 Questions Regarding Fat Loss.

DINO: Here are many questions by one guy with my responses below.

VISITOR: I read your article on BODYBUILDING.COM, and I hope you can answer some questions for me. I am trying to get ripped up, I will tell you my stats:

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Age: 23

1) I am about 10-12% Body fat and I have a stubborn metabolism. I do cardio about 5 times per week, 30 to 45 minutes each time (in my heart rate zone). Is it best to do cardio in the morning and also after you workout?

DINO: This is a difficult question to answer and I often find myself pondering amongst it. Determining the best time depends on what theory you are trying to use. I stopped worrying about that and decided to do cardio when I can. If you have the option I would do cardio at least a couple of hours before you train with weights or after training. The main benefit associated with fat loss and cardio is the fact that it raises your metabolic environment for hours after you conduct the session. This effect causes you to burn up more kilocalories through the day because of the cardio.

VISITOR: 2) What is a good diet to follow? On your web page it says for me: PROTEIN: 306, CARBS: 129, FAT 34. That is about 2064 calories per day. Should I follow that, or do a few days of low carbs/high protein? I am confused about this and I want to get shredded.

DINO: Another good question. I am constantly changing my diet and experimenting with different theories. The best advice that I can give you is to time your carbohydrates. My physique changes "BIG TIME" when I cycle down from eating carbohydrates. I would eat them during the two windows of opportunity and that is the only time. Eat them in the morning and in the hour following your training session. Eat them alone and do not mix them with protein or fat, carbs only!

VISITOR: 3) How many meals should I eat? I do about 5 to 6 small meals. How much water should I drink in a day?

DINO: I like eating 8 meals a day right now, but when I cut back for a contest I switch over to about 6. This is really up to you and your schedule. I just like the idea of keeping the fire burning all day long. Water intake should be a gallon at the least. If you want more then drink away but force a gallon in every day.

VISITOR: 4) Is MAX-OT training good for bodybuilding? What is a good program to follow?

DINO: Yes, Max-OT is ideal for bodybuilders, just look at Skip LaCour and Jeff Willet. Those guys are like the poster boys for Max-OT and they are both drug free national champions.

VISITOR: 5) How much protein can you digest at a sitting? If I eat 6 meals I take in 51 grams for each meal...

DINO: Here is another good one yet rather controversial. Some believe that no matter how much protein you take in the mRNA will be able to bring it to transcription and allow your body to assimilate it. That is awesome! Others claim that eating too much protein will result in breakdown and excretion through waste mechanisms in the body. Well, both are true, but as Chris Cormier said to me at the Mr. New Orleans in 2000 "so what if you pee it out, I'd rather have it in me just to be safe". I agree so just assure that you get at least 1.5 grams per pound of body weight, 2 grams is preferable.

VISITOR: 6) How do I get all that protein, I know from shakes (Designer Protein), but how do you stop yourself from making bad food choices? I have the worst cravings for carbs... tell me what to do! Thanks!

DINO: Unfortunately there is not a magic fix for cravings. All that I can tell you is to be patient and that bodybuilding maturity will set in. I know that the things that I do not eat may taste better than canned tuna, but I know that they will not get me to my ultimate goal either. Just talk to yourself and rationalize the outcome of your behaviors. Be honest and do what you are supposed to do and everything will just fall into place. The main thing is to stop trying to juggle bodybuilding and other things in life. Buckle down and be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders do not eat non-bodybuilding physique harming foods. Be brave!

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