Jonathan Marshall Interview - Champion Powerlifter!

Jonathan Marshall is a world class powerlifting champion, having won 11 national titles and 4 world championships. Learn his secrets!
Marshall is a world class powerlifting champion having won 11 national titles and 4 world championships.
"Marshall is a world class powerlifting champion having won 11 national titles and 4 world championships."

Jonathan Marshall is a world class powerlifting champion having won 11 national titles and 4 world championships. In addition to these great feats he was also named powerlifter of the year an astonishing 4 times throughout his powerlifting career. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to conduct an interview with the World powerlifting Champion over the past several weeks via the WWW. I learned that he was recently invited to compete in the AAU which is an invitation only powerlifting meet.

This interview will shed light on who Jonathan Marshall is (Biography), reveal his best lifts in the 3 lifts that make the sport (Squat, Bench, & Deadlift), what his training & nutrition program is like, provide info on the professional powerlifters today, cover his supplements, state how & why Jonathan started powerlifting, discuss powerlifting in the Olympics, & lastly tell you about Jonathan's Powerlifting Team, Website, & ever-popular/informative Newsletter.



How many days per week do you train?

4 days a week.

How long do you normally train for time wise. Minutes per day?

About 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Damn, Jonathan, that seems like a pretty long training time, but I remember back when I was powerlifting we would train as a team and rest time could be up to 5 minutes when we were 3 weeks out from a meet and really lifting heavy. Total training time would be about 1.5 hours including the warm-ups. So I can see why training time could take so long. Do you have a partner? Why/why not?

No, I put the headphones on and zone off. I don't like to talk to anyone when I train. I only need a spotter once in awhile.

Does this differ during the contest/competitive season?


What does your training schedule look like?

Monday: Bench, close grip, incline, side delts, traps, biceps
Tuesday: Squats, good morning, sumo dead lifts, reverse hyperextensions, Russian leg curls, a lot of core work (standing crunches, weighted side bends, weight sit ups)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Board benches, db extensions, hang cleans into a press
Friday: Deadlifts, lat work, traps
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Do you train off of your 1 Rep Max?

I train off a projected max of the weight I want to hit at the next meet. Then I use a percentage to calculate the weights for a 9 week cycle.

Describe the theory behind your current training cycle and how long your training cycles are?

Keep it simple, with lots of rest. Your body needs rest to grow and get stronger. Cycles are longer than 9 weeks.

jonathan marshall
"I train off a projected max of the weight I want to hit at the next meet."

Where do you get your ideas for training cycles?

From research and my coaches.

So there you have it... no matter what level you are at it helps to have a coach. I mean here is a man who obviously helps other powerlifters via mentoring and coaching but he himself has a support team. I think that this is great and a must in most cases. You obviously work with some of the best. Do you ever do cardio? If so how much?

I like spinning class. If I need to make weight I spin 3 times a week.


How many times do you eat per day (include snacks and supplement bars/powders?

My diet sucks... I only eat twice a day. Lunch and dinner. I know it's bad, but I've always eaten that way.

Do you consume a nocturnal meal? If so what does it usually consist of?


Do you count Kcals or grams; do you have a food log or journal?


What is your protein intake (grams) in both the off-season and contest season? What are your favorite types?

About 120 grams of protein per day year round. People think I'm crazy; I just never make time to eat.

What is your carbohydrate intake (grams) in both the off-season & contest season? What are your favorite types?

Less then my protein.

Damn Jonathan! If you were to hook up with a guy that eats (no pun intended), sleeps, and breathes nutrition your Personal Records (PRs) would get shattered, this I promise. I tell you what brother nutrition is the key to strength and mass and this I know from first hand experience. I mean look at where you are now and got there by eating 2 meals a day... you are a phenomenon! Bravo-Zulu!


What are the "big" supplements right now in the Powerlifting world?

I really don't follow what the crazes are, but I take a few.

What is your current supplementation program?

I take Manno's Pro-gram Creatine Mix (creatine, glutamine, ribose, ATP), and Nitrox (an oxygen maximizer).

Do you use any metabolic stimulates like Ripped Fuel, Stacker II, ECA, etc.?

No, sometimes Spiropent to make weight.


When, why, and how did you begin powerlifting?

I started competing in the 8th grade. My dad wanted me to get stronger for high school sports. I wrestled, played football, track, and powerlifting. The coach he got for me entered me in a high school meet. The football coach saw that I beat three of his players and wanted me on their lifting team as well as the football team.

What has powerlifting done for you as an individual?

Made me stronger in the body and soul. It keeps me competitive which I feel I have to do to be happy.

Congrats on your recent invite to the AAU Invitational. Could you expand on the meet that you are training for? Make us realize how BIG of a show this will be?

For years powerlifters have been trying to get powerlifting into the Olympics. They say there are too many federations, and it's just another sport to drug test, and because of all the federations who would they pick for a team. Well this meet is our first step to the Olympics. We get to compete in front of the Olympic committee and the U.S. coaches. Only 70 lifters in the nation got picked.

Congrats again bro, it must be an honor. What intimidation/mental strategies do you use during an event?

I keep telling myself that I am the best so I will try to show them.

What are your competitors like?

Some federation's people are so cut throat, but I have found in NASA that it's like a family. That's why I competed with them the past 10 years.

What sanctioning organizations do you compete in?

I competed USPF, ADFPA, and now only NASA.

Jonathan Marshall
"I started (powerlifting) competing in the 8th grade."

Alright I competed in the USAPL as a collegiate lifter but I have done 1 USAPL show as well in South West Texas where I won the 148# class & the Overall Best Lifter Below Class I that was my last powerlifting meet. Do any of them utilize "drug tests"? Urine, lie detector, or blood related?

They have all tested me. They used a urine test.

Yeah they used urinalysis in the USAPL too. What inspired you to become a powerlifter and did you always know that you wanted to become one?

After my lifting coach entered me in that high school meet, I knew I was going to keep competing.

Describe the road to Professional Powerlifting. Are you a professional?

The professional lifters are drugged to the max. I'll never do what it takes to be a pro.

What are your future plans in the sport?

I would love for it to be put into the Olympics and compete for my country in the biggest sporting event in the world.

"I have great respect for bodybuilders. You guys have so much discipline in diet, training, and lifestyle."

Likewise! What are the winnings as a Professional Powerlifter?

The biggest pro meet now pays 10k to the winner.

How do you feel the relationship stands between Bodybuilders & Powerlifters? We, speaking as a bodybuilder have no flack with you guys, however when I was competitive PL I always felt that the bodybuilders were looked down upon by the PL community. Any validity in this?

I have great respect for bodybuilders. You guys have so much discipline in diet, training, and lifestyle. I could never do it.


Tell me about Team Power & Intensity, your website, & the newsletter

Team Power & Intensity is a lifting team I put together with old training partners, friends, and clients. We are currently ranked #1 in the nation, so I guess I picked some good guys. was formed to expose my team mates and help us get some sponsorship. So far it is working pretty good. The website just keeps growing, so I decided to put out a monthly fitness newsletter hoping I could help some people.

Do you have Any hobbies?

Drag racing, lifting, researching fitness... seems things change everyday.

Thank you; it was an honor to conduct this interview particularly with a World Champion Powerlifter! I really enjoy your boards and the newsletter is great. One other thing that you guys have on the site is beautiful women, (jokingly written) that has got to help you keep you subscribers interested. Good luck at the AAU and in your future endeavors I'll keep in touch on the message board and by e-mail.

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