A Detailed Plan For Gaining Muscle And Losing Fat?

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A Plan For Gaining Muscle And Losing Fat?

Here is a question from a visitor with my answers throughout.

Dino: This guy has a very legitimate and somewhat in depth question. Read on to see how I approach his training, supplementation, and diet regimen. Once again I use a question and answer format. He gains muscle well in his upper body yet has trouble developing his wheels. His midsection is his problem area as is for most men.

Visitor: "I am 21 years old, 5'9" and weigh 167 lbs. I would estimate my body fat at 15%. I have been training for about six months now and I am having trouble with my diet. I currently weight train on Mon, Wed, and Fri and do 30 min of cardio on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. I tend to gain muscle pretty well in my upper body while my legs remain very skinny. I also tend to accumulate fat mostly around my waistline. As you pointed out to someone in your Q & A, this has probably been due to eating too many big, infrequent meals."

Dino's Response: Well it seems as if you know your problem. Eating large meals does not allow the body to absorb the nutrients that you are consuming on an optimal level. Eating large meals also does not allow you to utilize the minimeal-eating regimen that all bodybuilders use. Lets probe a little further so that we can get into the specifics.

Visitor: "My goal is to eventually weigh 175-180 with less than 10% body fat to show a six-pack and develop strong, powerful legs."

Dino's Response: This is a reasonable goal B. You are trying to gain muscle and lean out to obtain a great physique. Most men are in your shoes including me so do not feel alone.

Visitor: "One challenge I face is that I must workout at 7:30 pm. I go to bed at 10:30 and I 'm not sure what to do about post workout nutrition and a meal before bed."

Dino's Response: What I would do if I were in you position is still consume my carbohydrates after training but that would be it. I would consume just enough to replenish the muscles trained, as you will not need much energy as you are sleeping. You want to start priming the body to dip into your fat stores for energy during the late hours of sleep and throughout the next day. Try consuming 50-100 grams of carbohydrates after your training session. If you become hungry later on just stick to a low carbohydrate source of pure protein. Eating some fiber would not hurt you either and it helps you have a feeling of satiety (fullness).

Visitor: "I am also confused about the things you said about separating protein and carbohydrate intake. You have protein days and carb days?"

Dino's Response: Again you hit it right on the nose. When dieting for a competition I use carbohydrate days and protein days in a 3:1 ratio. 3 days of protein intake is followed by a ¾ day of carbohydrate reloading. After 5 or 6PM I convert back over to protein to begin the priming, which I spoke of earlier. However when I am in my off-season I only eat my carbohydrates immediately following my training session. I eat about 80-100 grams depending on how big of a muscle group was training on that particular day. For example if I had trained quadriceps I would shoot for about 100 grams, but if I trained arms I might stick closer to 80 grams. Another thing that you have to remember is that I train in the morning (5:45 AM) so if by some chance I eat a little too much carbohydrates I will burn those carbohydrates off during the day assuring that they do not get stored as fat. Following that meal I am a protein/fiber eater!

Visitor: "Should I be taking in only one or the other at each meal, only carbs post workout?"

Dino's Response: CORRECT!

Visitor: Could you give me an example of what a daily set of meals should look like including my post workout meals late at night? I can afford a good set of supplement if you think they would help. Currently, I wake up at 5:30 a.m. I work in an office so it's not very strenuous. I also have and hour and a half commute in and out of Manhattan."

Dino's Response: Okay lets see what you are doing now and we will doctor the diet up from there!

Visitor: "Meal 1 (6:00)- Egg whites, 1 orange, Glass of orange juice, 2 pieces of whole-wheat toast, 1 bottle of water"

Dino's Response: New Meal 1 (6:00AM) - 10-12 egg whites keeping up two 2 yolks & the bottled water.

Visitor: "Meal 2 (10:30)- Tuna fish sandwich (1/2 can tuna, tbsp mayo, 2 pcs whole wheat bread)"

Dino's Response: New Meal 2 (10:30AM) - Tuna fish(up to two cans) salad or you can accompany it with any leafy green, broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower.

Visitor: "Meal 3 (1:00)- same as meal 2"

Dino's Response: New Meal 3 (1:00PM) - Tuna fish(up to two cans) salad or you can accompany it with any leafy green, broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower.

Visitor: "Meal 4 (3:00)- same as meal 2"

Dino's Response: New Meal 3 (3:00PM) - Tuna fish(up to two cans) salad or you can accompany it with any leafy green, broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower.

Visitor: "Meal 5 (5:15)- vyo pro protein bar (20g whey, 17 g complex carbs, 2 g sugar)"

Dino's Response: New Meal 5 (5:15PM) - you can keep the bar if it is convenient for you, or try eating either the tuna fish(up to two cans) salad or you can accompany it with any leafy green, broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower. You may also substitute the tuna for turkey, chicken, lean ham, a protein drink, or lean beef. You can do this for all of your tuna meals.

Visitor: "Meal 6 (8:30)- 3 scoops N-Large II, 10g of Glutamine."

Dino's Response: New Post Workout Meal 6 (8:30PM) - I would use half of a serving of the N Large II and throw in some honey, raisins, black strap molasses, maltodextrin (this is excellent & found in Carboplex) or maple syrup in to the drink to add a few more carbohydrates. I am trying to limit the amount of protein that you are taking in at this time. You will have plenty of time to get your protein in after this meal. The window will remain golden and wide open for about 2 hours after training. So.. you eat your post workout meal at 8:30 PM then at 10:30 you hit the protein again.

Visitor: "I train: Mon-Legs, Abs(squats, lunges, glute ham raise, Russian twist, crunches)."

Dino's Response: Try to use heavy yet correctly executed squats, leg presses, and dead lifts to add the mass that you are seeking in your legs. It will take time so be consistent and patient, but I guarantee you that these exercises will pack on some meat to you wheels. This is of course taking into consideration that you are eating your protein and your post workout carbohydrates as recommended.

Visitor: "Wed-Back, Shoulders (Pull ups, dumbbell row, shoulder press, side lateral, shrugs)."

Dino's Response: Fri-Chest, Tris, Biceps, Abs (Incline press, flat bench, flat fly, skull crusher, press downs, barbell curl preacher curl, Russian Twist, Crunches).

Dino's Response: I would choose one abdominal day. Working the abdominals excessively will not target reduce fat in that area. I know that it seems like it would but it will not. Cardio and diet will bring those bad boys out like nothing else.

Visitor: "Meal 7 (10:30)- Whey protein powder (40g whey, 5g carbs)."

Dino's Response: New Meal 7 (10:30PM) - Tuna fish(up to two cans) salad or you can accompany it with any leafy green, broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower. You may use the protein drink as well but I recommend you throw in some fiber with it as well. Use the vegetables that I listed earlier and you will do fine.

Visitor: "I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!"

Dino's Response: No problem! I would try to up my water intake to at least one gallon each day. More would be better since you are eating a good bit of protein and now a great deal of fiber. The water will keep the kidneys flushing and allow the fiber to be processed properly. Fiber is great! It keeps your digestive system in check and that is the key to absorption and intestinal health. Bodybuilders do not eat enough of it in my opinion. Besides, the fibrous recommendations that I have made for you are considered "free" foods and will not make you gain weight (fat). The carbs that you need to stay away from in order to get shredded is the starchy carbs except after training. Eat your fiber! Furthermore, I believe that adding an additional 2 sessions of cardio will help you reach your goals significantly quicker. Cardio and diet is the key to your case here B.

Since you have funds for supplementing I would use the following:

Antioxidants A,E,&C (post training)

If you are willing to try prohormones read up on them. I like the 19-Nor cycles and have seen good results from 1-AD stacked with 4-AD as well. I am going to be writing a review of a 6 week cycle that I will be completing this weekend really soon. Not to spoil it too much I will only say that is will have a good review, but read the article.

HMB stacked with Higher Power Nighttime ZMA is something that I am about to experiment with and have much faith in, as I have used HMB when dieting before. HMB seems to allow you to hold on to your mass when dieting hard. HMB seems to be a wish washy supplement but it was originally used to get beef cattle to hold more muscle mass and keeping them lean. Some love it some say it is not so great. I know this... It will not hurt you and if you have faith in your supplements I think that it is a good product and worth a shot.

NOTE: **(Use a prohormone cycle or the HMB cycle in alternating fashions, not together)**

In short, train hard, diet, believe in your supplements, and do your cardio!

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